Life as an Aussie Expat in the UK is great, but is it time to head back Down Under or should you continue your overseas adventure?

Take our fun test to find out.


You’ve had a great time living in the UK, surviving the pandemic and exploring Europe as an Australian expat but, as Dorothy used to say, “There’s no place like home”.

You know that sometime you’ll want to return home to the Land of Oz, but how do you know when?

We’ve put together a fun test to see if you should stay in the UK or head back home to Australia.

So check out these 17 signs that you’re missing life in Australia…


1) You miss real beaches – day trips to the English ‘seaside’ are just not the same.

australian beach surfing

2) You can’t stand the thought of another British winter.

3. The only place to get a decent coffee in London is in an Australian coffee shop!

4) You’re experiencing travel fatigue after two years of visiting every European destination and Warsaw is next on your bucket list.


5) Al Fresco dining, wearing a coat next to a busy road, just doesn’t cut it

Dining outside in london rain


6) Mum’s cooking. Need I say more?


7) You’re starting to look so pale that your friends on Instagram are worrying about you.


8) You received an Aussie care package from your bestie back home and it’s triggered a severe bout of homesickness – Yes, Penguins have nothing on TimTams.

aussie treats care package


9) It’s summer in the UK and you realise you’d be warmer in the Australian winter!

Australian on an English beach rain

10) Living in a shoe box so you can afford to travel and be near the centre of town is losing its attraction.

living in a studio flat

11) You remember the sun as an old friend rather than the fire-breathing monster you need to hide from.


12) You’re losing your Aussie accent and talking more cockney


13) You notice that more than half your friends in the UK are fellow Aussies anyway and you’re spending more time hanging out in Aussie bars.

australian bar london uka

Fluid London 
14) Celebrating Australia Day in January in London makes you feel so homesick
London in the rain

15. You’re secretly spending too much time watching Neighbours, Home and Away and Wanted Down Under

moving to australia downundera


16. You miss Vegemite even though you never used to eat it before.


17. Half of your British friends say they want to move to Oz and you realise just what you’re missing!

australian surfers on beach

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