Vancouver is a coastal sea port on Canada’s south west coast on the mainland of British Columbia. It has over 600,000 residents and is the largest city in British Columbia.


Vancouver has one of the warmest climates in the country. You’ll find relatively mild winters – with temperatures staying above freezing and a distinct lack of snow, and in the summer the heady highs will be around the mid 20s. That said, you haven’t found a weather nirvana. It rains, and rains a lot, in Vancouver It will rain for 17 days a month through the winter, so you’ll need a raincoat! Due to its location it may also be quote foggy and windy. Given the fact that much of Canada is under inches of snow, you’ll get off lightly in Vancouver.


The most recent reports show that house prices in Vancouver are going down. The average home price is $1.1 million (£656,767), which is a 24.5% on the three months prior to the survey. This might still be quite steep in terms of costings for many Brits so it’s worth thinking about this before you move. Due to its location, locked in by mountains and sea, much of the accommodation is high rise apartments. There are great suburbs of Burnaby, Langley and Surrey. Renting is always an option. Check out both options on online.


There is a good array of co-ed free schools in Vancouver. To find out more about the school system, see here. All districts have catchment areas for certain schools so it’s worth considering this if you definitely want your child to go to a particular one. Your child cannot attend school unless you have a Confirmation of Landing or Permanent Residency. The school year runs from September – June and if you’re moving within these months, it’s worth remembering you may not get a place in your favourite school.


Stanley Park is Vancouver’s largest park, covering 400-hectares of the natural West Coast rainforest as well as wonderful views, mountains and historical landmarks. There’s an aquarium, swimming pool, the Stanley Park train, tour buses and plenty of walking and cycling tracks. Not to be missed are the First Nations art at the Brockton Point Visitor Centre and the nine Totem poles. A true oasis in the heart of the city.


There are a large number of public art trails around Vancouver and more information can be found here. The Museum of Vancouver and Vancouver Art Gallery has a wide range of exhibitions and family event. Also, look out for Science World British Columbia, UBC Museum of Anthropology and the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Restaurants and Bars:

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy really good, fresh and sustainable food in Vancouver. Everything from five-star cuisine to food trucks offer great options to diners. Wild salmon, spot prawns and mussels are just some of the delicious ingredients available. Be prepared for international cuisine with chefs taking their influences from places such as Japan, Germany and India. If you want to find out more about where to eat and what to eat and when, see here.

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