A little known way to get a screen test for the new series of Channel 4’s ‘A Place In The Sun’!

No doubt if you’re thinking of buying property in Europe or the USA you will have come across the Channel 4 TV show, ‘A Place In The Sun’ or maybe even the associated magazine, website or exhibition – A Place In The Sun Live. PSS International has worked with A Place In The Sun for many years exhibiting at the shows and producing content for the magazine, and we have helped many of their customers with their removal to their new home overseas.

Next month we’ll be taking part in A Place In The Sun Live, so we thought it would be a good time to give you some of our hints on how we think you could appear on the A Place In The Sun TV show. Buying a house overseas is quite a big task so why not get some free help from the experts!

This article gives you some helpful tips on how to make an application for the TV show. If you read to the end, we’ll also show how you can get some free tickets to the show, with the opportunity to meet the presenters and have a live screen test audition!

About the TV show ‘A Place In The Sun’

TV presenters for a place in the sunA Place In The Sun is one of Channel 4’s most successful lifestyle programmes, having run since the year 2000 and still going strong. The show’s format remains largely unchanged from its original winning formula, with couples or families attempting to find their perfect property for their re-location overseas.

If you’re considering a move abroad, it’s worth watching some previous episodes of the show and applying to appear on A Place In The Sun – to take advantage of the show’s connections with foreign estate agencies, their local knowledge, and the research time their team can invest into the property search.

A Place In The Sun airs regularly on Channel 4 and is repeated via on-demand channels. The format includes A Place In The Sun: Home And Away, designed for those who aren’t yet entirely decided on where to move and to compare and contrast properties abroad and in the UK. A Place In The Sun primarily focuses on destinations in southern Europe, but increasingly ventures further afield with its property search.

We’ve helped many fans of A Place In The Sun TV show, live exhibition and magazine take the plunge and relocate out of the UK – and you could be next. The programme producers are always on the lookout for anyone genuinely looking to buy property overseas. Read on for the lowdown on applying and appearing… then fill out the online form, grab show tickets, and get inspired!

What are the benefits of appearing on A Place In The Sun?

The removals and shipping part of moving overseas is actually quite simple – just give PSS International Removals a call and we’ll take care of everything for you. However, the actual process of finding and buying a property can be a little more difficult.

Many of our customers complete their overseas property purchases with no issues, but there’s no doubt that it is a serious step that requires proper planning. And the TV presenters are more than just a pretty face – they all have personal experience and professional expertise in buying properties abroad.

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Do you meet the basic criteria to appear on A Place In The Sun?

How to apply for a place in the sun tv show channel 4To be considered, you need to show you meet the basic criteria of being serious about buying a property abroad and also having the capability to do so. The application requires at least two people – so couples, families, and housemates are ideal – and you need to have agreed upon a budget, an idea of what you’re looking for in a property, and where you’d like to buy.

You will need to be available to travel to the country where you’re considering a purchase within a set period of time and you’ll need to be able legally and physically to travel, as well as to spend long days filming when on location.

Do I need to be buying in a certain country to be in A Place In The Sun?

Not necessarily! Whilst it’s true that the show does mainly feature sunny countries in southern Europe such as the south of France, Spain, Malta, Greece, and Cyprus, episodes have also taken it elsewhere – including to the US, Australia, and New Zealand!

What happens during filming for A Place In The Sun?

If selected to appear on the show, you’ll meet with the show’s researchers to exactly identify your requirements. Then you’ll go on location with the team and film over the course of a few days to see if they can find you the dream property you’re after.

The number of properties you are shown depends on the format of the edition of the show you will appear on. For example, in A Place In The Sun: Home or Away participants see 3 properties in the UK and 3 abroad.

The presenters and team do a lot more than just show you properties, they use their extensive experience to help you decide exactly what you are looking for and can even help you negotiate the final offer if you find a property you love.

What type of people are featured on A Place In The Sun?

It is important that you look comfortable and natural on camera. We think the producers look for people who are chatty and outgoing enough for conversation to flow with the presenters on camera.

Guests will need to be fairly open-minded toward properties and not have any unduly demanding or unrealistic requirements.

Tips for making a successful application to appear on A Place In The Sun

One of the most important things the producers will be looking for on your application is your story and how well this will translate to the TV screen. Whilst the general format is very structured, within that they look to have a unique story that is visually appealing.

If you look at the application form you will notice that it is structured not only for the programme makers to collect the information they need to genuinely help you find your dream property, but also to help them check your suitability for the show. It may therefore improve your chances of being selected for the TV show if you spend some time considering your answers carefully. 

There is an application form on the aplaceinthesun.com website here; https://www.aplaceinthesun.com/tv-show/appear-on-the-tv-show.

This page also gives further instructions for applying including where to send your application form.

How to get a screen test audition for A Place In The Sun

A Place In The Sun Live London OlympiaThere is another little known method of applying to be on A Place In The Sun and getting the opportunity to have a free live screen test for the show. In addition, to A Place In The Sun TV show, there is also A Place In The Sun Live – a consumer-aimed exhibition themed around the programme which takes place there times a year.

In 2019, it will visit Manchester, London, and Birmingham. In addition to being a great show to visit if you’re considering a move abroad, it’s one of the best ways to apply to appear on A Place In The Sun. Producers and crew from the programme attend the show to scout for new faces with their open castings and auditions. Simply head to the screen test area and introduce yourself.

What are the next steps to apply to be on A Place In The Sun?

If you’ve read the above and fancy applying to appear on A Place In The Sun, there are two ways to go about it. You can either book tickets to visit A Place In The Sun Live and make sure you meet the team while you’re there, or if you can’t get to a show, gather your thoughts, make some plans, and fill in the online application form.

Help with moving overseas

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