If you dream of starting a new life in Australia or New Zealand, but are feeling a little overwhelmed or confused at all you need to do, then we have the solution!

“No worries mate!” – moving down under is not so challenging when you have a team of experts on your side!

There is a new up and coming migration seminar to be held in Manchester that gives those looking to move ‘down-under’ plenty of help, guidance and insider secrets on making a permanent move to Australia and New Zealand.

This informative seminar, to be held in Manchester on Saturday 15th February 2020, will hold many valuable benefits for anyone seriously thinking about moving their family to either Australia or New Zealand.

The seminar is for skilled migrants and families, including people who already have visas and need jobs, or those who just want to learn how to migrate to either Australia or New Zealand.

Why the seminar is useful

australia new zealand migration seminarWith more people than ever considering making a positive move to start a new life down-under in Australia and New Zealand, it can be heartening to know that there are still very many opportunities to be gained by making that move.

While it is becoming more of a challenge to move down-under, especially with the application process being more complex than it was in previous years, it is still worth the effort involved.

It makes sense to prepare yourself properly, well in advance of your move and the best way to do this is to consider and understand any obstacles that you need to overcome and find ways to avoid common issues that may crop up along the way.

This is why it would greatly benefit you to attend this seminar because it will allow you to learn first-hand from those people who have ‘been there and done that’ and have gone through the migration process before.

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Family-friendly event – bring the kids!

guess the number teddiesThe seminar will be a relaxed and enjoyable, family-friendly event that will include plenty of fun activities for your little ones to engage in, such as the ‘count the teddies’ competition – so you don’t need to leave the kids at home!

There will be a dedicated play area for children that will be managed by professional child care specialists, enabling you to fully take part in and learn from the many workshops being run throughout the day.

Your kids will even have their own special workshop where they can ask questions and find out what it is like to live and go to school in Australia and New Zealand. They can find out plenty of information about what the schools are like, fun places to visit and what it is like to grow up down-under.

What you will learn at the workshop

Attending the next Migration Workshop in Manchester in February this year will help guide you through the whole migration process. This includes important elements such as determining your eligibility, establishing your options, and explaining the steps you need to take to make your move to Australia or New Zealand a reality.

Many elements will be covered at the seminar/workshop including:

  • What life is like in Australia and New Zealand
  • Checking your eligibility and applying for visas
  • How the points system works
  • Help with passing the English exam
  • Tips on getting a job down under
  • Having your working skills assessed
  • What additional training you may need
  • And much more!

Practical considerations covered

The Migration Workshop will also cover some very valuable practical and logistical information that you may not have thought about. These include such issues as how to safely and securely ship your belongings overseas and what you need to do to relocate your family pets.

You will also get expert guidance regarding the financial aspect of your move. You will need to get an idea of your moving costs, as well as how to get the best exchange rate for your money and how you can transfer your pension. All very important elements to be considered and handled properly, we are sure you will agree?

How the day will work

The seminar will be held across two large rooms where experts who are specialists in their field will be presenting talks and will be at hand to help answer your questions. Between workshops, you can talk freely to relocation experts who can offer you plenty of advice and tips about moving down-under. You are free to choose which workshops you take part in. There is even a workshop on how to pass the English Exam!

There will be plenty of time for you to relax, grab a drink, meet and chat with other migrants that are also making the move to start a new life in either Australia or New Zealand.

Don’t miss out on this exciting seminar/workshop! Grab your tickets now so you can guarantee your place at this unmissable event that will be very valuable in helping you make your move down-under.

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