Moving or migrating to Canada? Become inspired and more familiar with the community with the following Canadian Instagrammers

If you’re in the process of moving to Canada or even just thinking about it, you’re probably in need of some inspiration and motivation to help you through the visa process.

Well, what better place than Instagram? We, at PSS International Removals, have scoured the internet to find the most popular Instagrammers that will not only inspire you but help you learn more about Canadian life and popular culture.

Becoming more familiar with Canada can involve more than reading travel guides and reviews, and what better way to gain a sense of the Canadian culture than by following people that live there?

Check out our selection – no matter if you’re looking for information or inspiration, Canadian humour or culture, you’ll need to ensure that the following 21 Instagram accounts and Canadian influencers are part of your daily feed.

1: @canada

The perfect starting point for anyone considering a visit to Canada, @canada offers an abundance of beautiful photographs taken by those that have already been fortunate enough to experience the country.

As well as pictures of natural scenery and waterfalls, there are also other photographs that detail some of the scenic skylines Canada offers.

Very few need reminding of how beautiful Canada is, but there’s certainly no harm in indulging in the beauty it has to offer from the comfort of a smartphone.

2: @wanderlustofcanada

If you’re searching for an Instagram account that makes the very best of what the Canadian wilderness has to offer, you need to look no further than @wanderlustofcanada.

Creative images details some of the iconic locations and adventures found around Canada, from Nova Scotia in the east to British Columbia in the west.

There are also some classic shots of Canadian city scapes woven between mesmerising shots of local wildlife taken in the beautiful Canadian landscape.

3: @meanwhile_in_canada_eh

Canadian humour is a staple of the national culture, so it should come as no surprise that there are Instagram accounts focusing on the more comical elements of the country.

Self-deprecating humour, having a laugh at the pecularities of living in Canada and being Canadian is an endearing part of what it means to be Canadian. This is typified by the popular meme – “Meanwhile in Canada”.

@meanwhile_in_canada_eh Instagram account presents some of the funniest moments caught on camera for your enjoyment.

4: @explorecanada

@explorecanada not only showcases some of the beautiful surroundings that Canada can offer but also presents images that highlight some of the hidden charms that Canada has in store.

For example, there are several photographs that represent the Remai Modern, a public art museum in Saskatchewan, as well as Stories focused on other attractions and events, including the Canadian National Exhibition.

There are still plenty of posts highlighting some of the more recognisable areas of Canada, but those looking to scratch the surface will find @explorecanada the perfect Instagram feed to follow.

5: @foodbloggersca

When it comes to sightseeing in Canada, if it’s not only the natural sights you want to see, but also the beautiful visuals Canadian cuisine can offer then why not catch up with @foodbloggersca?

As well as photographs of celebrations that include Canadian Beer days, there is also a collective of photographs that showcase some of the tasty dishes you will be able to enjoy once you move to Canada.

6: @canadapic

@candapic looks at Canada via several photos that offer a professional finish while still encapsulating the personality of Canada, often making a trip to the second-largest country in the world more exciting than it’s ever been.

As well as snowy cityscapes, there is also a vast selection of other inspired shots that ensure Canada has never looked so inviting, including pictures of some of Canada’s famous lakes, including the Choinieere Reservoir.

7: @aimeebourque

Those looking to take the knowledge of Canadian cuisine to the next level should look no further than the Instagram of two-time cookbook author, Aimee Bourque. Those that can’t get enough of home-baked Canadian treats won’t be able to resist subscribing to this fabulous food feed.

8: @canadasworld

@canadasworld is another Instagram account that does a fabulous job of making the alluring qualities of Canada even more tempting.

Not only are there shots of locations that inject even more aesthetic beauty than you thought possible, but the urban side of Canada is also represented by a series of shots taken around Toronto.

The photos highlight the aesthetical beauty in Canada, be it in the form of bouquets of flowers or soaring skylines.

9: @tastetoronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is home to a mix of diverse tourist attractions. As well as being renowned for its many museums and art galleries, Toronto is also keen to promote some of the great dishes the city can offer that make life in Canada all that more appealing.

10: @canadianliving

Canadian Living is a popular women’s lifestyle magazine published in Canada that also offers a wonderful feed for those looking to become more familiar with the culture of Canada, including the fashion and local dishes.

There’s also a series of guides that are ideal for those looking to set up home in Canada, including furnishing advice and keeping houseplants in good condition during the colder periods.

11: @aniab

Fashion can take dominance regardless of where a person moves to, and those looking to keep track of Canadian fashion trends should ensure that they follow the Instagram of stylish influencer Ania Boniecka.

The feed not only pays tribute to everything that makes Canada great, but it also introduces those keen to find a winter outfit with a choice of different styles.

12: @teamcanada

Canadians are really big on sport so why not get up to speed on your new national team?

Not only did the first official Team Canada compete at the 1908 Olympic Games, but it has also been part of the Olympics ever since.

@teamcanada presents a feed of sport-influenced posts that allows you to stay abreast of what the Canadian Olympic Team has been up to and even offers some incentives for those that have photographs to share.

13: @helloBC

There’s no shortage of immersive sights in Canada, but those with their heart set on British Columbia will be able to enjoy a slew of beautiful photographs that all highlight the natural beauty British Columbia can offer.

The @helloBC Instagram feed offers a wide selection of shots that cover scenic landmarks and campgrounds including the Glacier National Park.

The video below demonstrates the wonders of autumn in British Columbia, but it is of course stunning all year round.

14: @alexia_clark

Given that those considering a move to Canada have several options when it comes to overindulgence, they will want to ensure that there is some form of balance, and who better to follow than Canada’s own Instagram star Alexia Clark.

As well as telling her own story in relation to her fitness goals, Alexia also delivers an abundance of tips and advice that ensure that followers can enjoy the same benefits.

15: @andrewknapp

When it comes to inspired photographers, there are many feeds that can be followed, but not all of them have the lure and charm of @andrewknapp.

Andrew Knapp is a professional photographer whose Instagram feed is full of photos that pay tribute to Canada.

However, the account has a twist is that many photographs will include his dog Momo, who adds a touch of humour in every photo he appears in. Momo has now become a Canadian Instagram sensation – regularly attracting over 30k likes on a photo!

16: @mustdocanada

@mustdocanada is the Instagram account of Canadian bloggers Matt and Karla. Whilst Matt is the “quintessential Canadian”, Karla is a migrant from New Mexico but together they explore and offer much inspiration of the essential places to visit and things to do in Canada.


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17: @howtohockey

When you go to Canada you’ll soon discover that hockey (meaning ice hockey of course) is a national obsession.

You’ll therefore want to familiarise yourself with the sport before you go.

When you move to Canada you’ll have a new national team to support so why not get up to speed now?

Coach Jeremy Instagram page offers a fun and easy way to learn more about Canada’s national sport and if you check out his YouTube channel you’ll also find that some useful lessons on the basics.

18: @meanwhileincanada1

Not only does @meanwhieincanada1 do a fabulous job of capturing the essence of Canadian humour perfectly, but it also serves up a healthy dose of memes that reflect many segments of the Canadian lifestyle with its tongue firmly in cheek. There’s no better way to understand a culture than through it’s humour – Canada is certainly no exception!

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19: @pinkmillennial_

Staying abreast of developments in the world of fashion, home décor and beauty can be difficult, especially when there is so much conflicting advice online.

@pinkmillennial is a breath of fresh air in that it offers sugar-coated images that offer a different take on the concept of beauty and home décor, as well as being integrated with Canadian humour, ensuring that visiting the feed feels like visiting an old friend.

What’s more, some of the ideas posted could prove to be beneficial when setting up your home in Canada.

20: @campcanada

@campcanada is a British company that offers opportunities to those looking to work abroad. Not only does the Instagram feed offer advice about some of the opportunities available, but also showcases some of the fabulous experiences others have enjoyed when working at summer camps around Canada.

21: @brazolotmigration

If you’re serious about moving to Canada you’ll need to sort out the practicalities of applying for visas and jobs. Whilst there are currently many opportunities and Canada is welcoming new migrants the process can be complicated. You should therefore check out Brazolot Migration Group – their free Canada You CAN Go web expos are legendary and will set you on the right path.


Bonus: @newlifeoverseas

No list would be complete without PSS’ own inspirational Instagram account – @newlifeoverseas. It features the most stunning photos on Instagram for Australia, New Zealand and now, of course, Canada.

Inspire Your Move to Canada

Canada is one of the most popular countries to move to, with many falling in love with the culture and the people, as well as being able to enjoy an abundance of natural landmarks.

We hope this selection of Canadian Instgram pages and influencers will help and inspire as you make your way through the immigration and removal process to start a new life in Canada. If so then our guide to moving to Canada should be your next step!

Do you know of some Canadian Instagram accounts that didn’t make the list? Then feel free to let us know.

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