Wondering where to move to in Portugal? We take a look at some of the best areas to live no matter whether you’re retiring, an expat or looking for the perfect holiday home.

Whether you are considering retiring and moving to Portugal, or you are looking to purchase a holiday home there, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. In fact, it’s near impossible to list the best places to live in Portugal.

This diverse country on the Iberian Peninsula has plenty to offer, including the hilly areas around the Monchique Mountains, the sun-kissed Algarve or many of the cities located along the western coast. Portugal is a diverse country that enables you to find that ideal location. You can immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of city life or you might simply want to relax in the countryside.

Year round warm weather, beautiful beaches, laid back lifestyle, low cost of living, family friendly – it’s no wonder why so many people regard Portugal as one of the best places to live in Europe. There are no shortage of reasons why you should move to Portugal.

Whatever you are looking for, you might want to know where the best place to live in Portugal might be? With this in mind, we are going to provide you with a detailed guide that includes the top 10 places to live in Portugal, giving you the chance to find that dream home.

1: Embrace the City Life in Lisbon

Sao George Castle Lisbon

If you are looking for a diverse kind of lifestyle then you won’t be disappointed with everything that Lisbon, the capital city, has to offer. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in culture and explore many different nationalities at the same time. Find a property located near the city centre or place yourself somewhere near the outskirts if you want the opportunity to escape the bright lights.

However, this amazing city has no shortage of restaurants and bars if you are the type to enjoy socialising and eating out regularly. Furthermore, you’re never too far away from that beautiful coast either, giving you plenty of opportunities to explore the freedom of the great outdoors. You’ll find a thriving expat community too, which makes it possible to meet new people and build new friendships.

The cost of living here is lower than in many other cities throughout Europe. It’s a compact city that’s lively, exciting and perfect for anyone who loves sampling culture. From townhouses to countryside villas, you’ll be able to move to Lisbon with ease, particularly if you opt to use a European removal service such as that offered by PSS.

With all the amenities, and an international airport, this safe and relaxed city boasts so much to see and do that you will always have something to explore and embrace once you move here.

2: Thriving Vilamoura On the Algarve

Vilamoura, Quarteira, Algarve Portugal

Perhaps the lure of golden beaches and those sunburnt orange cliffs of the Algarve region are too much for you? If this is the case then Vilamoura is a great place to purchase a property.

It might be a tourist hotspot during the summer months but if you are someone who loves to live close to the beach, wants restaurants on your doorstep and loves to play a few rounds of golf each week then this is definitely one of the best places to live in Portugal.

Located on the coast, you’ll find that there are plenty of different property types to choose from here. There are townhouses, apartments and villas across the area.

However, Vilamoura is a hive of activity with its huge marina acting as the beating heart of this amazing location. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars as well as upmarket shops to explore too. There are many golf courses across the area while the beaches stretch as far as the eye can see in both directions, making it possible to keep active and soak up the sun all year round.

Getting around here is simple, the area is well maintained and you’ve also got plenty of supermarkets too. As expected, it’s a popular place with British people which means that you’ll also find a friendly expat community to embrace too.

3: Perfect Porto – That’s if City Life is For You

Perfect Port on River DouroLocated on the banks of the River Douro, this bustling city often gets overlooked by expats but there are many reasons to move to Portugal and Porto is one of them! Much like Lisbon, Porto is a thriving city that has some beautiful places to explore.

It’s a safe city too, which is ideal for families looking to move to Porto or those who are looking to retire. You can choose to live south of the river in an area known as Vila Nova de Gaia where the prices are cheaper and the area is less frequented by tourists.

It’s still a top destination to live in if you are considering moving to Portugal because you can enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle, dining out cheaply, and enjoying vibrant bars and elegant coffee shops. When you decide you want to explore, you have the coastline to discover or you can head inland to enjoy the countryside.

Porto has a lot of charm and elegance which makes it a desirable place to live. Place yourself in the city centre and you will have everything you need on your doorstep, making it easy to get around and find what you need. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is lively enough to keep you entertained and there is always plenty going on there!

4: The Village Life in Ericeira

coastal Ericeira Portugal

If you’re looking for something different then you might want to consider moving to Ericeira. Nestled north of Lisbon, you won’t experience the hustle and bustle of the city here, and the pace of life is slightly slower and more reserved. It’s ideal if you’re someone who likes to relax in your surroundings without feeling the urge to fall in line with everyone else.

It has a small population of 10,000 people, giving it a real community spirit. It’s located on the coast, so you’ll still get amazing sea views and mile after mile of golden sand.

In actual fact, Ericeira can become anything you want it to be. The beaches bring with it great water sports opportunities; you might want to try your hand at surfing, although you might just prefer to soak up the views. There are plenty of cafes here and traditional restaurants too, enabling you to immerse yourself in a life that’s consumed by their culture and traditions.

You might not be surrounded by other expats, but that’s what Ericeira is all about – escaping the monotony of life and enjoying the wonders that lie in this beautiful little town.

This is also a good area to search for alternative properties such as restoration projects and smallholding. In fact, Pure Portugal are the best people to contact if you’re looking for unique properties anywhere in Portugal.

5: The Glamour of Quinta do Lago

Quinta do Lago golf resort Portugal

Maybe you want to spend your retirement dining out and living a life of luxury, or maybe you want to settle down in a lavish community that’s only for those who are looking for comfort and style.

Quinta do Lago is an exclusive community that’s located no more than 20 minutes from the airport, but comes with wonderful beaches, pine trees and rolling golf courses. There are villas and apartments on offer here and they all come with their own private pools. The area is kept immaculately and here you will find a shopping precinct, a driving range, tennis club and many plush restaurants that cater to all.

This amazing destination is popular with the rich and famous so you can expect to rub shoulders with some famous people when you become a part of the community here. You can access sprawling beaches, the rolling Atlantic Ocean as well as a nature reserve, providing you with plenty to keep you occupied.

This is probably considered the most upmarket area of the whole of Portugal but, once you set eyes on it, you’ll instantly feel the urge to find out more! It’s lavish, plush and the whole design of the area instantly lures you in.

6: Beautiful Tavira

Tavira Gilao River Algarve

Sure, we have touched on the Algarve already but there is much more to this area than many realise and Tavira captures it all perfectly.

This is considered to be the prettiest town in the Algarve and once you see it in the flesh, you are going to feel right at home. More and more people are making the move here, so you might consider an expat community an important part of deciding where you live. The town has the beautiful Gilao River while you will also have access to the stunning Praia do Barril beach.

It has the stunning weather that the Algarve is known for, but the pace of life here is slightly slower and you won’t be fighting the crowds of tourists. If you’re someone who is looking to take advantage of a serene setting with a gentle river and beach close at hand, then Tavira is the ideal pick.

There are no end of restaurants to enjoy if you’re a socialite and there are also some beautiful bars and coffee shops too. Making the move to Tavira will be one of the best choices you make. You’ll find that the summers are hot and relatively quiet while the winters are chilled and sunny, making this the perfect place to live.

7: The Spa Town of Chaves

spa town of Chaves Portugal

Chaves is located in Northern Portugal and is just a short drive from the Spanish border. It’s a rural town that has an abundance of charm and elegance. There is a lot of history tied to this town and its name, meaning Keys, pays homage to its past as the town was the historical gateway into Portugal.

It is a relaxing town that has plenty of spas and thermal spas, so  If you’re looking for a traditional place to live, that’s tucked away from the more popular areas of Portugal, and where you can relax and take advantage of a laid back atmosphere, then this is the place for you.

You can take advantage of the slower pace of life, embrace the culture and still spend time enjoying the great outdoors. The town is dissected by a river and there are plenty of parks, bars and restaurants to enjoy during your downtime.

Chaves is a hidden gem that enables you to make a home in a place that gives you a great opportunity to explore the real Portugal. Photo by Vitor Oliveira

8: Charming Coimbra

Charming Coimbra Portugal

Perhaps you’re someone who wants to be close to the city of Lisbon but you want to avoid the hustle and bustle? This makes Coimbra the ideal choice because it is nestled in between Lisbon and Porto.

This university city is extremely beautiful with plenty of aesthetically pleasing architecture which means that many properties here have character and charm throughout. It isn’t as lively as Lisbon but it is the home of the University of Coimbra so in the centre you will find a thriving community including bars, restaurants and shops. Despite this, it is located on the coast and that brings with it plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and beaches nearby.

The city has a real cosmopolitan vibe to it and that’s what makes it such a great place to live. It does have a growing expat community if that is your thing, although you can find quiet areas in which to live if you want a life of solitude.

Fortunately, you can access the likes of Porto and Lisbon easily if you decide that you want to be within easy reach.  It offers an exceptional quality of living, so whether you’re a digital nomad looking to work from somewhere trendy yet sophisticated or you simply want to enjoy your retirement years, then this is a potential option.

9: The Old City of Braga

Old City of Braga Portugal

If you’re looking to leave the UK and live in an area of Portugal that’s steeped in history then you should consider Braga. Braga is one of the oldest cities in Portugal, and you’ll notice that once you set eyes on the place. If you’re a city lover but find that Lisbon and Porto are slightly out of your budget, you will find plenty of cheaper properties here. Sure, it might be old but there is no denying that this charming city can hold its own. It has a bustling atmosphere that complements the rich history brilliantly well.

You don’t have to be a city lover to live here though, because it’s also ideal for those who like to be within reach of the beach which is only a 30 minute drive away. It’s also a short drive from the mountains and Spain, which gives you plenty to see and do when you aren’t working or enjoying your retirement. The religious undertone of the city, as well as its commanding Cathedral, ensures that you’re never too far away from tradition and culture, both of which are something that many people crave when moving from the UK.

10: Authentic Aveiro

authentic Aveiro

Another destination that’s located close to Porto, it is perfect if you are someone who wants to escape the busier cities.

Aveiro is a city with a slower pace of life, and with gorgeous canals weaving their way through it. It might be small but there is no shortage of charm here and it has a lot of history; if you appreciate architecture and style, then this is going to impress. As it’s smaller, it’s more suited to those who want to avoid the expat crowds and become a part of the community, because English is spoken less here.

The city is known to be safe, and tourist numbers are a lot lower during the summer months. It’s located further from the coast than other cities, although you’re not going to need to travel too far to find the coast and the stunning Atlantic Ocean if sea walks and sea air are your thing. Like most places in Portugal, property prices are low so you are sure to find great value here.

There are plenty of restaurants to explore and there are plenty of bars and cafes that give you the opportunity to relax and watch the world go by. Whatever you are looking for in your move, there is no doubt that Aveiro really will deliver an authentic experience that you will eventually call home.

11. The Silver Coast

Known as the Algarve of the North, the Silver coast stretches along the Western Altantic coast of Portugal between Peniche and just south of Porto. Famous for its pristine clean beaches, water sport activities, and world-class golf courses, this is a prime destination for holidaymakers but also offers much for those looking for the best places to live in Portugal.

Known by locals as the “Costa da Prata”, it is less crowded than the Algarve and is famous for its ancient towns, breathtaking beaches, and rugged coastline. Many expats find their way here and their are a multitude of interesting towns and ports to explore including Peniche, Nazaré, Torres Vedras and Óbidos.

Moving to Portugal Brings Plenty of Opportunities

living in Portugal

So, you might be looking to escape the UK with Portugal being firmly on your radar as the ideal location. However, it’s a hugely diverse country that changes as you move from the sunny tourist areas of the Algarve in the south to the quieter, more relaxed areas in the north.

Whether you’re a digital nomad who wants to live in the countryside or you’re someone who loves immersing themselves in the culture and charm of the many elegant Portuguese cities, there is no shortage of options for where to live in Portugal.

However, once you do decide to make the switch to Portugal, you’ll experience a better way of life with better weather and a laid back vibe. It’s a popular choice with those who are looking to move to Europe because of everything that it offers but we are confident that it has plenty for you to get excited about.

So, if you are looking to move and want to make that move as seamless as possible, then you are certain to benefit from removal experts such as PSS International Removals.

We hope you found our selection of the best places to live in Portugal, there are many ideal locations to suit you whether you’re looking for warm weather, beautiful beaches, historic, a large expat community or to escape the tourist crowds in the summer months, Portugal has it all to offer.