Wondering where to live or buy property in Cyprus? Moving to Cyprus is an easy decision. But as everywhere has a wonderful climate and is affordable, we help you decide which of the most popular areas is best for you.

Whether you are looking to retire or looking for a new adventure, Cyprus is an exquisite country in the East Mediterranean that has something for everyone. With its warm climate, stunning coastline, rich history and relaxed way of life, it’s no surprise that many Brits are choosing to make Cyprus their new home.

It is also a nation that offers a great mix of modern amenities and traditional charm, with excellent education and infrastructure. The people are extremely friendly and welcoming and the island’s relaxed pace of life allows you to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle. There is so much to offer, it’s an easy decision to move to Cyprus.

So, if you’re dreaming of a new life in the sun, read on to discover some of the best places based on the popularity of our customers at PSS International Removals. We have been helping customers move overseas for over 40 years – and this comprehensive list is based on the top 16 towns and areas ranked by where our customers choose to move to.

1. Paphos – Spectacular scenery and relaxed lifestyle 


Paphos is the most popular destination on Cyprus for expats and PSS customers, and it’s no surprise. Paphos offers a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle that is perfect if you are seeking a peaceful and stress-free environment. The city has a low crime rate, excellent healthcare, and a high standard of living, making it an ideal place whether you are retiring or have a young family. With its beautiful beaches, magnificent mountain scenery, and range of outdoor activities, there is something for everyone in Paphos.

Steve, who currently lives in Paphos, has this to say, “We choose Paphos but we are near retirement age and love golf, hiking and nature and history. So stay in different places. Rent first and see what sort of life suits you. Cyprus is lovely and it’s getting better all the time. Paphos is European city of smart tourism. Lots of improvements ongoing. Worth a visit.”

You can explore the charming old town, with its traditional markets, quaint shops and historic landmarks. Paphos is also home to beautiful beaches, superb mountain scenery and a range of water sports and outdoor activities. A unique aspect of Paphos is their Aphrodite Rock. The Aphrodite Rock is a natural rock formation located near Paphos, and is known as the birthplace of the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Legend has it that those who swim around the rock three times will be blessed with beauty and eternal youth!

Paphos is a popular tourist destination, which means that there are plenty of job opportunities available for those in the hospitality and tourism industry. There are also opportunities in sectors such as education, healthcare, and finance. The city is home to several multinational companies, which provides a lot of job opportunities for you to work and live in the country.

For places to live in Paphos, there are also many attractive suburbs including Kato Paphos, located in the south-western area, near the beach. It’s a popular location for expats, with a range of apartments and villas. Another popular suburb is Universal which is located at the heart of Paphos, close to the beach and all amenities. It is a great place to live if you want to be close to everything and enjoy a modern and comfortable lifestyle.

Overall, Paphos has a large expatriate community, particularly from the UK. Many of the reasons cited is the lower cost of living compared to the UK and the relaxed and laid-back lifestyle.

2. Limassol – Luxurious lifestyle and beautiful beachesLimassol

Limassol has a thriving property market with a wide range of apartments, villas and townhouses available for rent or purchase. Whether you’re looking for a spacious family home or a sleek modern apartment, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs and budget.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Limassol. If you’re a beach lover, you can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches of the city. The popular beaches include Lady Mile Beach, which is a sandy beach located to the west of Limassol. Or you can visit Governor Beach, which is a secluded beached located on the outskirts of Limassol.

A major selling-point for Limassol is its convenience to major hubs such as airports and museums. Alex, who resides in Limassol, found this to be one of the many benefits, “I live in Limassol. It’s where the job is. It has all we need. Well situated to get to either airport, or for that matter most other places south of the Green Line in about 90 minutes.” The average journey time by taxi or bus to reach the airport from Limassol is about 40 minutes, which is perfect for those who need to travel for work or for leisure.

If you are interested in history and culture, there are numerous museums and archaeological sites to explore, including Limassol Castle and the Kourion Ancient Amphitheatre. And if you’re a foodie you’ll love the city’s excellent restaurants, cafes and bars, which offer a diverse range of cuisines and styles.

Limassol is also a popular destination for yachting, perfect if you are looking for an adventure and exploration. It is such a popular destination for yachting that it hosts many events throughout the year, including the Limassol Boat Show, the Cyprus Yachting Conference, and the Limassol Marina Cup.

Limassol is generally considered to be one of the more expensive cities in Cyprus. However, this is offset by the high salaries on offer. Limassol is a major business hub, with many international companies and financial institutions having their headquarters in the city. This has led to a high average salary for residents of the city, which has also contributed to the higher cost of living.

There are many great options if you are looking to live in Limassol. Agios Athanasios is a popular suburb located in the eastern part of Limassol. It’s known for its upscale residential areas, large villas, and proximity to the city centre. Another popular destination is Columbia which is very popular for families and retirees. It is located east of Limassol and is known for its quiet and peaceful lifestyle, with many parks, gardens and green spaces.

3. Nicosia – Rich history and vibrant culture


Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus and is situated in the centre of the island. It is a beautiful city with a rich history and a vibrant culture. The city is home to numerous museums and historical sites, including the Cyprus Museum, the Leventis Municipal Museum, and the Venetian Walls that once encircled the city.

As it is multicultural city with a diverse population, you will notice this in the city’s cuisine, music, art and festivals. The popular festivals include Nicosia Carnival. The festival is held in February or March and is one of the biggest events in the city. It features parades, street performances, music, and dancing, and is a celebration of Cypriot culture and traditions.

Other forms of entertainment for you to enjoy include the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, offering a range of concerts and performances throughout the year. The orchestra performs a mix of classical and contemporary music, making it a must-visit attraction for music lovers. For those interested in the nightlife, Faneromeni Square is a popular entertainment spot in Nicosia, located in the heart of the old city. The square is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and bars, making it a popular spot for nightlife.

The property market, like many other capital cities, is more expensive due to several factors. Nicosia offers a high standard of living, with modern amenities, good infrastructure, and a rich cultural heritage. This makes the city an attractive place to live, which has increased property prices.

For places to live in Nicossia, Agios Dometios is a suburb located in the western part of Nicosia, near the Green Line that divides the city, and is a popular location for young professionals. Nicosia Old Town is another popular suburb, surrounded by the Venetian Walls. It’s known for its traditional architecture, narrow streets, and bustling markets. Nicosia Old Town is also home to several restaurants, cafes, and cultural attractions.

If you are looking to work in Nicosia, popular jobs include financial services, tourism and hospitality, and IT. Nicosia has a growing technology sector, with many companies’ job roles including software development, IT support, and web design.

4. Larnaca – Relaxed lifestyle and cultural events


Larnaca offers a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle, with a strong sense of community and traditional Cypriot culture. The city has a warm and welcoming community, and it’s easy for you to make friends here. There are regular cultural events, festivals, and markets bringing people together. The town is known for its beautiful beach promenade and parks, where you can enjoy a stroll or bike ride.

The city is known for its beautiful beaches, including the popular Finikoudes Beach. The beach is a must-see for its jet-skiing, parasailing and windsurfing activities. You can rent equipment or take a guided tour with the water sports operators located along the beach. Another popular beach for expats is McKenzie Beach, which is located just south of Finikioudes Beach, and is known for its crystal-clear waters.

House prices in Larnaca are also a major benefit compared to other cities.  For example, a stylish 2 bedroom apartment can be purchased for £172,490. Andy, who lives in the outskirts of Larnaca, has this to say, “Handy airport. Breezy summers. Beautiful thunderstorms in winter. Cheapest house prices. I have lived in every main town/city on the island and now I am settled on the outskirts of Larnaca and truly I can say it has the best amenities and the friendliest people.”

There are also several historic sites and museums, including Larnaca Salt Lake, Hala Sultan Tekke, and the Pierides Museum. For food, Larnaca has a range of restaurants and cafes you can visit serving local and international cuisine, and there are plenty of shopping options, including the Larnaca Mall and the city’s bustling market.

The best suburbs or areas to live in Larnaca depends on your personal preferences, but some of the popular areas include the Finikoudes area, the Mackenzie area, and the Dhekelia Road area. The Finikoudes area is popular for young professionals and families, with its proximity to the beach and city centre. The Mackenzie area is known for its nightlife and trendy bars and restaurants, and the Dhekelia Road area is very popular with expats and retirees, offering a more peaceful and quiet lifestyle.

5. Paralimni – Excellent education and beaches


One of the most unique aspectsof living in Paralimni is its proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus. The town is located near the Protaras Beaches and Fig Tree Bay, offering crystal-clear waters and pristine sand. Residents can enjoy swimming, sunbathing and a variety of water sports all year round. The beauty of these beaches is truly unparalleled, making Paralimni a perfect destination for beach lovers and water enthusiasts.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Paralimni is also a family-friendly town, with several parks, playgrounds and activities that are perfect for raising your child. You can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your children can play and socialize in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

The city has some of the best schools in Cyprus, including public and private schools, as well as international schools. There are also several universities and colleges nearby, providing opportunities for higher education.

For places to live in Paralalimni, you could try Pernera, a small village on the outskirts, known for its beautiful beaches and family friendly atmosphere.  Kapparis is another popular suburb located just outside Paralimni, famous for its beautiful beaches, restaurants, and nightlife.

The good news is that Cyprus is a relatively small island and the cost of shipping to Cyprus is fairly similar no matter which city or town you move to.

6. Ayia Napa – Known for its nightlife and sun

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is a very popular tourist destination located on the eastern coast of Cyprus, known for its striking beaches, natural beauty, and vibrant nightlife. Ayia Napa is not only a party destination for tourists but also is a great place to live.

The city has attracted top DJs from around the world such as Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, and Carl Cox. The biggest clubs in Ayia Napa can hold up to 5,000 people, making them some of the largest in Europe. The nightlife is considered one of the major selling points of living in Ayia Napa, a viewpoint shared by Michelle, “For best beaches and night life you need Ayia Napa, you will love it, I’m a sun worshipper, enjoy, it’s a fabulous place.”

However, Ayia Napa offers a wide range of properties to suit every budget and lifestyle. From luxurious villas with impressive sea views to costy apartments in quiet neighbourhoods, there’s something to suit your lifestyle. If you have a young family, Ayia Thekla is a small village located just outside Ayia Napa and is perfect if you desire a family-friendly atmosphere.

The town is a popular tourist destination, which means that there are plenty of jobs available if you are in the hospitality and tourism industries. Additionally, there are also opportunities available in the healthcare, education, and construction industries.

7. Polis – Ideal for those who looking for a quiet and relaxed lifestyle


Polis is a small town located on the northwest coast of Cyprus, near the Akamas Peninsula. It is a beautiful and peaceful location that offers a high quality of life. It is located in a more rural and natural environment, with stunning views of the Troodos Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Polis has a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle and is a smaller town with a tight-knit community, offering a slower pace of life and a strong connection to nature.

The cost of living is generally lower compared to other cities in Cyprus such as Paphos, making it a popular destination if you wish to live in Cyprus, but are seeking a more affordable lifestyle.

In terms of popular places to live, Neo Chorio is a suburb located in the south-eastern part of Polis, near the Akamas Peninsula National Park. It’s known for its quiet residential areas and beautiful countryside views, making it a popular location for nature lovers.

8. Protaras – Affordable property 


Protaras is known for its magnificent natural beauty. Its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rugged coastline make it a popular destination. The town is also home to the Cape Greco National Forest Park, which offers a unique blend of nature and history.

You will find a wide range of outdoor activities, including cycling, hiking, and water sports. The town is also a popular location for diving and snorkelling, thanks to its crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life.

Protaras has a lively nightlife scene, with numerous bars, nightclubs, and pubs. Some of the popular venues include the Red Square Bar, Havana Bar, and the Bedrock Inn. The city hosts a range of cultural events throughout the year, including music festivals, art exhibitions, and traditional Cypriot celebrations. The Paralimni International Festival is one of the most popular events in the area, featuring a range of music and dance performances.

In terms of cost of living, Protaras is generally considered to be an affordable destination for residents and visitors, particularly if you shop around and seek affordable options. Transportation costs in Protaras are generally low, as the town is small and easy to navigate on foot. Taxis and public transportation are also available and relatively affordable.

For one of the best places to live, Kapparis is a suburb located in the eastern part of Protaras, near the beach. It’s a popular location for families and retirees, with a range of housing options. Kapparis is also home to several schools and parks, making it a great place for outdoor activities.

Cape Greco is a suburb located in the south-eastern part of Protaras, near the popular Cape Greco National Forest Park. It’s known for its quiet residential areas, making it a popular location for families. Cape Greco is also home to several schools and parks to explore.

9. Peyia – Traditional Cypriot village with historical buildings


Peyia is a traditional Cypriot village, offering you a glimpse into the local culture and way of life. The town has a number of historic buildings and traditional Cypriot houses, giving it a unique charm.

For foodies, Peyia is perfect for you. You will find a range of restaurants and taverns that serve traditional Cypriot cuisine. Some of the local dishes include souvlaki, kleftiko, and halloumi cheese. There are also plenty of cafes and bakeries where you can try local sweets and pastries.

Peyia has a number of historic sites, including the Church of Agios Georgios, which dates back to the 6th century. Other historic sites include the ruins of the Venetian watchtower and the ancient tombs at Maa Paleokastro.

For best places to live in Peyia, Coral Bay is known for its eye-catching beaches, crystal-clear waters, and range of amenities. It is a popular destination for families, with a range of activities and attractions suitable for children. These include water parks, mini-golf, and a range of water sports.

The cost of accommodation in Peyia is generally lower compared to larger cities, especially when it comes to rent or property purchase. The cost of transport is also generally lower, as Peyia is a smaller village and residents can walk or cycle to many destinations. However, the cost of food and entertainment options can be similar to larger cities, as Peyia still offers a range of options for residents and tourists alike.

10. Kyrenia – Natural beauty and picturesque harbour

Buildings in Kyrenia

Kyrenia, also known as Girne, is located on the northern coast of Cyprus. It is a port town and municipality in the Kyrenia District, which is one of the six districts of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

It is worth exploring Bellapais Abbey, this 13th century abbey is located just outside of Kyrenia and is one of the most beautiful historical sites in the region. The abbey is set on a hillside and offers fabulous views of the surrounding area. Kyrenia is known for its friendly and welcoming community, which makes it easy to make friends and feel at home. The town is home to a diverse range of expats and locals, and there are many opportunities to get involved in community events and activities.

For the best places to live in Kyrenia, Alsancak is a suburb located on the outskirts, known for its dazzling beaches, range of amenities, and modern properties. It’s a popular destination for families and expats.

11. Famagusta – Rich and varied history

Places to live in Famagusta

Famagusta has a rich and varied history, dating back to ancient times. The city has been home to many different civilizations over the centuries, including the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans and British. Living in Famagusta offers the opportunity to explore this fascinating history and culture.

The city’s old town is surrounded by imposing walls and gates, built by the Venetians in the 15th century. These walls are some of the best-preserved examples of medieval fortifications in the Mediterranean. Living in Famagusta means being surrounded by this unique architectural heritage.

Famagusta has a mild and sunny climate for most of the year, with hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. The weather is generally very pleasant, making it an ideal place for you to enjoy outdoor activities and explore the beautiful Cypriot countryside.

However, it’s worth noting that summer temperatures can be very hot, so it’s important to take appropriate measures to stay cool and hydrated.

In general, the cost of living in Famagusta is considered to be slightly lower than other major cities in Cyprus, such as Paphos. The city is known for its beautiful beaches, historical attractions, and lively lifestyle.

12. Akrotiri – Home to important nature reserves

Large properties in Akrotiri

Akrotiri is located close to several beautiful beaches, including Lady’s Mile and Governor’s Beach. These beaches offer a range of water sports and activities, as well as opportunities to relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun.

It is home to several important nature reserves, including the Akrotiri Salt Lake and the Akrotiri Marsh. These reserves are home to a variety of plant and animal species, and are popular with birdwatchers and nature lovers.

The city centre of Famagusta is a lively and bustling area, with a range of shops, restaurants, and cafes. It is also home to a range of historical and cultural attractions, including the ancient city walls and Othello Castle.

The small size of the Akrotiri community and the shared military experience create a strong sense of community spirit. Living in Akrotiri offers the opportunity to be part of a close-knit and supportive community, where neighbours look out for each other and come together for events and celebrations.

The best places to live in Akrotiri include Kolossi, a small town located just outside Akrotiri, known for its beautiful medieval castle, traditional architecture, and easy access to amenities.

13. Argaka – Known for Chrysochou Bay and ideal for those looking to escape busy lifestyle

Natural beauty in Argaka

Argaka is located close to several beautiful beaches, including Polis Chrysochou Bay and Latchi Beach. These beaches offer a range of water sports and activities, as well as opportunities to relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun.

The city is known for its incredible natural beauty, with its rolling hills, olive groves, and citrus orchards. The village is also close to the Akamas Peninsula, a protected area of natural beauty with a rugged coastline, secluded bays, and hiking trails.

Argaka is a small village with a population of around 1,000 people. The area is known for its quiet and peaceful lifestyle, making it an ideal place for retirees or anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

14. Frenaros – Quiet and peaceful lifestyle

Traditional houses in Frenaros

Similar to Argaka, this is a smaller village and is ideal for those looking for a quiet lifestyle. The summer month in Frenaros are high and dry, with average temperatures ranging from around 26°C to 33°C.

Frenaros has a mild and sunny climate for most of the year, with hot an dry summers and mild and rainy winters. The weather is generally very pleasant, making it an ideal place to enjoy outdoor activities and explore the beautiful countryside.

Some of the best places to live in Frenaros include the village centre of Frenaros. It is a charming and traditional area, with narrow streets and traditional architecture. It is home to a range of shops, restaurants, and cafes, and offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

15. Pissouri – Famous for its wine culture and Columbia Beach

Outdoor lifestyle and houses in Pissouri

Pissouri is home to several wineries that produce high-quality local wines. Living in Pissouri offers the opportunity to learn about the local wine culture and to sample some of the best wines in Cyprus.

The area is popular for two beautiful beaches, Pissouri Beach and Columbia Beach, which offer clear turquoise waters and soft sand. These beaches are popular with locals and tourists and offer a range of water sports and activities.

Pissouri Village is the heart of the community and offers a range of properties, from traditional stone houses to modern villas. The village is known for its charming atmosphere, friendly community and range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Overall, the lifestyle in Pissouri is ideal if you are looking for a relaxed, outdoor-focused lifestyle, with plenty of opportunities to explore the natural beauty and history of the surrounding area. Whether you’re looking to retire, start a family, or enjoy an active retirement, Pissouri offers a range of options to suit different lifestyles and preferences.

16. Xylofagou – Traditional Cypriot architecture and unique buildings.

Xylofagou best properties and best places to live

Xylofagou is a small village located in the Famagusta district of Cyprus, known for its relaxed lifestyle, traditional charm, and natural beauty. Living in Xylofagou offers the opportunity to learn about traditional crafts and to purchase handmade products from local artisans.

Alex, an expat who lives in Xylofagou, found that the public transport was a major benefit of living in the region, “Xylofagou village has all the amenities. It is close to Larnaca Airport, Ayia Napa, Protara, easy bus route to get from A to B.” This is perfect for those who love to travel and explore other cities.

In Xylofagou you will also find the Agios Georgios chapel which is a beautiful stone chapel located in the center of Xylofagou. It is an important religious site for the local community and is surrounded by scenic views of the surrounding hills.

In terms of property, you will find traditional Cypriot architecture, with many homes and buildings featuring whitewashed walls and red-tiled roofs. This gives the town a charming and authentic feel, and it is more affordable compared to the larger cities.

Looking to make the move to Cyprus?

In conclusion, Cyprus has a lot to offer those seeking a new place to call home. The whole island boasts a Mediterranean climate, stunning beaches, and a rich history and culture. From the bustling city of Limassol to the tranquil mountain villages, there is a place to suit every lifestyle and preference.

For those looking for a vibrant nightlife and cosmopolitan vibe, Limassol is an excellent choice. Meanwhile, Paphos offers a more relaxed atmosphere and plenty of historical sites to explore. And for those seeking a peaceful retreat surrounded by natural beauty, the villages of Frenaros and Akrotiri are ideal.

No matter where you choose to settle in Cyprus, you’ll find warm and welcoming locals, delicious cuisine, and plenty of activities to keep you entertained. So why not start planning your move today?

If you’re considering moving to Cyprus, be sure to check out our guide to removals to Cyprus. You can also get a quote on shipping your belongings and ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition to your new home on this beautiful island.

PSS help hundreds of expats and families move to Cyprus every year. We look forward to providing you with the same hassle-free experience to start your new life in the Cypriot sun!