Everything you need to know about the British Association of Removers including the BAR Overseas Group, and why you should seriously consider using a BAR-accredited company for your house move.

Moving homes can be a source of stress, especially when it involves relocating from one country to another. In such circumstances, it is crucial to select a reputable moving company with experience in international removals. This choice can significantly alleviate the complexities associated with the process. However, determining whether a company is capable of handling all the intricacies of removal can be challenging.

One way to assess a moving company’s capabilities is by examining the certifications displayed on its website and promotional materials. Among these certifications, you may come across two important accreditations: BAR and BAR Overseas Group, which are commonly featured on PSS documentation. When researching international moves, be sure to look for the BAR badge, as it signifies the company’s affiliation with the British Association of Removers (BAR).

But what exactly is BAR, and why does it hold significance in the context of a house move? In the following sections, we will explain why choosing a removal company affiliated with BAR can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your intricate move will be executed with utmost care and professionalism on the designated moving day.

British Association of Removers

What is the British Association of Removers?

The British Association of Removers (BAR) is an independent trade association for the removal industry. Members must adhere to strict guidelines to ensure the best quality and experience for their customers.

Choosing a BAR member for your move will give you peace of mind in every aspect. From the initial quote request right through to your belongings arriving safely in your new home or office and beyond, BAR accreditation ensures you the highest attention to detail and service to meet the strict standards and code of conduct required. As a fully accredited BAR member, PSS actively meet every high standard set for all business areas.

You will often see The British Association of Removers (BAR) mentioned when searching for quotes. Choosing a member company to handle your move gives you the surety of their commitment to delivering quality removal from start to finish, wherever in the world you are heading. For over 100 years, BAR has operated as a not-for-profit organisation, promoting consumer interests and maintaining professional standards for members in the removals industry.

Here we explain further how BAR-accredited removal companies protect you and why PSS are delighted to be a member of this quality association.

How To Choose the Right BAR Member Company for your move

It is important to note the different types of BAR accreditation for companies and ensure the company you choose is right for your needs.

Members will display their relevant domestic, overseas or commercial membership logos and it is important as a customer to ensure that you not only look for the relevant logo, but you verify that the business displaying the logo is indeed a verified member.

BAR Removals

We are always happy to guide you on verification of our BAR Overseas Remover membership and other extensive accreditations we hold to show our commitment and pride in our overseas removal services. You can also verify a company’s membership status on the BAR website.

What is the British Association of Removers Overseas Group?

The British Association of Removers Overseas Group is a higher level of accreditation that takes into account the complexities and challenges of international moves.

Even with removals to Europe, Brexit has added many additional requirements and obligations on the part of removals companies which many smaller movers have struggled to cope with. PSS have adapted and coped with the numerous changes required for a successful post-Brexit operation and can assure you that you any future changes will be managed equally proficiently to ensure you are not caught out by new regulations.

We offer an international removal experience that makes the whole process as simple as possible. We aim to remove worry, take on the stress for you and get the job done with the minimum of fuss. Whether you want to move the contents of an entire home or business or just a piece of furniture or equipment, we can move what you need to any worldwide destination.

What is the BAR Advanced Payment Guarantee Scheme?

The BAR Advanced Payment Guarantee Scheme is the removals industry equivalent to ABTA for holidays. It provides customer financial protection for the cost of your removal in the event of your removal company suffering financial failure.

You will need to check that your removal company is covered for your type of move. Some companies are only covered for domestic moves within the UK whilst others, like PSS, have a higher level of coverage including worldwide international moves. You can find out more about the BAR APG scheme here.


British Association of Removers and Trading Standards

The British Association of Removers is the recognised voice of the professional moving and storage industry in the UK, and member companies go through an annual inspection programme. Under their Consumer Code of Practice scheme, approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), the BAR monitors members’ activity in accordance with trading standards guidelines, showing their commitment to constantly assess and raise standards within the industry. This ensures that customers receive the best, most efficient, and trouble-free move possible, with trading standards serving as the benchmark for quality and reliability throughout the entire process.

The BAR Code of Practice

As a BAR member, we aim to meet and exceed where possible the required standards.

You can download a full copy of the BAR Code of Practice here.

Companies commit to the BAR Standards of Service including:

  • Safely handle and protect customers’ effects, throughout transport and storage to minimise accidental damages.
  • Compliance of all staff members with all statutory and regulatory requirements relevant to the job and areas of operation.
  • Carry out accurate and comprehensive assessments of the work required to produce clear descriptive quotations and service level specifications for customers.
  • Provide free-of-charge advice and information to the customer throughout. From initial inquiry to after removal completion.
  • Ensure all staff are sensitive to and offer additional help to those with vulnerabilities or requiring language assistance.
  • Make sure that all staff understand and adhere to the terms of the Code relevant to their areas and support the member company to do so.
  • Complying fully with committing to independently monitor customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring the removals company never refuse the release of goods that they have no contractual liability or legal right to withhold whilst acting as a subcontractor or destination agent.


  • Adverts must be clear, legal, and truthful. You can be sure of no false claims, concealed information, or withheld important facts. Do not create false impressions.
  • Adverts should contain both the BAR logo and membership number.

The Contract

  • Provide a clear description of the service and use fair and plain contract conditions to show the rights and obligations of all parties to the contract.
  • Provide clear information on your removal plan, itinerary, and schedule.
  • Clearly state the terms of payment and identify when additional charges or delays may arise and how they handle the costs incurred.
  • Identify and notify the customer of any responsibility for services or actions required before the removal can take place.
  • Ensure the customer has full information regarding refund circumstances and payment protection provisions.


  • Offer insurance or protection options against loss or damage to your goods and personal effects.
  • Have insurance in place at all times sufficient to meet their liability as specified in the minimum liability insurance standards set by the Association.

Premises and Resources

  • Use only presentable, roadworthy vehicles suitable for the removal work involved.
  • Operate from established commercial premises, meeting all the legal requirements.
  • Provide customers with reasonable access to the member’s offices.
  • Staff are professionally trained and present themselves professionally at all times.


  • Provide detailed inventories, receipts, and paperwork following BAR requirements.
  • Store and transport all consignments adequately identified and protected in a manner that protects them from damage, pilferage or confusion with other consignments.

Independent Dispute Resolution

BAR Members must have in place, responsive and user-friendly procedures for dealing with customer complaints. Staff should be properly trained in the handling of complaints and always adopt a friendly positive approach and avoid a negative attitude when handling a complaint.

In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved, it can be referred to as an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provided by BAR. This independent service is provided by The Furniture Ombudsman (TFO).

BAR Training

In addition to providing quality assurance for consumers, the British Association of Removers is the leading provider of training and learning solutions for the removal industry and removal-related businesses. The best way to ensure excellence is for them to train it.

There are a number of different skills involved in ensuring a safe and reliable removal service – it’s not simply a matter of throwing everything into the back of a van!

Specialisms include estimating/surveying, move management, packing, HGV driving, manual handling, and health & safety.

International moves require a higher level of training including export packing, international shipping, and understanding customs procedures.

At PSS, we recognise the need for an approved training scheme and professional development, and, to that end, our teams are all trained to BAR specifications and training requirements, to ensure all service levels, as well as safety and legal obligations, are met and exceeded wherever possible.

Other Accreditations For International Removal Companies

We have already mentioned some of our accreditations such as the British Association of Removers, but here you can easily see our extensive, and we hope impressive, list of memberships and accreditations. We hold these to show you the recognition we have achieved and strive for in our great, safe and reliable international removal services.

Here at PSS, we not only offer a friendly, reliable service, but we also want to show you we are not afraid to put ourselves up for scrutiny by the highest industry awarding bodies and show how we meet and seek to exceed the standards set. As well as being assured that, with us, you’ll be moving with a BAR removal firm, you will also be moving with a removal firm with the following accreditations:

  • Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux; The Federation of International Movers (FIDI) – Membership allows PSS to show our commitment to providing high standards for international removals and to participate in the accreditation scheme shown below.
  • FAIM Quality Certification – The FIDI-FAIM certification programme is the only independent certification programme for the international moving and relocation industry, certified through a strict industry-specific periodic assessment. We are delighted to have been awarded FIDI-FAIM “Top Performer Status” following our quality assessment audit by Ernst & Young, making us one of the highest-ranked international removal companies in the world.
  • International Association of Movers – the largest global trade association for companies providing moving, forwarding, shipping and logistic services in more than 170 countries.
  • European Movers Partnership (Euromovers) – Our partnership with Euromovers offers an exclusive network of over 70 leading international moving companies. PSS works together with members of this trade association to provide a comprehensive international removal service throughout Europe and beyond.
  • Demeco International – A French-based leading network of international removal companies undertaking over 100,000 moves per year. As an international partner, PSS specialise in facilitating removals between France and other international destinations including the UK.
  • The Movers Trading Club (MTC) – PSS International Removals are an agent and authorised member of this foreign (non-USA) based ‘Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier’. Membership in this trade association allows us to benefit from advantageous shipping rates with the largest shipping lines to enable savings that can be passed on to our clients.

 Choosing PSS International Removals for your move

As you will see, here at PSS we take our commitment to quality and service exceptionally passionately.  Choosing a reliable removal company will guarantee you the benefit of expertise, experience and dedication to exceptional customer service.

When you are looking for a quote, ensure that you look for the British Association of Removers membership logo before settling on a company to handle your move.  These associations are important in promoting excellence in the industry. PSS’ services are recognised by leading partners throughout the world, enabling us to assure you of the very best attention for your entire international move. Why not get in touch and let us handle your European or Worldwide move with the dedication and property protection your belongings deserve?

From Source To Destination

As a leading removal company, PSS specialises solely in international removals, making us unique from many other moving companies. Every member of our team is professionally trained and up to date with export procedures and, as their work is solely focused on overseas removals, wherever in the world you or your equipment is heading our team will guide you through the requirements for your destination country.

As members of the FIDI Global alliance, our FAIM accreditation gives you further proof and peace of mind of our commitment to delivering a high-quality moving experience.

We offer a number of services covering International Removals and Shipping, Excess Baggage, Oversized Equipment Shipping including Cars, as well as complete home or business relocations.

We can also provide packing materials or packing services suitable for a house move to any worldwide destination. Working with other fully accredited and trusted removal companies in your destination country ensures a smooth experience for our customers throughout the entire process.

Get a quote for international removals and shipping

You can be assured that you will receive a quality service with PSS as we are committed to continuously improving our network and our service. If you are looking for a quick way to receive a quote visit our cost calculator or book a free home survey for helpful advice on the removals process. Our moving services include removals, box shipping and even storage services if required in the move.

By choosing a company that is accredited with the BAR APG scheme, such as PSS International Removals, you will be provided with security and peace of mind during your move.

If you would like more information about moving overseas or to Europe, contact us and one of our helpful staff will be able to help you with any queries you may have.