The growing trend for British expats buying sustainable properties including smallholdings, renovation projects, permaculture and live off-grid in Portugal

For decades Portugal has been a popular country for British people to move to especially for retirement or buying holiday homes. Every year we help more and more people with their move to Portugal.

However in recent years we have seen an unprecedented demand from people in the UK, both young and old, who want to buy sustainable properties such as farms, renovation projects, quintas and off grid properties in order to simplify life even more.

portugal-farm-houseIt is no surprise that Portugal has become one of the key destinations for a more gentle, eco conscious way of living. Portuguese people have managed to maintain a deep connection to the land and community is valued in a way that often seems to have been long since lost in other countries.  Not to mention the vast number of great value land plots and properties available, the low cost of living and fast connections by air or sea to the UK.

You are also spoilt for choice with sustainable properties in Portugal. No matter what your interest you are likely to find something suitable and within your budget. Some people want to adopt a fully self-sufficient and off grid lifestyle whilst other just want to be more “green” and eco-friendly.

But there are a lot more alternative properties in Portugal than smallholdings and farms. Some people are looking for rustic land for yurts or caravans. Others are looking for unique renovation projects such as country houses, villas and windmills.

The couple who purchased a sustainable property in Portugal’s Algarve

Here we share a story about Jack and Hannah who made their dream of a sustainable eco resort in the Algarve into a reality when they bought a beautiful property through the Pure Portugal website.

Jack and Hannah Monte Calma AlgarveJack is from Yorkshire and Hannah from Munich, but when they first started looking for a property they were living in Canada. Initially they wanted to move to the Provence region of France. However, after searching and searching soon realised that they could not make it work for the budget that they had to hand.

This led them to search farther afield, into Spain and Portugal. They spent months looking and eventually found two properties that they wanted to go look at – one of which they put an offer on which was accepted!

There are several reasons why they decided to move to Portugal. First of all, the climate, they both love sunshine and enjoy being outside, so Portugal and especially the Algarve was a great choice for sun-lovers like Jack and Hannah.

But they also really like how welcoming and friendly the Portuguese people are. So far they have been made to feel welcome and have always been met with kindness. Another big deciding factor was that land and property are still affordable in Portugal. Especially when compared to most other areas in southern Europe that offer a similar climate and a similar standard of living.

The property they bought is in a stunning area, very close to the Algarve coast. Although the farm is very neglected they plan to turn the 1.6 hectares into an eco-resort with a house, 4 bungalows and a pool.

Top tips on buying land and sustainable properties in Portugal

land for sale portugalJack and Hannah say their number one tip would be to do research. There is a lot of information out there regarding buying or renting in Portugal, which is great and definitely has been useful for them. But as they learned more about the process of buying land and all the legalities around it, they have come across a lot of false information.

They suggest you do your own research, speak to people who have moved over already, invest in a lawyer and use trusted resources. They also encourage people to go and spend some time in the area they are considering moving to. Rent a place for a few months or a year even and see how you like it.

Lastly they say, if you are thinking about buying or renting something in Portugal, do it sooner than later! Who knows how much longer property will still be affordable there!

If you’re interested in buying alternative style properties in Portugal, there no one better placed to help than Pure Portugal. They have a huge selection of alternative opportunities on their website – everything from farms, renovation projects, manor houses, water mills to land for equestrian centres and smallholdings.

 To follow Jack and Hannah’s progress as they build their dream life in Monte Calma visit their blog:

Removals and shipping to Portugal

portugal manor houseEvery year we help thousands of people move to Portugal, Europe and all over the world.

If you need help with your move please check out our shipping to Portugal.

No matter whether you’re just taking a boxes or undertaking a full household removal, our move managers will be able to guide you every step of the way.

Jack and Hannah on buying a farm for an eco-resort and permaculture in Algarve, Portugal

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OH PORTUGAL! . I can’t believe that in four weeks we will call this place home 😳. It still feels completely surreal but we are giddy as little children on Christmas, counting down every day until the big move 😂. Portugal was not on our list of places to move to when we started this journey. It wasn’t even on our radar. Until we accidentally came across some land and noticed how affordable land still is down here. Then we started to see pictures and couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked. We decided to check it out for ourselves and immediately fell in love with this country. I mean, how beautiful are the beaches here 😍?? Now, 3 years later, we are finally ready to move and can not wait to live here full time! . . . #portugal #algarve #portugallover #beachbumlife #oceangirl #followyourdreams #buildyourownlife #movingtoportugal #movingabroad #blueskiesandsunshine #excitingtimesahead #permaculture #buildinganecoresort #livingwithnature #thisishomesoon

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