Mr Micciche first discovered PSS International Removals via the Emigration Group (EG) Seminar and website, where the feedback on PSS was very positive.

He then attended an Emigration Group seminar and met some of the PSS team, who impressed with their friendly approach and knowledge. From that point forward PSS were always professional in their correspondence, which when combined with the strong and well established company history, convinced him that PSS were the best option.

Mr Micciche also admitted that his son fell in love with the PSS teddy bear given to him at the Emigration Group event, which certainly helped to sway his decision.

The moving process:

When asked about his experience of the moving day, Mr Micciche commented:

“Our experience was perfect, the way everything was handled both in the UK and in Australia, the time PSS spent answering our questions, re-assuring us and updating us on the project. I always felt confident and free to call or email PSS any time we had a question or concern. This customer relationship is a must, especially nowadays, and we truly valued the way we have been treated and helped.

“The moving day itself could not have been better. It was done with so much precision, efficiency and safety, it was impressive. I appreciate it is not an easy job, the PSS team are facing the customer at a crucial moment, when they are bound to be anxious and stressed to say the least, but the way the removals team handled their job was purely and simply amazing. They contributed significantly to the success of our move. It was a stress free process.”

Advice for those thinking of moving to another country from Mr Micciche:

“Plan your dream carefully, especially with all the costs involved before and after your move. Be patient with the visa process, it’s not very fast, and don’t give up at the first problem, or if each stage seems to take longer than you thought. It’s all for a better life, so fight for it.”

If you are interested in moving to down under, take a look at our recent blog post, which offers tips on moving to Australia.


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