Why choose PSS International Removals?

Having discovered PSS International Removals through a recommendation on the Poms in Oz website, Mr and Mrs Bennett approached the company for an initial discussion and quote.

After evaluating this against the competition, the couple decided to hire the company to assist them in their move to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

The main reasons they chose PSS, was as a result of the instant responses to all questions and enquiries during the initial stages, the positive and helpful attitude of staff when the original enquiry was made, combined with feedback from previous customers on relevant forums and websites.

The moving process

When asked about his experience of the moving day, Mr Bennett commented: “The removal process could not have been handled any better. The crew was superb, professional and clearly very experienced. We had prepared each room as per suggested instructions and they commented on just how helpful this had been. A rating of 10/10 was given for our pre-removal organisation. The speed of the packing and loading of the container was also commendable and we would have no hesitation in recommending PSS to anyone considering their removal options.”

Advice for those thinking of moving to another country from Mr Bennett

Choosing a removals company

Do your research, check out previous customer feedback and don’t be swayed by price, offers, discounts etc. Costs are similar between all of the major removal companies so go with the one that seems genuinely interested in your possessions.

Do you need to take everything with you?

Check out the costs of equivalent goods in your destination country before you arrange your estimate. Most white goods and furniture is readily available and it may be more cost-effective to sell larger items before you leave. Only take the important personal items.

Finances in your new country

Try and set-up a local bank account before you land. You’ve no idea how useful that is when you have no credit record as such in your new country and take every bank, mortgage and credit card statement in your hand luggage. You really will find them very useful even if you are a cash ready purchaser of an overseas property.


Your driving licence may not be considered as proof of I.D. so take everything else you can when you want to buy anything from a new car to an overseas postage label. Passport, bank card, credit card the lot! Seriously, you will need proof of I.D. to post a package back to the UK from Australia.


Finally, don’t expect your new chosen country to be the same as “back home!” It won’t be – even if they speak a similar language. We found it easier to mix with locals who didn’t go on about missing Marks and Spencer, HP sauce and Walkers crisps! Embrace your new surroundings. After all, that’s why you moved in the first place isn’t it?

If you are looking to emigrate and want some expert advice, PSS International removals is a family run company and our desire is to ensure your family receive a friendly, professional and stress free overseas move. We have specialised in international removals for over 32 years, so whether you are planning on sending a full or part household removal, excess baggage or a vehicle we recognise the importance in ensuring that our customers receive the same level of care and attention that we would expect ourselves.

As a minimum you should select an international mover that has achieved the highest level of service within the industry by attaining FAIM ACCREDITATION which is the only independent Quality Assurance standard for the International Moving Industry.

You should also ask if the company is a Member of the FIDI Global alliance, British Association of Removers Overseas Group, and BAR OVERSEAS, which is covered by the I.M.M.I. Advance payment guarantee scheme for your financial protection.


If you would like to find out more about moving with PSS International Removals, or to book your no obligation, home survey where we will send one of our estimators around to offer you advice as well estimate the items that you would like to ship, please get in touch:

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