Why choose PSS International Removals?

Mr Bonato first discovered PSS International Removals via Google when searching for an international removals company.

He decided to work with PSS International Removals because of the excellent customer service he received during his enquires, the friendly staff and extremely competitive rates.

The moving process

When asked about his experience of the moving day, Mr Bonato commented:

My experience with PSS prior to the moving was very good. Our account manager was very clear from the outset on quotations, paperwork and all other relevant tasks. He also answered all my questions in a very professional manner.

“The actual moving day was also excellent. The packers were fantastic from the minute they arrived on my doorstep to the minute they left. Every item was packed, moved and recorded with extreme care and all goods arrived at destination undamaged.”

Advice for those thinking of moving to another country from Mr Bonato:

“I have three tips for anyone that is thinking of moving to another country; firstly, create a plan six to nine months in advance of the move and assign clear and realistic deadlines to each. Ensure every task is completed on time.

“Secondly, don’t stress too much, it’s a huge task, but you can do it if you plan in advance. Finally, use PSS it will make the whole task so much easier.”


If you would like to find out more about moving with PSS International Removals, or to book your no obligation, home survey where we will send one of our estimators around to offer you advice as well estimate the items that you would like to ship, please get in touch:

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