How to get cheap shipping to New Zealand for boxes, baggage and furniture without compromising on the quality of service 

If you’re moving to New Zealand, you’ll no doubt want to minimise your shipping costs. However, although you are keen to get the cheapest shipping from the UK to NZ, you need to be careful of quotes that are considerably cheaper than others, as they could cost you more further down the line.

These companies may lack a comprehensive door-to-door service. By prioritizing a balance between competitive pricing and quality of service, you can secure the best value for your money and receive the best experience.

Here we’ll look at how to get the best value on your shipping to New Zealand, rather than simply the cheapest. We’ll also show you how to check your quote to see what is and is not included and warn you about false economies that won’t save you money in the long run. After all, you want cheap but not too cheap!

See also our previous article to learn how much it costs to ship to New Zealand from the UK. This details the various costs involved and gives you some ballpark figures.

Better still, use one of our new cost calculators to get a personal quote for your shipping no matter whether it’s boxes, cars, furniture or a household removal:

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Is It Expensive to Ship to New Zealand from the UK?

Posting or sending smaller personal goods to New Zealand can be expensive. For example, airline excess baggage fees can be very expensive and you are still limited to how much you can send. Also, air courier charges for sending boxes of belongings from the UK may not be economical for large quantities.

However, shipping by sea to NZ could be a lot cheaper than you think if you make use of an international removal service or specialised personal shipping service. Unlike excess baggage fees, the more boxes you send, the more economical it becomes.

Considering New Zealand is over 12,000 nautical miles away (22,000km), comparing the costs of moving house all the way to Auckland with moving across the UK doesn’t seem quite so expensive. However, when you’re migrating across the world, you’ll have lots of other costs to consider so you’ll still want to save as much money as you can on your shipping.

Low-Cost Shipping Methods to New Zealand

shipping to north or south island new zealandBelow, we will look at all the low-cost ways you can ship your personal effects when moving to New Zealand. The most suitable service will largely depend on how much you are shipping and how quickly you need your belongings to arrive. Once you have chosen the most appropriate service, there are several ways you can further reduce the cost of your shipping, so make sure you check out our cheap shipping tips below.

Cheap Parcel and Package Shipping to NZ

If you are looking to send a small package or parcel, it is probably best to just use Royal Mail. There are also parcel services online, like Parcel Monkey, that you can use to find the cheapest quote.

However, the cost per kilo is quite expensive. Hence, if you need to send larger quantities, it’s best to look at other options, such as Excess Baggage and Personal Shipping Services as offered by PSS International.

Cheap Excess Baggage / Luggage Shipping to New Zealand

If you have more bags than your airline luggage allowance, you should definitely look at cheaper shipping options.

  • Airline excess baggage fees – expensive, but you can save if you book in advance.
  • Excess Baggage Service by Air – These air courier services offered by companies such as PSS are ideal if you want to save money but time is important.
  • Send by sea – this is the cheapest option and personal shipping services such as those offered by PSS provide a door-to-door international shipping service to NZ.

So for cheap luggage shipping plan ahead and ship by sea; it may take 8-12 weeks, but can save you a lot of money.

Check out our guide to shipping luggage to New Zealand.

Cheapest Way to Ship Boxes to New Zealand

If you only have a small number of belongings to send or are moving from a small property, you may be able to save on your postage costs from the UK to New Zealand by using a box shipping service. This involves sending your belongings in boxes provided by the shipping company.

The more boxes you send, the cheaper it is per box. You can also save money by packing yourself, but professional packing is still available if you need help.

This method is obviously not suitable for sending large items like furniture, which will need an international removals service.

Cost Effective Shipping Furniture to New Zealand

That brings us nicely to the cheapest ways to ship furniture to New Zealand. The exciting thing is, considering the distances that are involved, moving furniture and other items using NZ furniture removal companies is surprisingly cheap.

They do however require an international furniture removals service with specialist packing and handling. If you are moving the entire contents of your home you can book a whole 20-foot or 40-foot container.  If you are shipping a smaller load, you can group your belongings to share with others moving to the same city or country and split the shipping container price to NZ

Low Cost International Removals to New Zealand

If you are moving house to New Zealand, you will need to pack up and ship all your household belongings which is a big task. The most cost effective way is shipping your goods by container ship.  Although technically it may appear cheaper to do this yourself, you should not underestimate the challenges involved and the professional expertise required.

It is therefore highly recommended that you use a professional international removal company. To learn more, you can check out our guide and FAQ on international removals to New Zealand.

Cheap Car and Vehicle Shipping to New Zealand

car shipping to new zealand from UKWhen you are making a big move to New Zealand, it’s likely that you will want to ship out your car along with everything else, as many cars are more expensive down under. There are several different options available for doing this, which could save you some money. The most popular methods of shipping cars out are:

  • Roll On Roll Off (RORO) – This can look like the cheapest way to do it, but you need to factor in the time and cost of delivering your vehicle to the port and picking it up at the port in New Zealand. RORO prices also don’t include customs clearance and many other fees, so you’ll usually save trouble and money using a container shipping service.
  • Another cost-effective way to transport your car is to ship it with your furniture and other belongings using a large shipping container. As you are sending everything together at once, you could save quite a lot of money that would have been otherwise spent on different shipping methods.

Vehicle can be a complicated process, so check out our guide to shipping cars to New Zealand or speak to one of our consultants, who will be able to advise you whether it’s worthwhile in your situation.

Tips on How to Get the Best Value Shipping Quote for New Zealand

Now we’ve discussed the most common shipping methods, you’ll be interested in finding tips on saving even more money. The following advice will help you:

  • Obviously, shipping to New Zealand by sea is cheaper than air freight.
  • Although the time your belongings will spend in transit is from 6 to 12 weeks, you should always factor in some extra time just in case your belongings are delayed in customs.
  • Choose an international shipping company with a good reputation that ships from the UK to New Zealand regularly – they know how to get the lowest prices.
  • Always check the small print on quotes to see exactly what is included in the price and what charges are excluded.
  • Have a clearout and try to limit how much you take, leaving older items and things you have no use for behind.
  • Conversely, you need to make sure you take enough, as you will find a lot of things are more expensive in New Zealand. Although you could save on shipping costs, you could still end up paying when it comes to replacing your stuff. For example, white goods, tools and other similar equipment are worth taking along.
  • Try to book as far in advance as you can when relocating to New Zealand. When you give the shipping company more time, you give them the chance and flexibility to offer you a cheaper price.
  • For cheaper quotes, try to ship at the quietest time of the year. During busy seasons, prices can be a lot more expensive. Busy seasons tend to be January to February and October to November.
  • The greater the volume you ship, the lower the price per cubic foot gets.
  • Seek out expert advice, and ask the shipper you are using to help ensure all your documents and forms are completed properly.
  • You could save money by packing your things up yourself if you are only sending small items – but this may cost more in insurance premiums.
  • Negotiate! Most moving companies to NZ operate within extremely tight margins, there is no harm in asking for a discount, as they may be able to quote you a better price.
  • Don’t have the shippers collect from your property, but instead, deliver the items you can to their depot.
  • Although you should invest in shipment protection cover or marine insurance, you don’t need to cover everything – just the delicate and valuable items and not items such as older clothing and other items like duvets.

What You Should Avoid Taking

There are things that you should try to avoid shipping to NZ. You should check exactly what items are permitted and those subject to customs duties. You can’t avoid basic quarantine inspection fees, but you’ll want to avoid additional fees for treatment, cleaning, and disposal of items.

Ensure all your electrical goods and electronic devices are compatible with the supply to your new home.

Tips for Avoiding Custom Charges, Quarantine Fees and Other Costs

  • Ideally, if you want to save as much money as possible, you need to ensure you fully understand NZ’s customs regulations to avoid unnecessary taxes and costs. You will have to pay these taxes and fees before you can receive your shipment
  • It’s duty and tax-free to send personal and household items if you’ve been away for over 21 months. However, you need to ensure you are in New Zealand when your things arrive.
  • Always ensure any items you are sending are not prohibited – avoid animal, vegetable and plant products for instance and make sure you are not sending any items that are classified as suspicious by the Ministry for Primary Industries. This could incur more fees and costs if they want to investigate and inspect.
  • You can see the up-to-date NZ MPI charges and fees here.

Warning: Is Your Shipping Quote Too Cheap?

It might sound a bit odd to ask that question. However, have you ever heard the phrase ‘if something looks or sounds too good to be true, it probably is’? This applies to cheap shipping quotes.

This is a very competitive market, so most removal companies and shipping companies that are offering the same services should be quoting roughly the same amount. Be wary of any cheap quote that is a little lower than you expected compared to others you’ve received. Check carefully what is involved and included before choosing your shipping company.

Some points to bear in mind include:

  • Quotes based on port-to-port transit will be cheaper. However, you’ll probably find a door-to-door service easier.
  • Are all the quotes you receive for shipping the same volume, and are they covering all the items you want to send?
  • Is the quote for an all-inclusive removal service, including all packing, clearance at customs, delivery etc.?
  • It could be that the shipper is using unaccredited shipping lines, which is why they can offer cheaper rates, but the risk of something going wrong is greater.
  • The packing may not be done to a professional standard or use high-grade materials.
  • The shipping or removal company may not have the proper FIDI FAIM or BAR Overseas accreditation.
  • Unreliable, unregulated and inexperienced agents may be utilised at the New Zealand end.

 Why PSS International Removals Can Offer Low-Cost Shipping to New Zealand

container ship to nzWith the tips and advice above, you will find it much easier to find a shipping company that offers cheap shipping to New Zealand. However, you don’t have to look much further than at PSS International Removals.

We can offer you reasonably cheap quotes on shipping the contents of your property here in the UK to your new place in New Zealand.

You may be wondering how and why we are able to offer such great deals. There are several great reasons why including:

  • The fact we specialise in overseas shipping and international removals to New Zealand.
  • We help thousands of people with relocations to New Zealand every year.
  • Thanks to the large volumes we ship, we have been able to negotiate the best shipping rates.
  • PSS has been in the international shipping and removals business for over 40 years, so we can offer services that are as efficient as they are affordable.
  • The advisers on our team are fully experienced in completing the documents and forms and can help you not only do this quickly but also accurately.
  • We regularly ship to New Zealand, so we can often offer lower-cost shared container and groupage options.
  • For our customers who need to use a more urgent form of shipping, we have been able to secure some of the best air freight rates.
  • The packers on our team are highly skilled, professional and efficient at their job. They are the best in the business, as far as we’re concerned and although they are very quick, they are also very careful and ensure every item is packed securely and safely.
  • Our move managers have the experience and knowledge to offer quick and accurate answers to all your questions and queries.
  • At the quote stage of planning your move, our estimators have enough experience and knowledge that they can give you a very accurate assessment.
  • They also offer handy tips and advice about packing, what you should take and what you may be best not taking and why.

Shipping to New Zealand – Get Your Quote Today

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