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Have you lived in a new country for a while but it hasn’t worked out or you’ve decided to move back home? Whatever your reason for returning, there are a number of factors worth considering first.

While there’s no place like home and you might be excited about being reunited with friends and family again, make sure you think through your decision carefully first.

Issues such as international removals & shipping, excess baggage, car shipping, migration services and customs information will all require careful research and planning.

Tax-wise, when you repatriate you will need to re-register with the relevant taxation body as well as start to consider how things might have changed whilst you have been abroad. Think about the cost of living back home and how that compares with the country that you have been living in as an expat. Additionally, how have costs changed in your home country? Assess your financial situation carefully and ensure that any contract you negotiate as part of an employment offer or acquisition will be sufficient to cover the living costs upon your return.

Returning expats find the task of re-establishing a financial foothold at home particularly challenging. If all ties with your home country have previously been severed it can be very difficult to arrange any type of credit or mortgage upon your return. With this in mind, ensure that you research as much as possible before leaving so that you are prepared for any resulting difficulties. If you bank internationally, via Lloyds for example, it can often be wise to attempt to transfer your account with the same bank as this will actually improve you credit rating.

Emotionally, in the same way that it is common for expats to experience culture shock when they first arrive in their new country, many returning expats experience a similar set of feelings as they attempt to readjust to their previous lifestyle. Being on the move can be stressful for most people and often result in a whole array of physical symptoms and illnesses. However, by ensuring that you are thoroughly prepared beforehand, this can help to ease your stress levels and deal with matters more calmly.

Many may need to turn to close family and friends to prepare their children mentally for the return home and the more time you spend discussing the move with them, the better the overall result will be.

However, above all else, stay positive and try and view repatriation as an exciting new start. Hopefully you will be enriched from the experiences you have had abroad but will also be reunited with your home country, so there is plenty to look forward to.

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