Tips On How to Get Great Value Self Storage Including Exclusive Discounts With Big Yellow Self Storage Near You!

It seems as though more and more people are now looking for extra storage space. We accumulate more and more belongings as the years roll by and it’s not until we need to move home or find space that we realise just how much we actually have.

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discount self stoage units in UKThere are many reasons and circumstances when you might need extra storage space for your belongings. It could be for decluttering when moving house or storing items you don’t currently need.

Moving or working overseas is another reason for putting items into an affordable self storage unit. At PSS International Removals we are able to help people with cost effective storage whilst they are in the process of moving, but if items are needed to be stored long term, then it’s best to use specialist self storage companies.

However, when it comes to finding storage, it’s important that you don’t get caught out by self-storage companies that don’t take care of your belongings in the right way. So, if you want to find good value, secure and trustworthy storage, this article will help you take the right steps to help you make an informed decision that works for you.

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How Can You Save Money on Self Storage?

The reality is that, if you’re on a budget, you can save money on self storage and still benefit from a service that is second-to-none. The aim is to ensure you make better choices when deciding how and when to use your chosen self-storage company.

Consider the Size and Time

If you want to keep the cost of self-storage as affordable as possible then you need to consider the size of the unit you require and the amount of time you need it for.

putting belongings into storageOf course, if you opt for a larger unit size than you need, then you will need to pay more. Unit costs are charged based on their size and that means that you should try and avoid going too big where possible. It might be tempting to go for a bigger size, in case you require more space but that can always be added on at a later date. Therefore, try and work out exactly what you need. This will involve working out what you can actually keep and take with you during your move.

You should also consider the amount of time you require self storage for. If you only really require three months and pay for six months then you’ll have unnecessary additional costs. You really need to make sure you only pay for what you need.

Consider the Location

As with most things, if they are located in a sought after area such as a large city centre, then you are going to pay more. So, you should look in quieter locations that are outside city centres or in smaller towns, in order to benefit from cheap 24-hour access self storage.

Sure, you might have to drive further to get there but the amount you save will really benefit you. By carefully considering the location you can find more affordable storage rates and make your budget go further.

Take Advantage of Special Offers and Discounts

Many self-storage companies will offer discounts and special offers. Some might even partner up with removal companies such as PSS International Removals. Using these offers is a great way of saving money but also a good way of ensuring you keep all of the services together which makes them easier to manage.

If you know where to look you can find even better deals like this one here.

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Make Sure You Negotiate

It doesn’t hurt to ask if your chosen self-storage company can offer a better price or 6 months of storage for the price of 5. It is always worth asking as they can offer you some form of discount as a matter of goodwill.

What are the Reasons For Using Affordable Self Storage?

What makes self-storage such a popular choice is that it serves many different purposes. Therefore, it can fulfil a wide range of needs, regardless of whether you are looking to move home or clear some space, there are a multitude of reasons why a self storage unit can make a difference.

Depending on your reasons for storing you can find suitable cheap short term or long term storage solutions.

Remove Clutter While Selling Your Home

Selling a home is competitive because for every buyer, there are countless other properties ready and waiting for them. What this means is that you should look to make your home stand out by ensuring it looks its best. When buyers view a property, they are not looking at your items and belongings, they are looking at the space and how they can make use of it. Of course, you’re going to have to keep standard furniture in place such as sofas and beds but other furniture can be stored away. This is where cheap self storage can help you to sell your home.

With the ability to store your furniture for a period of time, you can ensure your home is clutter free and looks appealing to buyers.

Long Term Storage Whilst You Are Working Overseas

PSS International Removals moving boxesMany people work overseas for long periods of time which might mean having to rent out their home. This means that they want to store personal items of their own until they return. Self-storage provides an effective solution that makes it possible to store belongings for certain periods of time without the need to worry about leaving them in your home where they can become damaged by tenants.

Furthermore, you might be moving overseas permanently and need somewhere to store your items before you find a permanent residence.

When you’re moving overseas you’ll have a lot of expenses and a tight budget so you’ll definitely want to check out the best offer you can find.

Student Storage

Maybe you are a student and require a storage unit as you want more space in your room. Storage facilities are often located near universities and will allow you greater flexibility for your belongings.

Storage companies will often give you large student discounts for small storage units or large storage units as well!

Personal Use

The great thing about having extra storage available through self storage is that you can use it for personal use. Maybe you simply need to remove items from your home or have items in your garage that need to be stored as they are not required.

Whatever the reason might be, there is no doubt that self storage offers a level of flexibility that simply works, regardless of what personal items you need to store.

Business Use

Self storage also provides an effective solution for businesses. Whether it’s office equipment, stock, seasonal items or tables and chairs from a restaurant, extra storage space removes the need for businesses to store these at their premises. In most instances, storing these kinds of items simply isn’t possible. However, as self storage units are easily accessible, it means that business owners can store and access their goods and items as they require them.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Storage Company

The self storage industry is competitive and companies promise to offer more than their competitors but it is especially important to ensure that you choose the right self storage company. The main thing to consider is that they will be taking care of your belongings which means that you will want to make sure that they are stored safely and securely. Choosing a budget self storage company just because of the cheap price could be a mistake.

Cheap Does Not Mean Best

boxes for extra storageEveryone wants to pay less for any service they use but in reality, when it comes to your belongings, being cheap could mean big problems for you. Therefore, when looking for discount self-storage UK, it pays to look at the price because cheap doesn’t mean better.

Sure, some reputable companies will offer discounts such as the Big Yellow Self Storage discount that you can take advantage of but other companies will offer a cheap price in order to attract more custom. However, these budget self storage companies are often the ones that fail to invest in the services they offer and that means that you could lose out in many different ways.

Customer Service is Vital

While you might see self storage services as nothing more than storing your belongings in an empty unit, there is more to it than that. Customer service is everything when it comes to storing your belongings and any reputable company will go above and beyond to ensure your needs are taken care of.

Whether you want to access your items at short notice, want to extend your storage period or discuss problems, you want to know that the support and service are there when required. Any recognised company will implement a customer service that provides satisfaction and that means dealing with any queries that you might have in a way that finds a suitable solution.

The Importance of Security

A company that is storing and taking care of your items has to be one that invests in security. Storing your items isn’t about having the correct security on the unit itself because it goes further than that. Therefore, the company that you choose should invest heavily in the latest locks and security features but there is more.

security camera for storage unitThey should have 24-hour surveillance and restricted access that is guarded and protected by someone around the clock while an alarm system should come as standard. Furthermore, they should also offer the correct level of insurance as a form of security as this will ensure that your items are still protected should anything happen.

Although you may want to save money and make your budget go further, you don’t want to use a cheap self storage company that compromises on the protection of your goods.

Being a Member of an Industry Association

Another thing to consider is whether the storage company you are considering is a member of an industry association such as the UK Self Storage Association. They set standards and promote best practices that give an indication of the quality of service you receive. Beware of cheap self storage companies that save money and cut corners by not being a member.

Cheap Insurance For Your Self Storage

Another cost you will need to budget for is insurance for your items whilst they are in storage. If you choose a quality self storage company you will likely have fewer concerns.

However, it’s better safe than sorry, so just like you have home contents insurance or shipping insurance, it is recommended that you take out an inexpensive policy to cover your belongings.

Your self storage company will likely offer you insurance cover at very reasonable prices or alternatively, you can look to see if you can find cheaper insurance independently. You may also be able to add to your existing cover.

How to Find a Cheap Self Storage Company In Your Area

The self storage industry has really boomed in recent years so you should have no trouble finding a unit in your area. For example, Big Yellow has 103 stores around the UK and you can find your nearest one here.

You can save yourself time by choosing your nearest branch and using the discount coupon.

Alternatively, you can check out the different companies in your area and use the tips in this guide to save money and ensure you are getting value for money. Just beware of very low quotes – they may be very cheap for a reason!

How to Get Discount Self Storage From The Big Yellow Self Storage Company

discounts with Big Yellow Self StorageThe Big Yellow Self Storage Company is one of the biggest and most iconic self storage companies in the UK. You know that if you choose them that your belongings will be in safe hands and you’ll receive high quality service.

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