Starting a new business or taking on a new job in a new country can be a daunting affair. Whilst you may be familiar with the rules of engagement in your chosen industry, moving them abroad can throw up a whole new set of expectations. Businesses thrive across the world on many cultural and social differences. This is no different in America.

America has long been known as a country that prides itself on doing business efficiently. The old adage ‘time is money’ was invented for America and if you’re looking to work well Stateside you’ll need to understand how to make the best first impressions and close a deal well.

Firstly, as in most countries dress codes are varied in America, mainly due to the vast array of companies that stretch across the 50 states. Pay close attention to the business you are going to visit or joining as an employee. Formality is welcomed in many offices, but if you’re heading to Silicon Valley for a job interview – you may need to wear something entirely more causal. Do your research.

Make sure you arrive for your appointments or even job interview, on time. Go one step better an be five minutes early. Americans see lateness as being rude and showing a lack of respect. If you really are running unavoidably late, call the person you are meeting and explain. Good manners will go a long way.

If you’re used to being in a meeting, where it takes the participants ten minutes to stop talking about last night’s TV, be prepared for the opposite in America. Meetings can be short but they get results. Agendas will be given out and minutes typed up. For those that hate, long pointless meetings you’ll be pleased to know that America’s won’t tolerate it. Time is money, after all.

American’s are results driven and so should you be. Sell yourself and do it quickly. Cut to the chase. You’ll win the respect of your colleagues if you express yourself in a clear manner. They’ll also be keen to know what the short term wins are in any situation, rather than the long term projections. The latter will matter but initially what happens in the near future, is far more important than in the next couple of years.

Expect to be asked to a breakfast meeting at 7am in the morning, or an 8pm dinner all in the same day. American’s work longer days than many across the world and they also take less holidays. The average American gets 14-15 days holiday each year. Well below other countries, including the UK.

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