Find out how Valerie Chetty achieved her dream of starting a new life in the Mediterranean with Spanish Homes In The Sun!

Sunnier climates, a laid-back lifestyle and lower costs of living – we’ve all dreamt of living abroad. And Europe is that dream place for many, with the continent being the ultimate year-round hotspot for Brits, as well as one of the most popular destinations for relocation. Unsurprisingly, that hasn’t really changed even after Brexit, with people still seeking warmer climates, different experiences, distinct views – whatever it may be that they might not be getting here in the UK.

Although there are new criteria UK citizens have to meet to gain permanent residence, moving to Spain is still a very real possibility that many have chosen today – and having a team of professionals behind the scenes (agents, lawyers, international removalists) to help navigate you through the process will allow you to reside in your dream location sooner than you might expect.

Consequently, British expats are not giving up on their dream of moving abroad to Mediterranean countries like Spain. Especially on those dark and dull days, living in a warmer climate has certainly crossed all our minds at one time or another. But for Valerie Chetty, she listened to her heart and took that leap of faith, and made what at the time seemed a dream into her new reality.

The dream of a new life In Spain’s Costa Blanca

Property Alicante SpainValerie had the dream of buying a Spanish home in Costa Blanca: a villa with views or a tranquil townhouse in Torrevieja. Her checklist for the perfect location involved being close enough to restaurants, bars, and shops for entertainment, yet being close enough to public transport for her daily commute around the area. Her dream of moving to sunny Spain and making it her new forever home amongst the balanced culture and warm climate is what Valerie knew she wanted – and that’s exactly what she set out to do.

“Relocating abroad to Spain was something that had been on my mind for a number of years.” Valerie recalls, “This idea came about from my love of the TV show ‘A Place in the Sun’ and It brought me great joy, particularly to see people happy and excited to relocate abroad to the hot sunny Spanish weather and this all started off as a dream which eventually became a reality.”

It was back in 2017 when Valerie set the wheels in motion and attended the exhibition ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ to learn more about the intricate details around relocating abroad and living her dream life. As well as getting a more in-depth insight into the buying process and the legalities behind the move, more importantly, she needed to understand if this was even feasible for her to do.

Shortly after the event, Valerie booked a trip to Spain to view what she hoped would be her dream property. But disaster struck for Valerie when she arrived in Spain and witnessed her future plans crumble down with her own two eyes, with her plans becoming further out of reach.

Where exactly did it all go wrong?

Costa Blanca sunsetIt turns out that the agent Valerie was working with didn’t quite take the time to fully understand what it was that she was looking for – what we call: a disaster waiting to happen. Valerie and her son were left sitting in a hotel room alone on a wet, dreary day, and nothing else would’ve reflected on their experience any better. The Spanish agency Valerie worked with was nothing short of a waste of time, effort, and money, leaving her to walk away thinking all was lost for her dream Spanish home.

Regardless of this incident, however, looking back Valerie says “some might call the trip a failure, but I’d call it a blessing”. And although heavily disheartened at the time, Valerie decided to reach out to Sun Lawyers, who she had met at the same London Exhibition, for some advice on the situation she had not expected to find herself in. Through connecting with Sun Lawyers, they pointed her in the direction of Spanish Homes in the Sun who, although she didn’t know it at the time, was going to be the key to the success of her relocation journey.

How did Spanish Homes in the Sun help?

Valerie was almost immediately put in touch with Alan, Pauline, and the team at Spanish Homes in the Sun. From the moment they stepped in, Valerie’s luck had flipped a complete 180. The property hunting process quickly resumed, and the team reassured Valerie that they were certain they’d be able to find the home that she had always dreamed of and that they’d go the extra mile to “fully [understand] my preferred locations and my specific property requirements”. They instilled a newfound confidence in Valerie that they’d “help get her Spanish Project back on track.” Despite being let down not too long before, Valerie didn’t let one failed attempt set her back.

Fast forward to April 2019, she decided to “take the leap of faith to visit Spain again” and this time she knew it was going to be different. Before her flight had even been booked, Spanish Homes in the Sun had sent Valerie potential properties to view online based on her requirements, with help from local agencies in the Costa Blanca. With an itinerary in hand before even stepping foot into the country, Valerie was ready to dive deep into the realms of house viewing with no unwelcome nasty surprises.

“Alan & Pauline and their team were nothing short of brilliant, the property viewings were very well organised and any questions I had were answered there and then. I would like to thank them for all their help and support, and I would highly recommend Spanish Homes in the Sun to anyone who is seriously looking to relocate abroad or looking to buy a holiday home in Spain.”

Orihuela Costa and the Costa Blanca

La Zenzia Playa SpainSpain’s white coast, the Costa Blanca, is home to golden sands, rich history, and exquisite natural surroundings. Its mix between urbanisation and tourist leisure facilities makes it the perfect holiday destination and location to live abroad.

Steeped in Spanish culture and central leisure attractions, Costa of Orihuela is a popular holiday destination amongst tourists. With natural caves to explore, mountains to trek, and fields of vineyards, there’s plenty of opportunities to sunbathe on the beach or relax by the pool while embracing all that Spain has to offer. With the countryside lined with golf courses and a lively seafront of restaurants and bars, you’ll never be short of attractions for entertainment. And the attractions don’t just end on the land – below the Mediterranean Sea is a diving paradise with wondrous varieties of fish, starfish, and algae-covered rock formations for unforgettable diving and snorkelling experiences.

Having previously seen online properties that matched her requirements, Valerie wasn’t wasting another moment and already had an idea of which ones she was hoping to view upon arrival. She described her experience as “nothing short of brilliant” and was eternally grateful to Alan, Pauline, and the Spanish Homes in the Sun team for “all for their help and support” in choosing her perfect property in the sun.

Putting the right team together to make your dream a reality

villa in Costa BlancaFor anyone seriously considering relocating abroad, or simply wanting a holiday home, Valerie highly recommends Spanish Homes in the Sun not just for helping her find her dream home but for all the support and advice they gave to make her move to Spain as smooth as possible.

As Valerie explains “Their help did not just stop at having helped me to find my “Forever Home”, as their Team were also able to offer advice and guidance when it came to the question of moving my furniture and belongings over to Spain. Here again, they were able to connect me with another of their business partners, PSS International Removals who are specialists in their field and who regularly assist clients with International Removals and  Storage requirements. This proved a valuable connection as the PSS Team provided all the necessary expertise and facilities which ensured I was able to have my furniture and personal belongings safely collected and securely shipped over and delivered directly to the door of my new home in the Costa Blanca, home from home to Spain and easily done!”

With the support of Spanish Homes in the Sun and PSS International Removals, the buying and moving process couldn’t have been simpler – with all the right experts and professionals involved, Valerie didn’t have to focus on anything other than her bright future ahead.

Are you looking for a Spanish home in the sun?

If you’re moving abroad post-Brexit, PSS International Removals will not only handle all the logistics of your move, they’ll also take care of all customs clearance processes and provide a comprehensive guide to all customers they work with regarding any relevant paperwork that might be applicable to them. Visit our removals to Spain guide for more information and to get an idea of costs.

After a rollercoaster of events, Valerie says she “couldn’t be happier” now that she’s finally found her very own “forever Spanish home” and enjoying her new life in sunny Spain. Even if your dream home seems out of reach, never stop trying. Like Valerie, you could be living your dream sooner than you might think.

If you would like help finding your dream home in Costa Blanca or indeed elsewhere in Spain, you can visit the Spanish Homes In The Sun website.