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Leaving one country and returning home to another can bring with it a whole host of complications especially if you have acquired a selection of keepsakes that you just can’t leave behind. A suitcase or bag may have been all you required for the trip over but now you’re looking at boxes and cartons to send back all the books, clothes and kit you can’t live without.

Taking this excess baggage with you could be pricey but PSS International Removals specialises in making it easy and affordable, shipping goods to a number of worldwide destinations such as Australia, South Africa and the USA.

Discovering how much the shipment will cost is simple and all you need to do is fill in the free quotation form at https://www.pssremovals.com/excess-baggage

It’s an easy step-by-step process. You’ll be asked to use the online luggage calculator and select which cartons you think you’ll need.

Each container option is helpfully listed with its measurements beginning with an economy carton which is 46x46x46 cms and 3.4 cubic feet in volume. You’ll also have the choice of tea cartons, book cartons and bike cartons. These all vary in shape and size.

More unusually shaped objects can also be accommodated and popular belongings such as skis, snowboards, guitars and golf clubs can also be sent on to you. You’ll be asked for the weight of these items before you can receive a final costing.

Once you’ve completed the initial forms you’ll be asked to input your destination and the date you intend to leave before getting a quote. If you are happy with the price you can then checkout and pay. If you’d prefer to receive a quote from one of PSS Removals’ many expert advisors you can do so by calling freephone 0800 988 3711 or by Free Mobile 0333 321 2822.

Once your quote is agreed and paid for, PSS will arrange to have your luggage collected and will also give you an estimated time of arrival in your new destination. The size and weight of the package will determine how the goods are returned, either by ship or air, and this too will dictate how long it takes for them to arrive at the new destination. If you don’t have your new address confirmed you can inform PSS at a later date by phone or email.

There really is nothing simpler. This is a popular service with individuals moving home after completing a working visa, study or travel in the UK.

PSS International Removals has specialised in shipping excess baggage and luggage to a number of worldwide destinations such as Australia, South Africa and the USA for over 32 years. We handle thousands of baggage consignments each year ranging from shipments as small as 1 carton to larger shipments of 20 cartons. Our vast experience and expertise in moving baggage consignments is just one of the reasons why we are known as the UK’s 1st choice for sending baggage overseas.