PSS International Removals’ quality standards acknowledged by FIDI with “Top Performer Ranking” in recent audit

PSS International Removals have been awarded the FIDI-FAIM 3.1 certification with top performer industry ranking, following a quality assessment audit by Ernst & Young.

FAIM is the leading accreditation in the international removals and shipping industry and assures customers of the highest standards of service.

Liam Witham, PSS International’s managing director, commented “We are delighted to have our FAIM accreditation renewed once more and we are especially honoured to be named among the top international removals companies worldwide. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all our employees over the years, who constantly go the extra mile to take care of our customers.”

During the rigorous assessment, PSS International achieved zero “Non-Compliant Values”.  This included 100% compliance score in supply chain management, 100% compliance in data (privacy) protection management and also 100% compliance in social responsibility, anti-corruption and anti-bribery management.

This perfect score meant PSS has been recognised by FIDI as a “Top Performer” in the international removals industry.


What Is FIDI and FAIM?

FIDI, (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux or International Federation of Movers), is an overseeing body within the international removals industry that ensures the improvement and maintenance of high standards for consumers.

The FIDI-FAIM 3.1 certification is a new higher standard for the industry launched in 2015. Only around 600 companies across the globe have achieved these standards to gain membership to FIDI and not many have reached ‘Top Performer’ status.

How Does Being A FIDI Accredited Company Benefit Our Customers?

The international removal industry is highly complex, especially when compared to domestic removals, and therefore it is vital that an international governing body, such as FIDI, monitors standards across borders. PSS International Removals always aim to exceed the expectations set by FIDI and so ensure that our customers receive the best possible service.

In fact, during the audit, Ernst & Young evidenced a 95% positive customer feedback score. You can read for yourself independently verified feedback from PSS customers here.

By complying with the FIDI, our customers can enjoy a wealth of benefits, including:

Quality of Packing: When your belongings spend weeks travelling across the world’s oceans, you need to sure they are packed to a high standard to minimise the possibility of breakages. The FIDI audit found PSS had an intercontinental shipment claims ratio below the average for FIDI accredited members.

Reliable Shipping Lines: PSS only work in partnership with the most highly regarded shipping lines such as Maersk, Hapag Lloyd, Ocean Network Express (ONE) and Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).

Due to the high volumes we ship, we can negotiate very favourable rates for our customers, but unlike some less reputable removals companies, we will never put our customers’ belongings at risk by compromising on high standards of shipping.

Quality Partners: Thanks to our reputation in the industry, we can work with the international partners of our choice, allowing us the opportunity to work selectively with only the best. We already have long standing relationships with partners across the globe and being added to the FIDI-FAIM list of top performing companies, enables us to continue offering the best possible door-to-door service for our customers.

Customer Service: The expertise and professionalism of our staff, mean that you will receive the best advice, ensure you have the right documentation and that all paperwork is completed correctly. Our shipping specialists will also offer you honest advice on what you can and cannot ship to help you minimise any potential problems with customs.

Continuing Investment

Liam Witham concludes, “Over the past few years, PSS International has invested significantly in our logistics capabilities and warehouse facilities, as well as in strengthening our team. I am pleased that our efforts have been acknowledged, not just by the number of our happy customers, but also by FIDI, who set the standards for the international removals industry.”

FIDI Faim certification is just one of the standards and accreditations PSS International has to ensure we deliver the best service for our customers. We are also members of British Association of Movers (BAR) Overseas Group, The Mover Trading Club (MTC) and the International Association of Movers.