For some teddies, life is pretty dull. Shut in a child’s bedroom, a teddy’s lot can be a monotonous experience. Starring at the same four walls, day after day. But that’s not the case for PSS International Removals’ Teddies. For them travelling to the other side of the world is the norm, business class a possibility.

PSS International Teddies arrive in some of the world’s most glamorous locations in the hands of owners migrating overseas; to take up a different job, to reunite with family or start a new chapter in their lives. With PSS customers moving globally to locations such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, their teddies get to see some of the best views and experiences the world has to offer.

For one of our teddies, a road trip from Taupo to New Plymouth on New Zealand’s North Island proved very eventful. Here he was able to sample the delights of the Waikato River (New Zealand’s longest) and get a buzz from a visit to the geothermal power station in Taupo. He then took in the vistas of Mount Taranaki before sipping a beer at Mike’s Organic Brewery in New Plymouth. After a road trip to beat no other, that evening the PSS Teddy slept very soundly.

Over in sunny Australia one travelling teddy was lucky enough to be taken to downtown Melbourne where he particularly enjoyed looking up at their tallest building, the Eureka Tower which stands 297 metres (which is much bigger than your average bear!).

Another PSS Teddy took in the sights in New Zealand’s capital city of Wellington. The top of Mount Victoria allowed for some spectacular views across the city and the ocean. Teddy couldn’t believe his eyes. Others teddies reported sampling Hungry Jack’s ice-cream in Auckland, New Zealand whilst the culture vultures headed to the North Island to fully understand the Maori culture.

Kuala (not Koala!) Lumpur has also proved to be a popular destination for PSS Teddies. Our last two globetrotting bears were spoilt and travelled business class to Malaysia. After touching down at the International Airport they headed to China Town for some Cantonese snacks, seafood and Hakka noodles. Yum! The afternoon was spent staring at the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers.

As you can see the PSS Teddies are busy, but wherever they are in the world there is one thing that unites them all. Their poem:

The PSS Teddy finds himself in many a famous spot,

Despite his thick fur it’s normally somewhere hot!

His ventures take him as far as Toronto and Timbuktu,

Famous cities, it’s fair to say our teddies seen a few!

Our traveling teddy sends us snaps from wherever he may be.

After all, there’s so much in the world to do and even more to see!

For more information about how you too can make a teddy’s life just that bit more exciting go to: These teddies are given out by the PSS team to customers and those that come to see us at various events around the UK.

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