We can all make resolutions to lose weight or learn a new language on December 31st only to break them by January 2nd. But what if you want to do something really major like move to a new country and start a new life? It’s a huge commitment and one that takes some planning.

If 2017 is the year you want to realise your dream of settling abroad, we’ve listed the basic necessities to help it become a reality.

–  Check out the visa situation:

A visa is your gateway into many countries and essential if you want to emigrate and work in countries such as America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Other places such as the UAE allow you to enter with a three month working permit, before applying for a longer stay during that time period. In Hong Kong you will need a work visa and permit before securing employment. The UK government has more advice here.

–  Take stock of the jobs on offer:

One of the biggest issues faced by those looking to move abroad is finding work. In many countries, it’s imperative you have a job offer before you can even get certain types of visas. EU residents can work within other EU countries with relative ease but in other locations it’s not so straightforward and you’ll need to check out the roles on offer before deciding to relocate. See here for New Zealand, here for Canada and here for Australia.

– Research the country to where you’d like to move:

You may like the idea of Danish ‘hygge’ or a life drinking Manhattans in New York but in reality what do you know what living in your chosen country? Do your research. Look at expat blogs, expat forums and a number of books dedicated to residing in a new country. Be fully informed about where you’re going and what you can expect from a life living there.

– List what is important to you:

Where you decide to relocate to can be as much dependent upon the lifestyle on offer as the jobs available. For many, the lure of a better climate, shorter working hours or a quality education system are right up there on the checklist. Making a list of the pros and cons of staying or leaving can help you focus on what you need and what you can live without.

–  Think about your property home and away:

You might like to hang onto your own property in the UK or you could choose to rent it out. In another instance you might sell up and put all of your finances into a new home abroad. Both will need careful planning and some thought must be given to financial and tax obligations. Check out some international estate agent websites and see what you can afford in your new locations too. You may be pleasantly surprised – or disappointed – about the cost.

–  Talk to an international removals company:

Last but not least, contact a removals company such as PSS International Removals about your options for transporting your belongings. You may want to take just a few boxes or the entire contents of your house and the removals company will be able to give your guidance and pricing for both. They can also give you advice about customs.

If you are considering a move abroad PSS International removals can help. We are a family run company and our desire is to ensure your family receives a friendly, professional and stress free overseas move. We have specialised in international removals for over 34 years, so whether you are planning on sending a full or part household removal, excess baggage or a vehicle we recognise the importance of ensuring our customers receive the same level of care and attention that we would expect ourselves.

Contact us now for a free estimator’s survey, or simply fill in our online moving or baggage quote form.

Photo credit: New York City Sunrise, by Anthony Quintano https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/