IAM is the leading quality standard for international removals based in the USA, and membership ensures your move will be undertaken by a reliable and trustworthy company.

If you are moving to a foreign country, then it can give you significant peace of mind to entrust your belongings to a certified removal company, whether it to countries like the United States and Australia, or road freight to Europe. Moving abroad is much more complex and requires specialist packing and customs services.

With that, how do you know if a removal company can be trusted for your overseas move, especially if you have never used them before?

This is where IAM Movers comes in.

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What is IAM (International Association of Movers)?

As the name implies, IAM (the International Association of Movers) is an international moving association. In particular, it’s a non-profit organization made up of different international removal companies. Members of IAM provide services related to shipping and moving, be it for commercial or personal purposes.

To be an IAM member, removal companies need to abide by strict rules. These rules help the companies provide services of the highest quality. When you trust your belongings to an IAM member, you are guaranteed a standard that is unmatched in the international removal industry.IAM Trusted UK Partner

PSS International Removals is a long-term IAM member based in the UK. You can get a moving estimate using our free online cost calculator.

About The International Movers Association

The International Movers Association was founded in 1962 in the United States. Upon its founding, it was called the Household Goods Forwarders Association of America, but its name was later changed in 2008. The aim was to better reflect the work they were doing internationally.

IAM International Association Movers Overseas MoveIAM currently partners with 2,000 companies in more than 170 countries. The association provides these companies with networking opportunities and the tools they need to achieve the best practices for their trade. Through IAM, removal companies like PSS International Removals can advocate for trade laws that benefit the company, the environment, and, most important of all, the customers.

The association itself supports every member by offering to resolve financial disputes, providing monetary assistance, and giving them resources that increase productivity and efficiency. IAM does this through multiple means, such as:

  • Scholarship programs
  • Certification programs
  • Annual conferences, meetings, and conventions
  • Council representatives

When you use an IAM member for your overseas move, not only are you choosing a single reputable company, but you are also choosing a company that is backed by an entire system of large corporations and leaders. This is why IAM members are so capable of assuring quality, safety, and efficiency.

Why Are Moving Associations Like IAM Needed?

Moving associations like IAM are necessary because moving overseas is a risky venture. If you do not choose the right removal company, you risk losing your personal belongings or suffering expensive delays.

There’s a great deal that can go wrong in overseas transit. The removal company you use can go bankrupt, your belongings and your property could be damaged, and your shipment could get mixed up with others.

IAM conferences

Organizations like IAM were created to improve the quality of service provided by their members to avoid such problems. They reduce the risks associated with international shipping and provide customers with a plethora of trustworthy removal companies to choose from.

Thanks to associations like IAM, the risks associated with international shipping are significantly lessened. Both parties ultimately benefit, removal companies receive guidance, and customers receive the quality service they need.

At the IAM Annual Meeting and Conference, members can get together to discuss best practices and how to provide the best service for customers in the current climate.

International Movers Association Membership Criteria

Removal companies that want to be members of the International Movers Association must abide by the strict membership criteria as set by the organization. This ensures that every member represented by IAM can conduct their business to the highest calibre in the trade.

Here are the criteria for membership:

  • Sponsorship letters from two current IAM members (membership is exclusive and based on recommendation only).
  • A minimum of one year experience trading
  • Current country/state/province business license or registration and tax ID number
  • Payment of initiation fee and dues

Once all of the above has been submitted, the prospective member’s information is posted on IAM’s website to be evaluated by other members. IAM members all work together to lift each other and collectively provide the best services for their customers.

Because they only allow removal companies to join by recommendation, the entire association ensures that only companies that deliver the best services can be part of the organization. After all, any company that does not abide by the standards could potentially hurt a large part of the association.

The Code of Ethics of The International Movers Association

Having so many members working together means that conflicts of interest may arise. For an international association like IAM, providing its members with a code of ethics they must adhere to prevents disputes and provides a significant advantage: all members are on the same page about how to carry out their business practice in a way that accurately reflects IAM policies.

According to the IAM Code of Ethics:

  • Members shall acknowledge and respect the cultural similarities and differences among all members.
  • Members shall conduct business in a responsible and professional manner.
  • Members shall deal fairly with all customers, association members, and other business entities.
  • Members shall adhere to a policy of honesty and integrity in accordance with generally accepted principles of professional conduct.
  • Members shall be forthright and truthful in their professional communications.
  • Members shall abide by all lawful agreements to which they are a party, including agreements with customers, the association, and association members.
  • Members shall pay their just obligations. Members shall strive to comply with all applicable laws and governmental regulations.
  • A Member shall not compete unfairly with other members. Members shall refrain from engaging in any activity which discredits the association or any of its members.

To ensure that The IAM Code of Ethics represents all of its members’ needs, IAM has an Ethics Council whose body is composed of experienced volunteers from various membership categories.

IAM Mobility Exchange Directory – the IAM Movers Members List

IAM has over 2000 members in over 170 countries, representing every aspect of moving, relocation and mobility-related services. But in addition, they also host the  Universal Service Provider Directory for the industry known as IAM Mobility Exchange (IAMX). IAMX includes listings of over 10,000 service providers around the world in the moving, relocation, logistics and mobility services industry.

This membership list and directory enables international removal companies, such as PSS, to partner with leading suppliers around the world and ensure the best continuity of quality of service for their customers.

The International Association of Movers Conference 2023 – the IAM Annual Meeting 2023

IAM Conference Toronto-2023

The conference and expo is a vital opportunity for moving companies to meet worldwide, make new connections, and learn best practices.

Future conferences have already been arranged in North America, including:

  • 61st Annual Meeting & Expo | October 9 – October 12, 2023 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre | Toronto, ON
  • 62nd Annual Meeting & Expo | October 14 – 17, 2024 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas | Las Vegas, NV
  • 63rd Annual Meeting & Expo | October 24-27, 2025 at Marriott Marquis | New York City, NY
  • 64th Annual Meeting & Expo | October 21 – 24, 2026 at Manchester Grand Hyatt | San Diego, CA
  • 65th Annual Meeting & Expo | October 4 – 7, 2027 at Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center| Washington, D.C.

Benefits of Using IAM Members for Your Move

Being a member of IAM provides many benefits to removal companies like PSS International Removals. These benefits not only help us keep the quality of our service consistent, but they also help us elevate how we conduct our business. As such, we stay ahead of the curve in the industry.

Some of the many benefits include:


Members of IAM can take advantage of the IAM Mobility Exchange (IAMX), a platform industry professionals use to network and do business.

IAMX graphicMembers can also attend the IAM Annual meeting and expo to connect with other professionals. IAM encourages its members to form long-lasting business relationships and open many doors for each other.

With so many business partners watching out for each other, IAM members are some of the most connected, knowledgeable professionals in the removal industry. Thanks to the network, IAM members are first in line to receive and act on industry news, allowing them to prepare accordingly.


IAM protects its members from transactional mistakes and disputes through the Receivable Protection Program (RPP). Big financial disputes on the business side of the international removal industry can affect the logistics side.

IAM prevents this by having a program meant to settle any issues that could affect the members and their customers. The program also enforces the IAM Code of Ethics.


As an international association based in the United States, IAM represents its members’ interests in front of the U.S. Congress, federal agencies, and the Department of Defence.

The association makes sure that international shipping from other countries to the United States is a seamless affair that benefits all. Members of IAM are the leading representatives when it comes to trade policies that affect the removal industry and anyone looking to move to the United States.


IAM supplies its members with a learning program for professionals. This program helps removal companies train their employees by providing some of the most informative learning resources in the industry.

IAM International Association Movers Training Program

From webinars to knowledge labs, IAM wants to ensure that all of its members can educate their employees in the most efficient way possible. Removal companies that train their employees with IAM’s learning program can guarantee the kind of consistency and professionalism that define global leaders like IAM.

Choosing PSS International Removals

PSS International Removals is a certified member of the International Association of Movers. By choosing us to safely transport your belongings to another country from the UK, you are choosing to trust a member of one of the world’s most qualified international trade associations.

PSS International Removals has been in the removals and shipping industry for years. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, professional service. Our passion for our trade shines through with every removal, and you can be certain we will treat you and your belongings with the respect they deserve.

Besides being IAM partner, PSS are also accredited with various other national and international associations, programs, and partnerships, including:

If you’re interested in a quick quote, go to our online cost calculator and get an estimate in just 60 seconds. No matter where you’re moving, PSS International Removals offers you peace of mind.