Job hunting can be hard enough in your home country but looking for work at a new abode can seem utterly daunting. It’s often thought that career prospects aren’t easy for those moving to France, and it’s true much of your success will be dependent upon whether you can speak the language or not.

In order to get a high level job it would certainly be worth while brushing up on your language skills by taking a course before you set about looking for work. Language courses can be done online or at evening classes, where there are a number of options.

Unemployment rates are slowly falling in France but still the under 25s are those in the highest risk group. It should also be noted that much available work is flexible and not permanent. That said, the good news is that in some sectors there is indeed a skills shortage.

The French government recently listed those sectors currently and actively seeking recruits. They are as follows:  ICT professionals, Health professionals and veterinarians, Engineering professionals, Finance professionals and Legal professionals and legislators.

There is also a more interesting list noted by French employment agency Pole Emploi noted that the country is also looking for winegrowers, tree surgeons, waiters, restaurant workers and community workers. You’ll also be in luck if you can lend a hand as a rural farm worker.

The good news is that they also highlight the need for English speaking nannies, estate agents and those experienced in the travel sector. Indeed English speakers (although not necessarily those who can’t speak a word of French) could also find work in industries such as foreign embassies, major organisations including Unesco and Action Against Hunger. You could also take up more varied jobs such as tour guides or even red tape experts. The latter would certainly be helpful for others moving to the area.

Some 153,000 Brits are officially registered as living in France and many of those have interesting and exciting jobs. With a little preparation you could be one of them.

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