Do You Need to Ship Your Belongings Back to New Zealand or Australia?
With PSS it’s easy and doesn’t have to be expensive either!

Coronavirus Update:
We can confirm that we are still operating as usual. We are also holding our low prices to help our Kiwi and Aussie friends who need to head home urgently. Please complete the form below and we will help you ship your belongings home safely.

If you need to ship belongings back to New Zealand or Australia but don’t want to be hammered with sky high Excess Baggage fees, then you need to talk to PSS International.

PSS offer a Personal Shipping Service for shipping boxes as well as a full house removals service depending how much stuff you’ve managed to acquire since you arrived in the UK.

So now there is no need to be so generous giving away your belongings to your roomies or neighbours – you can take it all home!

Want the tax man to pay for your shipping?

See below how you can get a tax refund and use it to pay for your shipping – courtesy of HMRC and Expat Tax Back!

Special Offer For Members of Kiwis In London and Kiwis Migrating Home:

Send 2 Economy Suitcase Boxes Via Sea Freight For £115

Or Get One of Our Exclusive Upgrade Packages Below!


Our discount rates for shipping to New Zealand and Australia start from £115 for 2 30kg boxes – depending on your final delivery address. But now we have some exclusive upgrade offers…

New Exclusive Relocation Package Deals

We’ve had a number of people wanting to ship more than 2 or 3 boxes to New Zealand and Australia so you can now upgrade your shipping requirement to one of the exclusive Relocation Packages listed below.

Don’t delay as you can now send more of your belongings for very little extra cost. This is great news if you are struggling to decide what to take and what to leave behind!

As the name suggests, an Economy Suitcase Carton holds about the equivalent of an average sized suitcase and they can weigh up to 30kg.

Option 1: Relocation Upgrade Package

4 x Economy Suitcase Cartons and 1 x Book Carton £165

Option 2: Relocation Supersize Package

6 x Suitcase Cartons and 2 x Book Cartons £235



These prices apply to sea freight shipping and delivery with 30 miles of major ports in New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington) and Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney). There may be a supplement to pay for onward delivery to inland destinations outside 30 miles from major ports.

NB: You need to book by 31st March to claim this offer and it cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer from PSS.

Not only that, if is you live within the M25 then we’ll also:

  • Provide FREE boxes and packing materials
  • Deliver them to your home for FREE
  • Pick them up for FREE
  • Help you complete all the paperwork for FREE
  • Answer all your questions about shipping and customs for FREE (don’t get caught out by customs & quarantine!)
  • Also include delivery to your home in New Zealand or Australia by our trusted partners – yes it’s door-to-door service!

We can send by air if you’re in a hurry, but we’d recommend shipping by sea which will take 8-12 weeks, but you can use the money you save to do a few stop overs between the UK and home!

These rates are NOT available online. To claim call our team on 020 8253 0022 or email  and say you’re a member of Kiwis In London or Kiwis Migrating Home.

claim you tax back shippingHow to get a tax refund and use it to pay for your shipping

Many people leaving the UK part way through the tax year can qualify for a rebate. HRMC don’t make it easy, but fortunately Expat Tax Back do! They help hundreds of Kiwis and Aussies get a tax refund and now with our partnership you can use to pay for your shipping!

To find out more just tick the box on the form below.

Moving house? International Removals to New Zealand

PSS International specialise in international removals so if whilst you’ve been in the UK, you’ve acquired a spouse, kids, house, car and everything that goes with it, then we’ve got your back.

We help thousands of migrant families and Kiwi’s move to New Zealand and Australia every year.

Contact our removals team on 020 8686 7733 before the end of March to book a home survey and register for our exclusive Kiwi’s offer – Save £100 on a full container and £50 on a shared container!

The shipping process is very easy:

  • Call PSS on 020 8253 0022 or email and don’t forget to mention that you’re a Kiwis In London or Kiwis Migrating Home Member to claim your exclusive discount.
  • The PSS Team will advise you on what you can and can’t take back home.
  • PSS will deliver boxes and packaging materials free of charge within the M25 so you can get everything ready.
  • Alternatively, if you’re moving house their expert packers can do everything for you.
  • PSS will help you complete the customs and insurance forms and paperwork.
  • PSS will pick up your boxes from your UK address and deliver them to port.
  • You go off travelling the world as your belongings travel back home by container ship.
  • Your belongings are delivered to your home address in New Zealand or Australia.

So relax – now you can keep all your Ikea furniture and Camden Market bargains!

Call PSS on 020 8253 0022 or email and don’t forget to mention that you’re a Kiwis In London or Kiwis Migrating Home Member to claim your exclusive discount.

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