Why are so many people choosing to live in Adelaide and South Australia? Here are 25 reasons why it could be a great move for you too.

Choosing where to live in Australia is difficult with so many beautiful areas, and it’s undoubtedly a great move from the UK, not least for the weather! Adelaide and South Australia have so much to offer those looking to move, live and work in Australia. Read on to discover the many reasons why South Australia and Adelaide make the perfect emigration destination and why it may be right for you.

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, located between the Gulf of St Vincent and the Mount Lofty Ranges. It is the 5th most populous city in Australia, and around 30% of its population are foreign-born, so you will undoubtedly feel at home within a varied community.

The largest community of foreign-born residents still originate from the United Kingdom. Around a third of the population size of Melbourne and Sydney, Adelaide could be the perfect introduction to Australia as a new home. South Australia and the Adelaide suburbs are often among the first places considered for those seeking to live and work in Australia. They offer a chance to achieve the dream of a perfect work/life balance when you move to Australia.

Adelaide’s beauty sees it surrounded by east side hills and a coastline of over 70km to the west, and it is by far the most significant area within South Australia. Adelaide offers one of the more affordable places to live, around 45% lower than Sydney, yet it still offers much in terms of quality of life, amenities and other essentials that bring the lifestyle you strive for when choosing to move to Australia.

Adelaide offers excellent transport links, making moving around the city simple. It provides outstanding educational institutions and the city itself is full of culturally diverse activities including thriving bars and food culture to enjoy. It, of course, comes with a fantastic climate, beautiful properties both in the city and the surrounding areas and can give you the work/life balance that fulfils the dream.

When it comes time to relax, you can enjoy the great getaways that the wine regions of Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale offer, just a short distance from the city. Beautiful hillside and beach destinations and natural wonders abound, including Kangaroo Island, all within easy reach throughout South Australia and within striking distance of Adelaide.

If you are looking for an alternative to the big cities such as SydneyMelbourne, Brisbane and Perth, then Adelaide could be for you.

Here are just some reasons that Adelaide or the wider South Australia region could be high on your list to move to from the UK…

1. Warm and wonderful weatherAustralia-Food-BBQ-Cooking-

South Australia has a climate that brings a Mediterranean mix of long hot summers (25oC to 35oC) and snowless winters with temperatures of around 10-15oC. You won’t be worried by the humidity of other Australian cities, yet there are 2500 hours on average of glorious sunshine to soak up each year.

The hottest and driest times are the summer months of December through to March. Most rainfall is seen in July with around 11 days, and January has just a 3–4-day average catching rain, yet still an average of 6 hours a day of sunlight and 182 hours throughout January.

2. Plenty of great property options with more room for your moneymoving to adelaide house

Of course, when you are thinking of living in South Australia, the price, availability and type of properties available is a must know, so it’s wise to check out letting and buying agents in the area. Adelaide is enjoying growth in property markets, making it perhaps a good time to buy, with the potential for profit yield in the future.

Life in the city centre of Adelaide may be more suited to students, mature independents or those looking to live and work in an area offering a modern urban pace. Families may prefer some of the outer suburbs or base themselves in a more rural setting that South Australia can certainly offer. Rental properties are likely to be around 45% cheaper than in Sydney. Looking to buy a property in one of the many suburbs could be ideal for families who want to enjoy Adelaide but not live in the city centre.

Property prices come in lower than in areas such as New South Wales. Median house prices were $620,000 in April 2022 compare to $1,128,000 in Sydney and $806,000 in Melbourne. But those average prices for the city – you can get much better value in the suburbs. Property outside Adelaide is even more affordable with the median price for regional dwellings being just $324,708. It can offer a perfect balance of living and work in South Australia for anyone choosing to move from the UK to Australia.

3. Sun, Sand and SurfSouth Australia-Beach-Port Noarlunga-Sunset You can’t think of Australia without imagining a life spent enjoying the beautiful beaches, and you certainly won’t be disappointed with those found in Adelaide and South Australia. You are sure to enjoy the beaches both within Adelaide itself and many more throughout wider South Australia. They all rank highly in inaccessibility, cleanliness and safety, and fantastic scenery is guaranteed, with larger and smaller beaches aplenty.

Living in South Australia and Adelaide is perfect if you love water sports. In addition, families and individuals regularly enjoy the scenery and change of lifestyle pace found by relaxing on one of the many beaches. Some beaches offer seclusion that is hard to find at the more famous Australian beaches like Bondi Beach, while others offer a more cosmopolitan, busier experience.

The choice is yours. You can choose a beautiful nature walk or a tram ride from the city centre and enjoy the beach.

Or you can enjoy the fantastic seafood restaurants and build a sandcastle that will be the envy of your family back in the UK. When you make Adelaide or its suburbs your home, remember to check out Henley beach, it is undoubtedly a must-visit destination.

4. Welcoming towns and suburban locations to move to

Adelaide City-Property-Family-South Australia-

Whilst 70% of South Australians live in Adelaide, there are many other great options.

If you are looking to move somewhere reminiscent of home, why not look towards Wallaroo, a port town within the Yorke Peninsula? Wallaroo is famous for its historic copper mining industry and is one of the areas known as ‘Little Cornwall’, a small population of less than 5,000 sitting just 100miles northwest of Adelaide. It offers a stunning sandy beach and many small towns with lots to see and do.

Of course, there are many closer suburbs with fantastic opportunities to enjoy living and working in South Australia, such as Elizabeth North, Elizabeth Downs, Elizabeth and the tranquil Thompson Beach. There are other towns to choose from too, including Port Augusta,

5. A great working lifeAdelaide-South Australia-Lifestyle-Seaside-Peaceful

Working in Adelaide and South Australia opens opportunities for some of the best work-life balances and laid-back lifestyles. Many choose to live outside the central city, and a small commute is required if you want to enjoy the cheaper accommodation benefits. A popular choice is to live in the eastern suburbs or the coast and commute to work. This can be easily done in less than an hour and means when you are home you can enjoy all the smaller neighbourhoods. Adelaide has plenty of job opportunities within a range of industries. Getting your foot in the door may be a little tricky as an expat, but the more expansive your skillset and the more determined you are, the better you will succeed.

The largest industry, behind health and social care, is the defence industry, closely followed by the automotive industry. If you have employer assistance and a job to go to, then you will find the visa application process simpler to follow. The local newspaper advertises many jobs and can be helpful if you need a job when first moving.

6. Education and training opportunitiesUniversity of Adelaide-Education-South Australia

Adelaide and wider South Australia offer some of Australia’s best facilities for education. From public to private schools, primary to senior, universities to training facilities, Australia’s dedication to quality education thrives throughout South Australia. Australia offers an exceptional educational provision ranking well above international league tables.

Families with young children looking to move to Adelaide or South Australia will enjoy a world-class education and nurture children for future success. There are many opportunities for further education and vocational training for those looking to broaden their skills.

7. Art and CultureArt Museum-South Australia-Adelaide-Gallary Art

Art Galleries, such as the impressive Art Gallery of South Australia and the Australian Space Discovery Centre, provides a family-friendly experience, with many great exhibits and experience that will give families and lone visitors a wealth of cultural experiences at all levels.

South Australia also has many historic buildings and cultural backgrounds in its exciting venues to explore. A must-visit includes discovering the migration history of South Australia through real-life stories of people and communities at the Migration Museum.

8. Some of the finest food and restaurants in Australia

Food spanning countries and cultures certainly is in abundance. South Australia and Adelaide are home to some of the finest restaurants and eateries in Australia. Fresh produce from the fertile soil and seafood from the waters around Australia ensure that whether you are looking to celebrate in style, bar hop or enjoy pastries or pizzas, there are opportunities to taste delights from around the world and cater for every budget.

9. The best Australian wine

South Australia’s wine region is wonderfully diverse. Being at the heart of Australia’s wine country, they are famous for Riesling, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Balance, and the famous Pinot Noir from the Adelaide Hills. Old and new named producers certainly uphold their provenance.

No matter whether you have a day out visiting vineyards or enjoying a glass with your meal, South Australia is the place for wine lovers!

10. Public HolidaysAdelaide-Nature-Beach-water-Sea-Stone-Australia

South Australia has nine official public holidays, and in addition, there are also territorial and regional holidays given by employment or award contracts. For example, many employees are allowed time off for Adelaide Cup Day, Labour Day and the Queen’s Birthday. With more holidays than in the UK, there is plenty of time to explore.

11. Getting around is easyAdelaide-Public Transport-Beach-Tram-Summer

A notable advantage of residing in Australia, especially in Adelaide, is the transportation options available. It prides itself on the ease of getting around and making life simple for those who choose to make it home, with great service provided by a range of buses, trains and trams. Buses operate all week, and the city connector bus service is free to use in the city centre. It’s easy to enjoy the many attractions such as Adelaide Zoo, Botanic Gardens and the South Australian Museum in your free time. Accessible options are available to those with limited mobility.

Adelaide Railway Station services many attractions outside of the city. Reaching the Outer Harbor line train can take you to historic Port Adelaide and beachside suburbs. There are regular tram services, including some free to use around the entertainment centre. Many links with popular bus routes and attractions such as Adelaide Central Market, meaning you need not be restricted if you decide you don’t want to drive.

12. An active night LifeAdelaide-Australia Day-Celebration-Fireworks-

Nightlife in Adelaide brings a wide range of clubs, bars and entertainment venues. The perfect evening could include soaking up a spectacular sunset or a gentle beach walk.

Hear spine-tingling ghost stories around the Adelaide Gaol or reach new heights climbing the Adelaide Oval Roof. If that leaves you hungry, there are gastronomic delights for all tastes and budgets at the many bars, restaurants and cafes.

13. Wildlife and NatureKangaroo-South Australia-Vineyard-Adelaide Hills-Wildlife

Emus, Parrots and leaping whales make Adelaide a perfect base to explore the southern sky. Habitats include heathlands, wild and windswept coasts, dramatic rock formations and open forests to explore some of nature’s finest. These include wombats, wallabies and cuddly koalas. Try swimming with sea lions off Hopkins Island for a lovely treat you’ll remember for a long time after your visit is over.

14. Events all year round including the famous Adelaide Fringe FestivalAdelaide-Entertainment-Events-South Australia

The joy of Adelaide and South Australia means you are close to many unique and extraordinary events. Laneway festival each February showcases the best in contemporary Australian and international music, attracting record-breaking numbers to this unique setting.

Adelaide Fringe is a city defining, month-long event and the southern hemisphere’s largest open-access festival. Theatre productions and dance combine with musicians at the Adelaide Festival in another long-running display by writers and visual artists.

July brings the Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival and Winter Reds Wine event. In October, the 18-day Ozasia festival arrives, and in November, it’s the Christmas Credit Union Pageant for one super single day event. As the world’s second-biggest pageant, it’s a real treasure to be discovered on the move to Adelaide.

15. Shopping and FashionMall-Adelaide Arcade-South Australia

Adelaide and South Australia have all you would expect for the perfect shopping experience. A mix of artisan markets, cosmopolitan shopping precincts and unique boutiques feature both well-known and lesser names, offering all you want for yourself and your home.

16. Sports mad even by Aussie standards!Sports-Australia-Adelaide Oval-South Australia-


People here are sports mad even by Aussie standards, with an estimated 49% of South Australians aged 15 years and over attending a sporting event each year. They are, of course, well represented in the Australian Football League, soccer, cricket and basketball. In addition, major sporting events in South Australia include the Tour Down Under, Clipsal 500, Adelaide Cup, International Cricket series and hosting various Australian Swimming Championships.

Sports and all things physical thrive in and around Adelaide, from the excellent provision of sporting facilities and gyms to venues offering axe throwing and escape rooms. There is top-level football at the Coopers Stadium, many water sports available at lakes and beaches, and hiking activities suitable for all abilities. Larger venues such as the Adelaide Oval sports, and entertainment venue have a capacity of 53,000 and lots to offer.

17. Pure air and a pristine environmentNoarlunga-Adelaide-Australia-Beach-Sun

Air quality in South Australia is heavily regulated, focusing on controlling emissions and air pollution to ensure that air, water, and environmental quality is the best. Adding that to the beautiful open spaces, beaches and lifestyle make South Australia a great place to live.

18. An abundance of libraries Adelaide-South Australia-Library-

Adelaide and South Australia offer so many opportunities for book lovers. Adelaide is home to the magnificent and beautiful Mortlock Chamber, State Library of South Australia. With over 150 libraries spread throughout South Australia, you’ll certainly be able to nurture your lifelong love of learning.

19. Some of the most amazing scenery in the whole of AustraliaBunda Cliffs-Coast-South Australia-Ocean-Holiday-

We have probably covered this elsewhere, but you won’t be disappointed wherever you look. From stunning and dramatic rock formations, nature at its finest and beaches we can only dream of in the UK, making a move to Adelaide and South Australia will give you plenty to see and do.

Among the truly amazing landscapes, you can visit are Wilpena Pound and the Flinders Ranges, the Pink Lakes, the Umpherston sinkhole on the Limestone Coast, and the Bunda Cliffs on the Eyre Peninsula. In addition, the wild Australian Outback is not far away including the Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park and Anna Creek in the Painted Hills.

You’ll never be short of a day out when you live in South Australia.

20. Easy Removal Process to Adelaide from the UKAustralia-Sea Lions-Wildlife-Kangaroo Island-Beach

Moving house to Australia from Australia to the UK does not have to be a difficult or stressful process.

PSS International Removals will be able to help you by offering affordable prices without compromising on the quality of service provided.

 21. Travel further afieldSydney-Australia-Skyline-Sunshine

Adelaide has its own airport, giving you the perfect opportunity to easily explore other areas of Australia once you have settled into your new home and work life in South Australia.

By plane, you can reach cities such as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Alice Springs, Auckland and Brisbane; it’s also easy to visit New Zealand, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

22. Perfect for raising familiesAdelaide-Family-Nature-Outdoor Lifestyle

Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs offer the perfect opportunity to raise a family. You can be close enough to the hustle and bustle, yet far enough away to escape to nature. There are plenty of schools around, and the outdoor lifestyle brings a chance to nurture a love of physical activity and nature, no matter how young or old. What more could you want for your life and your family? Make sure to visit our essential guide for moving to Australia to start your new life in Australia.

23. Calm and RelaxationAdelaide-South Australia-Climate-Sea

As much as Adelaide is a busy city, there are always pockets of calm and stillness around the area. Whether you choose to relax with a book in the State Library, or while away an hour in a quieter café, you’re sure to find space to relax. On sunny days, you can even take your books and lie by Pridham Hall’s City West Pool, where you might want to put your book down occasionally and enjoy a quick swim to cool off.

24. The iconic Kangaroo IslandAdelaide-Kangaroo Island-Nature-Wildlife

We’ve spoken in general terms about scenery and wildlife, but we had to give Kangaroo Island its very own section. Fancy camping with Kangaroos? On Kangaroo Island you can do just that! Not only that, but there are plenty of other experiences to enjoy on the island, and it takes no time at all to get there. Whether you opt for a weekend break or are just hopping over for a day trip, you’re sure to want to go back, again and again.

25. Friendly locals and a supportive expat communitySouth Australia-Beach-Outdoors

We finish with the people. There are only 1.77 million in South Australia. It’s no wonder then that the people are so welcoming and friendly. There is no official state religion, and all faiths are embraced and practised. You can be sure of a warm welcome and the opportunity to share neighbourhoods with a range of communities from all over the world who have chosen to make a move to a new life in Adelaide and South Australia.

Is that enough to tempt you to move to Adelaide and South Australia?

If you seriously recognise the benefits of moving to South Australia, the opportunities are endless. Start making plans now! Many UK folk enjoy life in Adelaide, and we are sure will happily share their experience.

Help for your move to Adelaide from the UK

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