Undiscovered Regions of France For Expats. With some 150,000 Brits living in France it’s clear that the country is a big hit with those in the UK looking for a new place to live.

Popular with those who are retiring, as well as couples and families looking for a better quality of life, France can offer expats everything with the added bonus of not being too far away from home. British expats are usually attracted to certain areas and regions of France.

The name “Dordogneshire” is often bandied around to explain where Brits live in the South West of France although this is only part of the picture. Many also reside in the Ile De France region (which includes Paris), Brittany and Provence.

However, if you’re looking for somewhere a little different, away from the madding crowds of Brits, we’ve selected three regions where you might find the perfect taste of France.


The perfect spot if you like a tipple of the top wine, delicious cuisine and beautiful views, Burgundy is renowned for its historical hilltop villages and medieval locations. Situated in the east central region of France it is one of the most prestigious wine producing areas in the world. With a capital called Dijon it was also once the ‘mustard capital of the world’. Weather wise you’ll get lovely warm summers although temperatures will dip in the winter, and you can expect rain. With great transport links back to the UK the average house price is 120,000 Euros which will buy you a three bedroom house. Four bedrooms go from 137,000 Euros; five 156,00 Euros.


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Claude, Place Royale, Reims, Marne, Champagne-Ardennes, France

North East France produces some of the best sparkling wine in the world aka Champagne. Close to the Belgian border the area is not a huge hit with Brits as it’s not exactly the sunshine state, with just 1,500 hours of sun a year. This is in sharp contrast to those living in western regions where they might see 2,400 hours a year. That said, it’s very popular with Germans, Belgians and Swiss expats so it clearly has plenty to offer. The average house prices are expensive, around 214,000 Euros although you could be lucky enough to snap a property up for the minimum price of 60,000 Euros.


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Pascal. Lechaudel,Les Maïs

You will find some British expats living in Lorraine region although only around 850, so you’re unlikely to bump into fellow citizens unless you really want to. Neighbouring the regions of Alsace and Burgundy, Lorraine is steeped in history and even able to stake claim to being the birthplace of Joan of Arc. It is the only area to border three countries – Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, so plenty of places to visit on the weekend. The Vosages mountains also offer the perfect spot for some winter ski-ing or summer hiking. There’s also a chance to bag a property bargain here with projects going for as little as 17,000 Euros. If you are considering moving to France,

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