Thinking of buying a house in Australia? This guide will help expats find out more about the housing market in Australia. This includes properties in NSW, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Western Australia, South Australia and more.

As we emerge from the global pandemic and people start to move around the world again, you may be wondering what to expect when buying your first property in Australia. There is no doubt that the pandemic has produced some unusual market situations, and the housing sector has not been immune from these.  The good news is that:

  • Housing is still very affordable in some states.
  • Price rises have started to slow across most of the country.
  • Prices have begun to come down in some of the bigger states.

Here is a look at current house prices and the state of the property market in Australia to give you a better understanding of what you can afford if you move from the UK.

Moving to Australia is the dream for many UK residents with the weather and relaxed way of life being a big factor.  However, another important part of the Aussie dream for many people is having a spacious house with a swimming pool.

Australian homes are generally well known for being more spacious compared to the UK.  Choosing the right property in the right area is vital for getting your move down under off to a great start.

The average price of a property in Australia has begun to fall from its peak, pushed down by falls in Sydney and Melbourne.  Although the other state capitals are mostly still seeing rises, the cumulative falls in these two cities have been enough to push the national average down.

The national house median across Australia’s capital cities as of the end of June 2022 is currently A$937,101 (£534,148), somewhat higher than the UK average of £327,712 (AUD $577,104) but significantly lower than the record A$1 million plus it reached at the end of 2021.  For regional houses, the national median is A$623,661 (£355,487)

However, don’t be too alarmed. The average price has been pushed by the crazy times that were Covid 19.  The Federal Government’s stimulus packages put home ownership within the reach of record numbers of first homebuyers, which in turn created a market where supply fell far short of demand.  Inevitably, prices across the board skyrocketed, including in some of Sydney’s more affluent suburbs where prices are upwards of A$5 million and Melbourne (A$2 – 3 million).

Nevertheless, if you avoid the pricey areas you will be pleasantly surprised by what properties are still within your budget.  As we pointed out above, the regional average is far more affordable at A$600,442 or £340,964.

So what property can you afford in Australia? Look below and you will see the types of property for sale in Australia and what your money will get you in the current market.

The Australian Property Market in 2022

Internal dynamics have played a huge role in the Australian Property Market and affected house prices considerably.  On top of the Fed’s stimulus packages, some states were seen to be safer than others, leading to internal ‘migration’ to those states (Queensland and South Australia were particularly affected by this).  This then put pressure on housing availability in those states.

Normally this would have led to a building boom but because of the complete shutdown of many sectors of the building industry in some states, the result has been a classic high demand, low supply situation.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for migrants wanting to move to Australia and buy their first property down-under.  Whilst top-end suburbs have seen record price rises, which has pushed median house prices up across the board, there are still many affordable options.

The latest figures (30th June 2022) show that national property prices have started to drop since peaking in 2021.  Overall, property prices have fallen 0.8% across the capitals during the last quarter, courtesy of significant falls in Sydney (-2.8%) and Melbourne (-1.8%).  Hobart prices also fell by 0.1%.  Other cities however continued to see prices increase: Adelaide 5.1%, Brisbane 2.7%, Darwin 2.3%, Perth 2.1%, and Canberra 1.5%.

Source: Corelogic, 1st July 2022

Although a few speculate there might be a property market crash around the corner, most experts predict prices will continue to decrease in some of the major state capitals during the rest of 2022 and growth to slow elsewhere.

In fact, according to the 2021 Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) Property Investor Sentiment Survey, 62 per cent of respondents think now is a good time to invest in property with 35 per cent looking to purchase a property in the next 6 to 12 months.

Therefore, if you are a British migrant who has equity to invest from selling your home in the UK, you are in a good position as Australia moves towards being more of a buyers market in 2022

So while you are deciding whether to buy now or wait a few months to see where the trend goes, take a look at our guide to see what properties you can afford in today’s market.

The PSS Australian Property Guide for UK Buyers!

To give you an idea of what you can afford after you sell your property in the UK, we have selected a range of properties from the high end around A$700,000 (£396,000) and also around the UK average price of £328,000 (AUD $579,000).  For the main capital cities in Australia we will compare what you can buy in the suburbs with what you can buy in a regional centre.

If money is no object for you then do not worry about reading this article – just scroll to the bottom of the page and snap up at that beautiful penthouse on Sydney’s most coveted address!

 House Prices in Sydney, New South Wales

If you have your heart set on living in Australia’s biggest metropolis you will, for the most part, be looking at houses well over the national median capital city house price of A$937,101.  The median for Sydney houses is now A$1,382,631 (£788,100).  Villas, townhouses, apartments, and units in Sydney are cheaper and do offer a more affordable option if you want to live closer to the CBD.  However, you can get a large house on a decent-sized block in areas like the Blacktown City Council on the outer western fringe of Sydney for what it will cost you for an apartment closer to the CBD.

Villa in St Marys, Sydney A$599,000 (£338,069)


Listed at A$599,000 (£338,069), this 3 bedroom villa in St Marys, an outer western suburb, is typical of what you’ll get in the A$599,000 – A$649,000 (£338,069 – £366,289) price range in Sydney’s outer suburbs. australia-suburbs-in-sydney-

It is located in a security-gated complex and has a large outdoor entertaining space with a low-maintenance yard.  The mean in this area is A$862,000 (£491,340), probably because these suburbs are close to major highways in Sydney.  This particular property is close to both the M4 and Great Western Highway but is still very affordable.

House in Shalvey, NSW A$695,000 – $715,000 (£394,660 – £406,017)

houses to buy in australia-nsw-shalvey-

If you have a little bit more in the budget, this lovely 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house sits in a cul-de-sac with rural views of native gum trees over the back fence.  It is on a large, easy-to-maintain large 746.4m2 block with room to build a Granny Flat or play equipment for the kids.

Property-to buy-Sydney-Shalvey-

Located in the Blacktown City Council area – an area where you will find the vast majority of housing still priced under $A1 million in Sydney, you will notice it is just a few minutes from the local school, shopping centre, and the Mt Druitt train station.  Listed for ~A$700,000 (£399,000), it is under the median house price in Shalvey of A$733,000 (£417,810).

House in Portland, NSW A$475,000 (£268,085)propeties-in-australia-portland-nsw-

During the pandemic, many companies discovered they could comfortably allow employees to work from home without compromising efficiency.  Increasingly, this means that living in the city is no longer a ‘must’, which has opened up a wide range of lifestyle choices.  You can for instance live in the country and work for a city-based employer, which will give you a lot more housing bang for your Aussie buck.

properties in-wallerawang-road-portland-nsw

As a case in point, this lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom brick house in the historic mining town of Portland is on the market for A$475,000 (£268,085).  It sits on a roomy 474m² block and is just 2 ½ hours from Sydney. Whilst it is priced above the median of A$400,000 (£228,000) for this town, it’s still considerably lower than Sydney prices and well below the UK housing mean.

House Prices in Canberra, ACT

Houses prices in Canberra and the ACT have soared.  Canberra can now match it with the best in Sydney with a median house price of A$1,065,317 (£607,231), making it the second most expensive housing market in the country, well ahead of Melbourne in 3rd place.  Units in the capital are selling for an average of A$629,531 (£358,833), which is considerably cheaper but still more than what you’ll pay for a house in some other states. For the budget-conscious buyer though, there are still some cheaper properties around offering good value if you are prepared to keep your eyes peeled.

Town House in Ngunnawal, ACT A$550,000 (£313,500)canberra-property-prices-australia-act-

This 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom detached townhouse in Ngunnawal sold recently for A$550,000 (£313,500).  The house is 114 m2 and the block 240m2.  To be honest, it is probably a steal at that price because the average price for 3-bedroom houses in this suburb is A$753,000 (£429,210) and this is well under that.  It is located in a strata complex and has all the mod cons you would expect.


There are 2 courtyards – one at the back and one in the front for entertaining.  Whilst houses at this price point are not very common in the ACT, this one is proof that they do come onto the market from time to time.

House in Gordon, ACT A$679,500 (£387,070)


This 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house on a 490m2 block went for A$679,500 (£387,070) at auction.  We have included it as an example of what you can get for A$650,000 – A$750,000 (£370,500 – £427,500) price point in Canberra.  It is close to playgrounds, shopping centres and schools.  Gordon is a well-established suburb and you can see that with the mature landscaping of this property.  The backyard is enclosed and Namadgi National Park with its lovely walking trails is not far away.

property prices-gordon-act-australia-

This house has been well-maintained and is move-in ready but some of the other properties in this price bracket are listed as being suitable for ‘renovation’ so that’s something to bear in mind if you’re considering moving to the ACT and looking at houses in the cheaper price range.

House Prices in Melbourne, Victoria

Like Sydney, the property market in Melbourne has started to ‘flatline’.  Melbourne’s mean house price is A$975,850 (£556,235) so just above the national mean of A$937,101. The good news though is that house prices have started to fall consistently month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter and the trend looks set to continue.  For the moment, though you’ll find far better value for your money if you concentrate your search for a house in Melbourne towards the outer suburbs.

House in Melton, Victoria A$489,000 to A$529,000 (£278,730 to £301,530)


We start our look at houses in Melbourne in the semi-rural suburb of Melton around 35 kilometres to the west of the CBD.  This area has some of the most affordable housing in Melbourne and is only 30 minutes from the CBD via nearby highways.  It is popular with young families and has plenty of amenities.

This 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom newly renovated house in Melton sits on a well-manicured large 585m2 block.  The bedrooms are generous as are the living and lounge areas.


You also get a modern kitchen fully kitted out with stainless steel appliances, a great sunroom, and landscaped outdoor living area, all within easy walking distance of shops, schools and other amenities.  It is currently on the market for A$489,000 to A$529,000 (£278,730 to £301,530), which is right on the median of A$495,000 (£282,150) for the area.

House in Seaford, Victoria A$700,000 – A$740,000 (£399,000 – £421,800)


This 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house in Seaford, a coastal suburb on Port Phillip Bay some 36 km southeast of the Melbourne CBD, has plenty of curb appeal with its Mediterranean-inspired architecture.  It sits on a 533m2 block and has clearly been designed with entertainment in mind.


From the gourmet kitchen to its generous living and entertainment spaces, the house is good value for its asking price, which is well below the suburb mean of A$881,000 (£502,170).  It is also close to schools, shopping, the beach, and other amenities.

House In Shepparton VIC 3630 A$320,000 – A$340,000 (£182,400 – £193,800)


Around 180 kilometres north-northeast of Melbourne the busy agricultural town of Shepparton has some very affordable housing offering comparable value to what you see in Melbourne.  The mean price of houses is around A$350,000 (£199,500), which is well below Melbourne prices, and also well below the national regional median.  In fact, you are almost spoilt for choice when it comes to affordable quality housing in Shepparton – you can pick up a good 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house for as low as A$290,000 (£165,300).


A$350,000 to A$400,000 (£199,500 to £228,000) will in fact get you a lot of house and property in Shepparton as this roomy 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in South Shepparton demonstrates.  The large 769m2 block offers plenty of room for a growing family, and there is parking for 3 cars.  It is also priced below the median for the area.

House Prices in Brisbane, Queensland

Brisbane’s housing market is bucking the downward trend of its southern neighbours, and continuing to grow.  Granted, it has begun to slow but prices have not started to go down yet. Market analysts predict that this trend could continue for most of the rest of 2022.  As at the end of June 2022, the median house price in Brisbane is A$892,133 (£508,516).  However, there are still plenty of surprisingly affordable options within striking distance of the CBD so you may be able to get your dream home in Brisbane without breaking the bank.

House in North Lakes, Queensland A$519,000 (£296,670)Brisbane-Queensland-North-Lakes-propety-prices

This charming 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom house on 262m² in North Lakes, a northern suburb of Brisbane in the Moreton Bay Region, is priced well under the state house mean of A$892,133 and the suburb median of A$697,500 (£508,516).


It is also well under what you will probably get for your current home in the UK.  It does not have a huge garden but what it lacks there it more than makes up for in curb appeal.

House in Redcliffe, Queensland A$695,000 (£396,150)Property-to-buy-in-Redcliffe-Queensland-

We’ve chosen another house closer to its suburb mean in the Moreton Bay Region to give you some idea of just how much you can get for your money if you are prepared to spend a bit more.  The reason we are sticking with this area is that it is popular with Brits who have relocated to Brisbane.  It is also one of the nicest areas in Brisbane with affordable housing and is ideally located halfway between the CBD and the Sunshine Coast.


This 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom 86m2 house is set on a large well-maintained 728m2 block in Redcliffe, just a few suburbs away from North Lakes.  The asking price is A$695,000 (£396,150) so still well under the state and national average house prices but just above the suburb median of A$682,500 (£389,025).  It is set well back off a tree-lined street and has a lot of curb appeal.  The large back yard is perfect for families but could also accommodate a granny flat.  There is also space for 2 cars.

House in North Booval, Queensland A$269,000+ (£153,330+)

North Booval-affordable-properties-in-Queensland

The City of Ipswich is located some 40 kilometres west of Brisbane’s CBD with easy access to the city via the Ipswich Motorway.  There is a lot of very affordable housing here, and this charming house in North Booval, an eastern suburb of Ipswich, is a good example of what you can get for well under the regional average of A$563,546 (£321,221).

properties-to-buy-in-queensland-north booval-

It is a very stylish 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom brick house on a fully fenced 600m2 block and the owners are asking for starting offers of just A$269,000 (£153,330).  The property is close to amenities, including schools, shopping and several major highways.  Although this particular property is on the lower end of the scale, with a suburb median of just A$410,000 (£233,700) (Booval) and A$500,000 (£285,000) for Ipswich in general, it makes a lot of sense to consider buying a house in this part of Queensland.

House Prices in Perth, Western Australia

Perth’s housing market is also bucking the downward trend seen in Sydney and Melbourne and is continuing to grow at around 0.4% a month or 2.1% per quarter.  However, houses here are now the most affordable of all Australian capital cities with a mean of A$585,114, and the state also has the strongest job growth in the country.  Those are very attractive metrics for migrants looking for both affordable housing and good job prospects.

There are many affordable houses around Perth in the A$450,000 – A$550,000 (£256,500 – £313,500) price range. This will be within your budget if you sell your UK house for around the average of £327,712 or A$578,576.  There are also many surprisingly cheap gems in other nearby suburbs, albeit a little bit further away from the beach.

House in Craigie, Western Australia from A$499,000 (£284,430)Perth-Western-Australia-property-prices-in-craigie-

This lovely brick 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home on a small rise in Craigie has views out over the surrounding tree filled neighbourhood.  Although the block itself is only 280m2, it is low maintenance and has a lovely outdoor entertainment area.  There is space for 2 cars, and it’s only a short drive to the beach.


It is on the market for A$499,000 (£284,430), which is below the suburb average of A$525,000 (£299,250) but that could be due to the smallish-sized block.  In fact, this is something you will notice about the houses in this area – the blocks are not overly big but that does mean less maintenance and upkeep (so more time to spend on the beach!)

House in Yanchep, Western Australia from A$700,000 (£399,000)

Yanchep-Western-Australia-house prices-

Next on our list is one close to the coast as that is where most UK expats in Perth like to live, this beautiful 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house on 576m² in Yanchep is a good example of just how much house you will get if you can push your budget up a bit.


The same type of property on the east coast in a similar location is likely to cost you closer to 1 million AUD or more. Yanchep’s median house price is currently around A$450,000 (£256,500) so whilst this particular property is well over that, you will also find much cheaper ones offering a lot of value in this very desirable area.

House in Milpara, Albany, Western Australia from A$495,000 (£282,150)

milpara-albany-western australia-good-value-properties-

When it comes to houses, Albany on the south coast of Western Australia is an eclectic mix of million dollar mansions, historic cottages, and modern brick and tile homes. What does stand out though is what you can get for your money here.


This huge 6-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 3 car home on a 4047m² block is on the market for offers over A$495,000 (£282,150).  Although, it could end up selling for more than A$495,000, it shows that you can find good value properties in Western Australia.

House Prices in Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide has been one of the strongest performers in the Australian housing market over the past few years.  As at the end of June 2022, Adelaide’s house prices averaged out at A$699,251 (£398,573), a 1.3% increase on the previous month and 5.1% up on the previous quarter.  Analysts predict this upward trend will probably continue for the rest of 2022.  Having said this though, a quick look at house prices across some areas of Adelaide will locate many quality properties in the A$200,000 to A$400,000 (£114,000 to £228,000) range offering a lot of value.  This is well below the state mean, and also the national average of A$937,101.  With that in mind, let us take a look at what your £327,712 or A$578,576 will buy you in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.

House in Salisbury Heights, South Australia A$469,000 – A$499,000 (£267,330 – £284,430)Salisbury Heights-South-Australia-Adelaide-property-prices

Salisbury Heights has a reputation as being a great place for families and this 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home on 591m² is the right type of house to raise them in.  It is below the suburb median of A$533,000 (£303,810) but you’d never know that from the quality of the house.


The house itself is 180m² with a ton of amenities including several spacious living areas, a modern kitchen, and plenty of outdoor entertaining area.  A well-landscaped unusual triangular shaped block completes the package, giving you a good idea of just how much you can get at this price point in Adelaide.

House in Craigmore, South Australia A$599,000 – A$649,000 (£341,430 – £369,930)


Although this house will only stretch your budget a little bit we could not resist including it because it shows you what absolute gems can be found if you look around!  The median price for a 5-bedroom house in this suburb is A$517,000 (£294,690) so this beauty is well above that but deservedly so because it also has 2 bathrooms, space for 4 cars, and sits on a large 702m² block.  The house itself is a huge 252m².


Like many Adelaide houses, it has a large covered outdoor entertainment area but this one comes complete with a pool and is extra spacious.  With separate lounge, games room, formal dining room, family room and plenty more, it is perfect for keeping the peace in a large family.

House in Murray Bridge, South Australia A$320,000 (£182,400)


Prefer a more bucolic lifestyle?  Bustling rural town Murray Bridge is located around 78 kilometres southeast of Adelaide on the banks of the mighty Murray River.  Access to Adelaide is via the South Eastern Highway (ex Princes Highway).  You will find many different styles of housing in this popular town – modern, colonial, federation and so on.  Most of them are extremely affordable – the average price here is just A$245,000 (£139,650), which is well below the regional dwelling mean price of A$337,064 (£192,126) for SA.


At A$320,000 (£182,400), the uber charming 1950’s freestone cottage we have found is below the state’s regional median price but above the town’s.  However, it does give you an impressive 4 bedrooms and a large beautifully landscaped 894m² block.

It is also right in town, which makes its affordability and block size even more appealing.  One bathroom and space for 4 cars completes the package.

For those who are wondering – yes, there is a bridge across the Murray River at Murray Bridge!

House Prices in Hobart, Tasmania

The housing market on the Apple Isle was very strong during 2021/22, with growth across some sectors of the market making it one of the strongest performing capital cities.  However, that upward trend seems to have ended, with prices starting to drop.  Dwelling prices were down by 0.2% for the month and by 0.1% for the quarter but were up by 13.7% on last year, an indication of the type of growth the market here has been experiencing.  Hobart houses are averaging A$796,863 (£454,212) which, although up on previous years, is still well below the national average of A$937,101.

A quick check of the housing market in Hobart’s northern suburbs however indicates there are plenty of opportunities to purchase lovely homes priced between A$500,000 and A$600,000 (£285,000 and £342,000).  Many of them have lovely views out over the River Derwent, and are an eclectic mix of modern brick and traditional weatherboard cladding.

There are even more affordable options (under A$400,000 (£228,000) in areas like Risdon Vale just across the Derwent.  In fact, we were really spoilt for choice when it came to deciding which houses offered you the best value in Hobart.

House in Old Beach, Tasmania from A$550,000 (£313,500)


This is a lovely cream brick 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom house on a 484m² block in Old Beach and is open to offers from A$550,000 (£313,500) up.  It is well below the city’s median house price and also well below the suburb’s current median of A$750,000 (£427,500).


The house itself gives you a roomy 128m² of space, a nicely maintained, enclosed back yard, and views of the nearby mountains.  It’s just a few minutes walk to the river and its pathways, and there are several playgrounds also conveniently close by.

House in Montrose, Tasmania from A$725,000 (£412,250)


If you’re prepared to spend a bit more, A$725,000 (£412,250) could get you this 196m² 2 story modern home with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and superb views of the Derwent, on a 670m² block.  It is also full of mod cons, with a spacious open interior and large windows designed to take full advantage of the spectacular views.


Priced below the city’s median house price of A$796,863 (£454,212), it is above the suburb median of A$693,000 (£395,010 for a 4 bedroom house.  However, a similar house in Melbourne or Sydney would cost you a lot more.

Elsewhere in Tasmania….

You will also find plenty of house for your dollar in the north of the state.  Homes in Launceston between A$300,000 and A$450,000 (£171,000 and £256,500) are readily available so your £327,712 or A$578,576 could see you settling ‘up north’ quite comfortably with some cash left over.

House Prices in Darwin, Northern Territory

A relaxed, laid-back life in the tropics is probably as far from UK living as it is possible to get but it awaits you in the Top End of Australia or, more specifically, in Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory. The median price for houses here is A$588,928 (£335,689) but you’ll find quite a few cheaper properties around Palmerston, a ‘satellite’ city about 25kms south of Darwin offering a lot of value in the A$450,000 to A$600,000 (£256,500 to £342,000) price range.

House in Rosebery, Northern Territory A$549,000 (£312,930)Properties-in-Darwin-Northern-Territory-Australia-

Situated in the Palmerston suburb of Rosebery, around 26 kilometres southeast of Darwin’s CBD, this lovely home offers 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on a beautifully maintained 696m2 corner block.

Rosebery-Northern Territory-Australia-Property-

There is a swimming pool and the yard is fully fenced.  The starting price is A$549,000 (£312,930), which is slightly lower than Darwin’s house mean of A$588,928 (£335,689) and also the suburb’s average of A$564,000 (£321,480).

House in Durack, Northern Territory A$695,000 (£396,150)

Properties-in-Durack-Darwin-Northern Territory-

The second house we have found to illustrate Darwin’s housing market is a striking example of those famous tropical stilt house that were everywhere here until the mid 1970’s.  It will however push your budget, unless you have managed to sell your UK property for around £400,000 or more.


The property is in Durack, another suburb of Palmerston.  It has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and space for 2 cars.  The block size is a generous, beautifully tropical 552m2 and is close to the walking trails, lakes and parks that Durack is known for.  It is on the market for a guide price of A$695,000 (£396,150), which is above Durack’s mean house price of A$560,000 (£319,200) but we think it is well worth the price, and shows you what is available for a bit more cash.

Where in Australia will you move?

You can see there is still a lot of value available when it comes to properties all across Australia even with the amazing property boom the country has experienced over the past 2 years.  There is something for all kinds of budgets too, whether you are looking for the best value or have a bit more flexibility on where to live.

Just remember that the property you choose to live in can make a massive difference to how you adjust to life in a new country so make sure that you find one that suits you and your family perfectly.

Money No Object?Luxury-apartment-nsw-sydney

This magnificent penthouse in Macquarie Street in Sydney has 372m2 of building space and 428m2 of land, with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a pool, and 3 car parks.


It has impressive views of Sydney Harbour, the Royal Botanic Garden, and Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.  It is also just a stone’s throw from the Reserve Bank Headquarters, the Sydney Opera House and the Supreme Court of NSW.

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