Moving away to a new life in Australia or New Zealand is exciting but there may be nagging concerns. What will happen if a family member at home becomes ill? What will happen if I am involuntarily made redundant? How will I return home if I need to?

Launched this month, Migration Cover could have the answers you need. It has been developed to reduce the stumbling blocks from international migration for both individuals and families.

Until now, the threat of covering moving and repatriation costs related to going back to their home country has been placed largely on the migrant, or their employer, who has already had to pay up to £20,000 to cover visas, removals, pet shipping, flights, car hire, accommodation and other associated costs.

Migration Cover reduces the anxiety of immigrating by covering the policyholder’s repatriation, employment advocacy and travel needs, subject to the conditions of the policy.

The product was created as a direct result of listening to migrants, understanding and empathising with their issues. The founders of the company are themselves migrants and used this experience to address the stumbling blocks they had faced.

Migration Cover offers four levels of cover; Platinum, Gold, Silver and Basic, starting at around £460 (exclusive of taxes, fees and charges) for a single policyholder and £760 (exclusive of taxes, fees and charges) for a family policy. There is no limit on the number of dependent children, either up to the age of 21 or 25 if they are studying full-time, which can be covered under a family policy. The prices shown are for 18-30 year old primary applicants. Potential clients are encouraged to seek a quote online at

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