Why Move to Sydney or NSW Australia from the UK? Here’s 28 Reasons to Get You Started…

Why live in Sydney, New South Wales? This is a question pondered by many migrants trying to decide which area of Australia to move to when faced with a country which has many desirable destinations a new arrival would be happy to call home.

A true melting pot, Sydney is one of Australia’s most iconic cities; home to many of the country’s most famous landmarks and with a fascinating history, this is the dream home of many British expats with designs on a better quality of life.

Bigger than Melbourne and less remote than Perth, Sydney’s got it all going on whether you’re a young single professional thinking of migrating to Sydney or a family that’s decided Australia has more to offer in general.

Australian film director, Baz Luhrmann said of the city, “Sydney in general is eclectic. You can be on that brilliant blue ocean walk in the morning and then within 20 minutes you can be in a completely vast suburban sprawl or an Italian or Asian suburb, and it’s that mix of people, it’s that melting pot of people that give it its vital personality.”

Whilst Sydney itself may be quite expensive for many people to move to, when you look at the wider area of New South Wales, you’ll find many other towns offering an amazing lifestyle at an affordable price. For example you have Newcastle, Coff’s Harbour, Byron Bay to the north and towns such as Wollongong and Berry to the south.

If you want to experience more of the traditional Australian culture then think about inland destinations in New South Wales such as Mugdee and Broken Hill.

To fully understand why Sydney and NSW is so attractive to so many of those thinking of emigrating from the UK, we’ve compiled the definitive list of  27 great reasons to move there.

Just Some of the Reasons to Consider Moving to Sydney from the UK

1. Sydney and NSW Offers a World-Class Quality of Life

sydney family on bikes

Sydney might be Australia’s most populous city, but it still manages to rank highly on the 2017 Mercer Quality of Living Survey. Coming in at an extremely impressive 10th on the list, Sydney beats sophisticated and well-known cities such as Luxembourg, Bern, Ottawa and Montreal who all make it into the top 30 but can’t beat Sydney for quality of life and economic stability.

All sorts of facts and figures were taken into consideration when compiling the Mercer Quality of Living Survey and it’s considered to be the world’s definitive list. This is of course very tempting to anyone thinking of migrating to Sydney because the proof is there in black and white…it’s a great place to live.

2. Sydney Harbour is Jaw-Dropping

Sydney Harbour with beautiful sky

And if you lived in Sydney, you’d be able to take advantage of all it offers! Widely considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful natural harbours, it’s home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There are ferries that you can take to one of the stunning nearby beaches such as Manly, Mosman and Balmain. Studded with amazing cafes and restaurants, it’s a buzzing hive of creativity and style, one of the many advantages to living in Sydney!

Even living in New South Wales you always have the benefit of being close enough for a day visit or weekend getaway!

3. The Best of Australia’s Beach Lifestyle

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You will no doubt heard of Bondi and maybe Manly Beach, but did you know there are around 100 beaches in Sydney and many more within easy reach in New South Wales? So if you move to New South Wales you’re going to be spoilt for choice, no matter whether you plan to train with world champion surfers or relax with friends and family.

4. It’s a Cultural Feast

Sydney has of course long been attractive to migrants and today this colourful history has balanced and settled, with the many nationalities creating a wonderfully urbane feel to the city. Food from all nations is available in the many high-quality eateries which thrive here and designers with a finger on the pulse of fashion cater to the demands of a sophisticated population. It feels like the sort of place where style is made and not followed.

5. Markets, Markets, Markets!

And we’re not just talking fruit and veg here…though that’s amazing too! Sydney’s markets are also famous for the many beautiful handmade goods on offer; from one-off jewellery and fashion to children’s toys and clothes, there always seems to be a market happening somewhere. Add the buzz of live music and excellent street food and you’ve got the makings of a great day out shopping.

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6. A Nightlife to Rival New York and London

sydney harbour night life

Nightlife here has always been a big part of the city’s history and today the clubs, bars and cafés are still renowned for their excellent music and cutting-edge mixology. But it’s not all fashion-forward and edgy; you will find that there are plenty of more traditional pubs and restaurants for those of us who prefer the quiet life!

7. Sydney’s Chinatown Rivals All Others!

Sydney’s Chinatown has a long and fascinating history and today is a thriving centre for shopping, cuisine and cultural experience. It also hosts one of the largest Chinese New Year Festivals in the world.

The area has extended in the past few years to accommodate the many visitors and to expand what’s on offer…and that’s a lot! From medicinal herbs to homewares and fashion, there’s something here for everyone.

8. Great Spacious Housing

spacious housing

The housing in New South Wales is of a higher quality than most; a mixture of beautiful period properties and new-builds, there’s something to suit the taste and budgets of most new arrivals.

For British expats, the quality of the housing here will certainly be one of the main benefits of moving to Sydney and NSW. Houses in Australia are in general larger than those in the UK so British people in particular will feel very comfortable in them.  Units, as flats are called, are also considerably larger in the main than their British counterparts.

It’s common for families to live in one of the many lovely suburbs which surround the city itself and these are well supplied with excellent housing options.

9. Sydney Offers Some Of The Best Theatrical Experiences In The World

Sydney takes its theatre pretty seriously and is well-known for its love of all things performance related. From tiny, atmospheric theatre clubs and fringe shows, to spectacular drag and cabaret shows, there is a plethora of theatre on offer here. The State Theatre and the Sydney Opera House host world-class performers on a regular basis and you’ll never be short of something amazing to see.

10. The Great NSW Weather!

If you’ve ever pondered “Why move to Sydney?” then consider this; New South Wales has the best of both worlds when it comes to sunshine and rainfall. Warm in the summer and just the right amount of damp in the Autumn and Winter, Sydney has a fantastic climate.

Most British expats are thrilled by the mellow weather enjoyed here which allows for alfresco dining almost all year round. Summer high’s average 26 degrees in January and falls to a not so chilly 9-17 degrees in July.

Warm Christmases and cool winters without the problematic ice and snow you might be used to dealing with make New South Wales a very appealing destination.

11. It’s a Historical Haven

Sydney train station

Sydney and NSW is riddled with tales of intrigue and fascinating legends about its past inhabitants. Any seafaring city generally has a colourful past and Sydney’s no exception. Packed with museums and visitor centres, there are plenty of opportunities to learn more about the city’s past and there are also plenty of organised and informative history walks to participate in.

If you venture further into NSW you’ll undercover more of Australia’s rich heritage. For example, near Mudgee is Gulgong, a 19th century gold-mining town or you can visit Back O’Bourke set amongst river red gums on the banks of the Darling River for an authentic taste of the outback.

12. Art for the Masses

sydney opera house art

Some cities have an elitist approach to art, but in Sydney, the arts in all their many forms, are celebrated and shared. Streets lit up with beautiful murals, huge, imposing art galleries packed with classic and modern art, tiny independent galleries showcasing the best and the brightest…this is one city where art is a way of life. If you’re artistic and you’ve ever asked yourself the question ‘Why live in Sydney?’, well…just take a look at the arts scene and your question will be answered.

13. Friendliest People

As with many big cities, there’s often the idea that people might be unfriendly or too busy to pass the time of day. In Sydney though, everywhere from the central business district to the suburbs, you will find that people aren’t just friendly, but they’re also naturally predisposed towards being helpful and thoughtful. Of course, we can’t say this about every single person in the city but it’s a feature of the Sydneysider in general.

When you look at towns around NSW you’ll find people just as friendly and likely even more welcoming. You’ll never be short of a good mate!

14. Sydney Crime is at its Lowest for 40 Years

New South Wales, has some of the lowest crime rates recorded globally with Australia ranked the 13th safest nation and Sydney ranked the 5th safest city globally, you’d never believe that it started off as a penal colony!

That’s a big plus for anyone thinking of emigrating to Sydney from the UK. Safety is a major consideration for anyone moving to a new country and it’s a big enough challenge without worrying about crime rates. Nice to know then, that New South Wales’ looking to be one of the best options out there!

15. Best Rates of Pay in Australia and Unemployment Figures are Extremely Low

Ok as we update this article in 2020, it fair to say that the global economy has taken a big hit – Sydney and NSW included. However, Sydney is in a better position than most toweather the storm and still has many opportunities.

Sydney and New South Wales unemployment figures tend to remain lower than any other Australian city or state. For example, in 2019 the unemployment rate for NSW was 4.3% and Greater Sydney just 2.8%, compared to 5% for Australia as a whole. This is a positively low figure for any British newcomers.

This is a city which is experienced huge growth and that’s predicted to continue after the current downturn. Sydney and New South Wales generally, also offer the best rates of pay and job opportunities in Australia, so whatever your specialty is, you are sure to be able to progress your career.

16. Some of Australia’s Best Schools are in NSW and Sydney

If you have children and are looking at emigrating to Sydney from the UK, then schools will almost certainly be a top priority for you.

There are great schools all over Australia, but in Sydney and NSW you will find that you’re really spoilt for choice. The fee-paying schools boast top-performing institutions such as Sydney Grammar School in Darlinghurst, Kambala in Rose Bay and Pymble Ladies College. All of these schools make it into the top 10 performing private schools.

You’re also spoilt for choice with top non-fee-paying schools including Sydney Girls High, Sydney Boys High, Fort Street High School and Baulkham Hills High School.

The school system in Australia works on a similar basis to that in the UK with a few variations from state to state. To check on the results and ranking of any Australian school, you can visit the NAPLAN website…similar to OFSTED, NAPLAN is a national programme designed to assess and record children’s progress.

For more information check out our guide on choosing and starting school in Australia.

17. Sydney Boasts World-Class Sports Stadiums and Facilities

Sysney sports stadium

Sydneysiders love their sports. They like both playing and watching and whether you’re a cricket or an Aussie rules fan you won’t go far wrong here.

Sydney’s dedication to sports has a long history and that’s reflected in high quality facilities such as Stadium Australia and the Sydney Cricket Ground. There are outstanding sports facilities across the board so semi-pros, keen amateurs or those who just want to keep fit are all sure to be impressed with what’s on offer.

18. Public Transport in Sydney and around NSW is Excellent

Sydney tram transport

If you’re escaping London’s transport woes, you’ll be delighted to hear that Sydney’s public transport system is among the most affordable in the world and has been designed with the user in mind.

The usual trains and buses are complimented by an excellent light rail service and a ferry service too. Taxis are safe and well-marked. So getting around, even without a car, is no problem.

19. National Parks in and Around New South Wales and Sydney are Breathtaking

Blue Mountain National Park near Sydney

The stunning islands around Sydney Harbour National Park make wonderful places to visit for a day or longer and then there are some incredible bushwalking opportunities in Royal National Park too.

Don’t forget the wonderful Blue Mountains National Park! You can enjoy a full-on camping experience, sleeping under the stars and observing some of the amazing wildlife here, or just have a ‘day out and a stroll’. It would take a lifetime to fully explore the many beautiful places in this part of the world!

20. Convict and Immigration History to Enthral

historical sydney - HMS Bounty

Anyone who says Australia doesn’t have a decent number of historical sites to explore hasn’t looked into the many amazing stories surrounding the convict settlers of long ago.

You can learn more and explore the legacy of these people via the World Heritage listed Old Great North Road which was actually built by convicts in chains. The history of mass immigration to Australia during the 19th century is also a fascinating one and much can be learned about this period at the Migration Museum.

21. Moving to NSW and Sydney is easy

As so many people move to New South Wales from the UK, you’ll find that shipping your belongings to Australia is both simple and cost effective.

No matter, whether you shipping a few boxes or want to do a full house removal to Sydney, Australia, we at PSS will be able to help.

22. Discover Aboriginal Culture

Aboriginal art in Sydney

Sydney is home to some incredible Aboriginal art and in the Blue Mountains National Park you can see some of the oldest surviving human art form in the world…the Red Hands Cave houses breathtaking Aboriginal rock art. The complex and beautiful culture of the traditional owners of this land will fascinate you the more you learn about it.

There are also some wonderful tours within the city of Sydney which are conducted by Aboriginal guides who share the significance of the land and stories of Australia’s First Nations People. A great way to really get to know your new home country.

23. Keen on Sustainability and Being Environmentally Friendly

Whilst Australia has a bit of mixed enironmental reputation, Sydney prides itself on being a forward thinking and green city. Building on from the ‘green’ Olympics hosted back in 2000, Sydney is still a pioneer of sustainability today. The local government’s Sustainable Sydney 2030 programme aims to ensure the city safeguards its beautiful environment for years to come.

The NSW Enrionmental Protection Authority takes caring for the natural habitat very seriously, especially the wake of the recent forest fires. They even have an air quality index on their website which is updated daily.

24. Amazing Food – and it’s Healthy Too!

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Sydneysiders are big on food and the huge variety available reflects the cultural diversity of the city. So no matter whether you’re looking for a café for lunch, to celebrate a night out with friends, try some Vietnamese or even an English pub to alleviate homesickness, you won’t be disappointed.

And as Sydney is big on health you’ll find they’ve mastered the art of gourmet dining without the risk of adding to your waistline.

25. Family Friendly

children beach lifestyle sydney

NSW and Sydney could be the most perfect place to raise a family friendly and welcoming, clean environment, great schools, weather, beaches, outdoor lifestyle, safe, combined with all the advantages of living close to a cosmopolitan city. What else could you ask for?

26. Very Well Connected With the Rest of the World

Some people worry that by moving to Australia from the UK that they will feel isolated. But that certainly need not be the case in Sydney. Known as Australia’s global city (but still half the size of London), Sydney is a centre for business and attracts the best acts and bands on tour from around the world. Also with fast internet speeds – especially for mobile broadband – you’ll never feel disconnected!

27. The Best Things in Sydney are Free

Sydney may not be the cheapest city in the world to live in, but as Russell Crowe commented, “There’s an ease that I have living in Australia. The best things about Sydney are free: the sunshine’s free, and the harbour’s free, and the beach is free.” And this goes for the rest of NSW too!

So whilst you may pay more for some things you’ll be living in a spectacular environment that is the envy of so many.

Russell Crowe Sydney quote

28. You Get to See The Greatest Fireworks Show In The World – Every Year!

Enough Reasons to Move to Sydney and New South Wales?

So, if you’re seriously thinking of the benefits of moving to Sydney for you and your family, it’s probable that you’re now even keener than before! From high quality housing, excellent work opportunities, a cultural city on the cusp of even more growth than before, New South Wales has a lot to offer.

Talk to some British people who’ve already taken the plunge, ask questions and try to learn more. It’s a big leap to make and not a decision which most people take lightly but if you’re determined to move to Sydney, then begin to make your plans now…there’s never been a better time!

Help Moving to Sydney from the UK

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