Why should you move to or live in the United States of America? Here’s 52, including our top ten reasons to move to the USA

Welcome to America, a nation known as the land of dreams, where relentless determination can lead to great success. It is a place where achievements are revered, optimism prevails, and possibilities abound.

If you’re perusing this article, residing in America has likely been a lifelong aspiration that you’re eager to transform into reality. Thus, we present 52 compelling reasons to embark on this exciting journey.

We start with our top ten, but we’re sure you’ll have your own ideas.

1. The Great American Dream

living the dream

This, the first on our list of reasons to move to America is perhaps the most fanciful but it’s also a very real reason. The Great American Dream is an idea more than anything else but it’s that very idea which has made America such a special and desirable country in which to live.

2. Weather


With everything from snow capped mountains to sun parched deserts, there’ll be somewhere in America which has your perfect climate. Most places have four distinct seasons, but if sun all year round is your thing then you’re spoilt for choice with Florida and South California.

3. Beautiful and spacious houses

spacious interior kitchen and living room

In the UK we have flats and terraces. In the USA they call it real estate. Affordable large, spacious houses with pools, cellars, massive kitchens and garages are certainly a great reason to move to the USA.

4. Amazing food

american barbeque

Food is taken pretty seriously here and that’s partly due to the hugely rich, cultural diversity which has had a hand in making America what it is today. And if you like generous portions…

5. Small towns

beautiful suburbs

Small town America is like nothing you’ve ever seen until you visit one of the close-knit communities which abound in the more rural areas. Friendly and with a welcoming attitude, it’s hard not to feel at home!

6. Optimistic attitude

positive and happy attitude

America’s sense of optimism and positivity is very refreshing. It’s what made America great and it’s this ‘can do’ attitude which ensures the USA has a bright future.

7. Higher incomes and great work opportunities

commuters New York station

The average wage here is higher than in the UK. This is especially true for people working in the tech industries. But whatever your area of expertise you are sure to find many opportunities to broaden your work experience and progress your career.

8. English is spoken everywhere

friends talking

The lack of a language barrier is certainly an attractive prospect for most new residents from English speaking countries!

9. Living in a movie location

cadillac in old town

Having grown up watching American movies and TV series, you’ll experience the strange feeling of déjà vu as everything seems so familiar. But it also has the positive side effect of making daily life feel like living in a movie!

10. Brits make it big in America

UK children in USA

No matter whether it’s the Beatles, Hugh Laurie in House or James Corden on the Late Late Show, there is a long precedent of British people hitting the big time when they make the move across the pond. Why can’t the same be for you?

Now in no particular order, here are the rest of our 52 great reasons to move to the USA

11. Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry

Hollywood sign

From Hollywood to Broadway, America leads the way in movies and musicals. So whether you’re just looking for the best in entertainment or want to progress your career, this is the place you need to be.

12. Disneyland


Disneyland and all it has to offer isn’t confined to America these days of course, but the USA version of the famed, fantasy land is still the original and the best.

13. New York

new york city

The city that never sleeps is a massive draw for people all over the world and living in America makes it much easier to visit this incredible and cosmopolitan city.

14. Warm and friendly people


It’s true when people say that Americans are particularly friendly. They’re less formal than Brits and they do have a knack of making newcomers feel right at home.

15. Incredible Malls

shopping mall

Malls in America are a key part of modern American culture and are like cities within cities. The country has some of the most incredible shopping experiences on the planet.

16. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

This park is one of the jewels in America’s crown. With sweeping vistas, stunning forests and incredible wildlife, your amazing hiking or camping adventure is just around the corner.

17. Huge amounts of space


Well it is the third largest country in the world! Everything’s bigger in America – find out what they mean by Big Sky Country!

18. Holidays

We’re not just talking about vacations here. “Holiday” in America means everything from Halloween Trick or Treat and Thanksgiving dinner to Christmas and they celebrate big time in the USA! Take a look at the Fourth of July fireworks…

19. Great for entrepreneurs and innovators

Those with an idea for something new and amazing are not only encouraged in America but they’re also admired! If you are looking to start a new business such as the next Facebook, Amazon or SpaceX, there is no better place.


20. Great customer service

The customer service in America is famed around the world…and for good reason! You’ll be amazed at how helpful and friendly people are. You can be sure to “Have a nice day!”

21. Cheap gas

cheap gas station in the USA

It’s far, far cheaper here to fill up your car! Which is good news as you’ll likely need a car to get around all those amazing places.

22. Great Elementary and High School Education


The United States spends more per student on education than any other country. In 2014, the Pearson/Economist Intelligence Unit rated US education as 14th best in the world. But America excels in extracurricular activities such as sport, summer camps which prepare children for life beyond school.

23. Many of the World’s Top Universities


With Harvard, Yale, Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to name just a few there is no shortage of great universities.

24. Amazing history 


From the settlers to the wild west, from the Salem Witch Hunt to the Prohibition…every town and city in America has a fascinating and sometimes shocking past. Great for anyone with an interest in history!

25. Cowboys and cowgirls


Stetsons, cowboy boots, danger and glamour, what’s not to love? Wild West shows abound when you’re in the right area and there’s nothing more exciting than watching an amazing horseman wield a lasso!

26. Glamour

The glamour of America is not just at the Oscars – it’s visible in every fashion outlet, every nail bar, every nightclub and every hotel. Americans adore glitz and glamour and you can be part of it too!

27. Music scene


An innovative, creative and exciting music scene has always been a big part of the country that invented rock and roll, country and western, grunge and the modern musical. Lots to enjoy for the music lovers out there!

28. Fashion

New York is the American home of fashion and with some of the most creative designers calling it home, fashionistas will be right in their comfort zone.

29. Las Vegas

welcome to las vegas

Big city, bright lights! The lure of this place is such that it goes by more names than one! Sin City, Glitter Gulch and The City of Lights are just a few.

30. Convenience

America has worked hard to make sure things are easy to get to. There’s a store on every corner and public transport is generally excellent.

31. Beaches


Myrtle Beach, Clearwater, Martha’s Vineyard…this country is packed full of popular and well-known beaches but there are also a few less well-known and hidden treasures just waiting for you to discover them whether your looking to surf, sunbathe or just enjoy a stroll with ocean vistas!

32. Mountains

hiker in Oregon mountains

From the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to stunning Mount Rainer in Washington State, not to mention the Rockies, you’re spoiled for choice if you enjoy exploring and if you choose to live in a mountainous region, you’ll get a view to rival any in the world.

33. Cultural diversity


Hugely diverse in terms of its population, America is home to the traveller. You’ll benefit from the wonderful mixture of the Hispanic, Latino, Asian and European influences which have built up this country to be what it is today.

34. Fabulous architecture


New York’s Brownstones, high rises and decorative mansions are just a small aspect of the styles you’ll find here. From Spanish and ranch housing to sweet little cottages and towering townhouses. The cultural melting pot has provided a wonderful selection of buildings not to mention iconic structures such as the Golden Gate Bridge.

35. Mexico is next door

resort in Cancun Mexico

Mexico is right next door and offers some amazing sights, sounds and tastes. You have to visit and once you do, you’ll keep going back.

36. Hawaii

Hawaii sandy beach with palms

What’s not to love? Home of Waikiki, Honolulu and Maui. Glamour, sunshine, beaches and beauty are what this amazing place is all about. When you live in the United States this island paradise is within easy striking distance.

37. Diners

woman in american diner

Fabulous and traditional diners are scattered throughout America and they’re great places to really experience life in America as it is for the locals. Affordable and friendly, you’ll love the convenience!

38. Smiles all round

People smile a lot in America. It’s a national pastime and once you’ve spent a little while there, you’ll find yourself smiling too.

39. Centre for tech companies

Google headquarters tech company

America is the home of the most innovative and exciting tech companies in the world. Silicon Valley is undisputed global centre for high technology, social media and venture capital.

40. Well connected


It’s simple to get to so many places within and from America. Holidays and vacations take on a new meaning when you can fly to another state so conveniently. It’s no wonder so few Americans have a passport when so much is on offer on their doorstep. However heading back to Europe or across to Asia is easy too.

41. They love a British accent

Americans do indeed have a soft spot for a British accent and you will find that people will be very friendly and pleased to meet you once they hear the way you speak. Some people say it can even help boost your salary and career prospects too!

42. Wildlife to amaze

Grizzly bear and cubs

The wildlife in America is so diverse, you’ll be stunned by the variety of beautiful creatures which you can see in their natural habitats. From eagles to bears and from bison to moose!

43. Leading the way in science

science and technology

America has always been a leader in science, research, technology and innovation. This is still the case today. So if you want to be at the forefront of new developments, then there is no better place to be.

44. The fabulous accents

What a variation there is too! You’ll never tire of listening to the beautiful accents in America; whether you prefer the slow Southern drawl or the high velocity impactful New York, you’ll love it!

usa-accents-new york-america-

45. Visit actual movie locations


You can make a trip to Utah’s Monument  Valley, visit the street where Carrie sat on her doorstep in Sex and the City, or even visit the hotel where The Shining was filmed. Whichever state you’re in, there will be a famous movie location somewhere nearby!

46. New Orleans

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Having been through a lot, this magical place is slowly rebuilding itself and its traditions and legends live on in the music and entertainment on offer.

47. American Sport

American football

Famously sporty as a nation, Americans take their games very seriously and whether you’re into basketball, baseball, hockey or football, you’ll love how everything comes to a standstill when there’s a big match on!

48. Cheerleaders


Whilst we’re on the subject of sport, we can’t forget this great American tradition! Cheerleading is a serious, competitive sport in America and it’s for everyone to enjoy!

50. The Cheeseburger


It deserves a mention…it’s possibly one of America’s most popular foods and the burgers in America are the best in the world!

51. Product choice

Shopping in America, no matter whether for groceries or your morning cup of coffee, is an eye-opener for anyone who hasn’t grown up there. Vast arrays of products and options await the eager shopper and most people are thrilled with the broad selection. Your only problem is to make a decision!

52. Amusement Parks

All over America, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the variety of amusement parks on offer. There are roller coasters and water parks in just about every state. Then there are limitless variations with Universal Studios and the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida and Dollywood in Tennessee. Great for kids and adults alike!

amusement park

Thinking of moving to the USA from the UK?

So there you have it our 52 great reasons to move to the USA. I’m sure you can think of more.

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