Why move to Canada? Wondering if Canada is a good place to live? Here’s the ultimate guide to all the fantastic advantages of living in Canada!

Canada has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the friendliest places on earth. Not only that but it’s also considered to be one of the safest places to live. If you’re looking for the benefits of moving or immigrating to Canada, you won’t have to look very far.

So why is Canada so popular? And why do so many expats and migrants find it one of the most attractive countries in the world to live and work?

It’s long been a country for people who want to live where clean air, good living standards and safe streets are a priority, and that’s what you get when you go to Canada. A safe place to live amongst people who have strong values and ambition.

So, if you’re thinking of emigrating to Canada from the UK read on and discover why people choose to move to this fascinating and forward-thinking country. It’s no wonder so many migrants think that Canada is an excellent place to live.

1: It’s an absolutely stunning place

Kluane National Park and reserve

Words can’t really do justice to the beautiful Canadian scenery. Vast, sweeping and unspoiled, there are great swathes of land which are virtually untouched by human feet.

It’s massive…and this means that when you want to “get away from it all” you really can! From forests to lakes and mountains, the landscape is varied and gorgeous.

2: Overall quality of life

Canada outdoor lifestyle

Canada is well known for its high standard of living combined with the quality of life. Not only has it got the right balance between work and play, but also the perfect environment to enjoy both.

Canadians value their downtime, reflected in the number of public holidays and the more relaxed working hours enjoyed by most residents. You can really feel more alive living in Canada thanks to the emphasis which is placed on relaxation.

3: Spacious and beautiful properties

living in spacious properties Canada

Canadian houses tend to be much larger than their UK counterparts. This is, of course, due in part to the fact that there’s a lot more space on offer. You will find that even the average family home feels a lot more spacious, and having more room makes it easier for families to get on well!

4: Great job opportunities

relaxed tech working in Canada

Under the Federal Skilled Workers programme, there are currently 370 occupations that can qualify you for fast-track entry. They cover a vast variety of occupations including medical, engineering, management, construction and more. So check out the latest list to see if your skill is listed.

Canada’s economy is growing, and growth inspires more need, which opens up all sorts of opportunities for all kinds of professions.

Not only are there great opportunities, but Canada’s laid-back and relaxed style means that there is less of the stress you might have been used to in your home country.

5: Family friendly

Canada family cycle ride

Canada is really built for families. In the suburban streets, there’s a feeling of safety and togetherness with lots of community events such as barbecues and festivals catering to families with kids.

Whether it’s playing outdoors, education, places to visit, eating out, a positive environment or future opportunities – Canada offers it all.

6: Outdoor lifestyle

woman paddle boarding canadian lake

During the warmer months, living most of your life outside Canada is possible. BBQs, sporting events, picnics, hikes…the list of outdoor activities you can do for free or cheaply is enormous. Most Canadian children spend a lot of their childhood outside playing.

7: The best of modern metropolitan living

Toronto city skyline

Another reason to move to Canada is that the cities in Canada are modern, smart stylish and clean – a big attraction for many migrants who, whilst they may enjoy the great outdoors, also like urban convenience! Canada’s cities are spacious, well designed and easy to get around.

You can easily live in a large suburban house and commute to work. As in any country, whilst it’s true that the biggest cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver, may be crowded and expensive, you don’t have to go far outside the city centre to find a comfortable and affordable lifestyle.

8: Familiar with culture and language

Canadian family by lake

This ranks highly for most people asking themselves, “Why live in Canada?” Most people want to be around others who speak the same language, so for British expats, Canada is a great choice.

Although over the years Canada has developed its own identity and culture, much will be familiar and welcoming to both British and Americans alike.

9: Free health care

Canadian surgeons operating theatre

Like the UK’s NHS, Canada’s Medicare system offers free basic health care to everyone based on need rather than the ability to pay. It’s paid for by Canadian citizens pitching in towards the system via taxes.

This makes it accessible to all, and that’s a significant weight off the minds of most ordinary working Canadians, and good news for British migrants used to the benefits of a free state health service!

10: Tolerant and open-minded

multi-cultural diversity in Canada

Renowned for being one of the most open-minded countries around, Canada has been allowing same-sex marriage since 2005, whilst other countries are only now ushering it in!

This is excellent news if you’re immigrating to Canada. There are many migrants and Canadians who are welcoming no matter what your race, gender or culture.

More advantages and benefits of living in Canada

So now you’ve had a chance to check out the top ten reasons to live in Canada, it’s time to take a look at some of the other fabulous attractions Canada offers to British expats and others who choose to make the big move.

So, in no particular order:

11: The Canadian sense of humour

Canadians have a wonderfully understated and self-deprecating sense of humour, blending irony, gentle satire and parody. Famous comedic exports include Jim Carrey, John Candy and Mike Myers of Austin Powers fame, but you’ll find Canadian wit everywhere you go.

You can see a lot of examples in the Only In Canada and Meanwhile In Canada social pages. Here are just a few…

why move to toronto canada Canadian protest

meanwhile in canda

12: Canadian crime rates are incredibly low

why move to toronto canada

Ok, so the population of Canada is small, and this should be taken into account, but the fact remains that with a population of over 36 million people, it is extremely safe. Just knowing that you live in a country where violence is not the norm adds peace of mind to your life, which is hard to find in other countries.

13: Canada is an ‘education superpower’

Canadian children fun in winter snow

Canada’s educational system is renowned globally for its excellence and inclusivity. The curriculum is updated frequently, reflecting contemporary knowledge and the needs of the modern world. The multicultural nature of Canada is reflected in its classrooms, fostering global awareness and tolerance among students. With a high literacy rate and emphasis on critical thinking.

14: Canada is a cultural melting pot

multi-cultural children canada

A third of Canadian students weren’t born in Canada but have settled in the country and have migrated from elsewhere. British expats make up a good proportion of migrants, but others come from America, Asia, Australia and various parts of Europe.

The result is a wonderfully rich cultural experience which is evident in the cuisine, the fashion and the art of Canada. This vibrant cultural mixture ensures that children growing up in Canada have broad minds and a good knowledge of the world around them.

15: World leaders in quantum computing, medical research and space science

science technology STEM Vancouver

Canada puts some serious backing into STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), and as a result, the country is leagues ahead of others.

Canada’s leadership in areas such as artificial intelligence, clean technology and health care, together with its more open-minded policy towards migrants, has led to many international companies moving to Canada.

16: Characterful towns and cities

Canadian parliament in Ottawa

Towns like Niagara on the Lake are famous for their historical streets, cute boutique stores and sophisticated restaurants whilst Mahone Bay is choc-full of maritime history and is reckoned to be so attractive that it’s the most photographed town in Canada. But it’s by no means the only one – Canada is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

17: Climate

autumn in Canada

Canada has a wonderfully varied climate, from permafrost in the North to a warmer climate towards the South. In summer, if you’re in the right place, temperatures can reach 35 degrees.

Autumn in Canada is short but a tremendous burst of bright colours that you’ll look forward to every year.

OK, whilst it’s true the winters can be a little nippy, Canada copes very well with the cold but if it’s a big problem for you, head for British Columbia. Average winter daily highs are 7.1c for Vancouver, and Victoria, the warmest city in Canada, averages 9c and rarely dips below zero.

On the other hand, if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas…

18: Public services to rival any

Calgary Alberta Bridge

Public services in Canada are excellent and, with some of the best public transport you can find, it’s easy to navigate.

Whilst some locals may occasionally complain (in a polite way, of course), many countries around the world look to Canada as a benchmark for quality public services.

19: Thanksgiving and Halloween in October

thanksgiving pumpkin pie

Canadians borrow the best of American culture and celebrate Thanksgiving on October 14th, just a couple of weeks before Halloween. So the month of October is a festival of orange pumpkins, special events and family get-togethers.

20: Laid-back

laid back working culture in Canada

A great reason to move is that Canadians are laid-back; the rumours are true. They don’t stand on ceremony and will speak to strangers with ease. New arrivals generally find it very easy to fit in, thanks to the warm welcome on offer.

So if you’re coming from a stressful environment, you’ll love chilling out with Canadians.

21: Clean air

Canada mountain lake

Canadians breathe some of the cleanest air on this planet according to the World Health Organisation. If you’re considering emigrating to Canada from the UK, this must be one of the top draws.

22. More space than you can imagine

reason to move to Canada mountains

Canada is huge. Seriously huge. It’s the second largest country in the world, next to Russia and there are only 36.71 million people living there. Compare that to the 66.02 million who live in the UK, and you will get an idea of how much space is available here.

There is the disadvantage of long distances between cities, but at least you’re less likely to be caught in a traffic jam.

23. Great food

There’s some fantastic food to be had in Canada. Farmers’ markets proliferate in smaller towns, and larger towns and cities pride themselves on their sophisticated and modern restaurants.

In addition to maple syrup, Canadian favourites you’ll grow to love include Saskatoon berry pie, poutine, bannock, butter tarts, Pierogi dumplings and Montreal-style bagels.

 And here’s our very own PSS Teddy enjoying coffee and doughnuts at the iconic Tim Horton’s – something you’ll certainly want to do whilst you’re in Canada:

24: Montreal and French Quebec

beautiful French Quebec

Montreal is a beautiful city; most people there indeed speak French, but the majority also speak good English too. However, if you want to live there, it’s a good idea to learn French as being bilingual is expected. The history, architecture, food and culture in Montreal is unforgettable.

25: More sun than the UK

Canada sunshine

Many areas of Canada enjoy more than 2000 hours of sun annually; compare that to the UK, which has only around 1493 per year. Sunshine is good for the soul!

26: Beaches

Cobourg beach Canada

You’d be forgiven for thinking Canada is all about mountains and forests when in fact, it boasts some stunning beaches too! Long Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is probably one of the most famous. Long, sandy shores with scenery to rival any you might see on a postcard –  this is just one of many to enjoy Canada-wide.

Yes, it’s true, you’ll even find sandy beaches on the Great Lakes!

27: Mountains

reason to move to Canada mountains

From the Rockies to the Three Sisters, Canada has some serious mountain action. Amazing snow-capped peaks offer not only stunning views but also amazing sporting opportunities, from skiing to hiking to paragliding if you’re that way inclined!

28: Niagara Falls

spectacular Niagara Falls

Who hasn’t heard of Niagara Falls? One of Canada’s most famous attractions, it’s a thrill to see the cascading waters for the first time. But when you live in Canada, you can be sure you’ll be heading back.

29: The Great Lakes

Great Lakes Canoe

A series of interconnected freshwater lakes mainly located in the upper mid-east section of the border between North America and Canada. The lakes connect to the Atlantic Ocean and offer beautiful walks, holiday opportunities and fishing.

What could be better than spending a sunny afternoon with your family paddling in a Canadian canoe with the spectacular North American wilderness as a backdrop?

 30: The USA is just a stone’s throw away

Florida beach USA

It takes no time to pop over the border to the USA. Offering a completely different lifestyle, who wouldn’t want to be so close to the joys of  Seattle, New York State and Hollywood.

Depending on where you live, the USA can be just a short drive down the road. What’s more, flights are cheap so it’s great to know that Florida is less than 3 hours away – the perfect winter escape.

31: Cheap living costs

Canada strong and free mug

Well-known for its affordability, Canadians earning an average wage can still afford a good quality of life. The cost of living is very comparable in Canada to the UK, but your overall purchasing power will be 5.5% better, according to Numbeo.

Also, with so much to do in the great outdoors and a more relaxed way of life, you may need much less shopping therapy!

32: Magnificent Wildlife

wildlife polar bears in Canada

From bobcats to bison and from beavers to bears, Canada really does have it all. There are amazing wild animals and birds to be seen across this vast country and what you see will differ from province to province.

33: Canada is a creative hub

Canada creative winter fun

It really is a place where the arts thrive. You only need to look at how many of Hollywood’s brightest and best are Canadian to see how much talent is nurtured there. Art, music and literature are highly valued, invested in and encouraged in Canadian cities. The funding for cultural activities is generous, and as a result, anyone artistic looking for reasons to move to Canada is already onto a winner,

34: Friendly, helpful and polite people

social friends restaurant

Canada has a reputation for being one of the friendliest countries in the world. The HSBC Expat Explorer Survey ranked them number 1 as most welcoming to migrants.

If you find yourself stuck in a snowdrift, there will be people willing to help, and if you’re from Britain and used to say ‘Sorry’ when someone steps on your foot, you’ll fit right in.

35: Quality but affordable university education

Canadian top universities education

With average England university fees now being the highest in the world, even more than the USA, according to the Student Load Repayment Calculator website, it’s good to know that in Canada, fees are less than half at $4761.

Even better, both Toronto, the University of British Columbia and McGill University all rank in the world’s top 50 according to the Times World University Rankings 2020

36: Respected passport

happy girls with Canadian Maple Leaf flag

The Canuck passport is among the most respected and accepted in the world. Canada also allows dual citizenship so it’s a welcome prize once you’ve passed the Canadian Citizenship Test.

37: A country you can be proud of

Canada may not be perfect, but it is getting there. With so many great reasons for moving to Canada, it’s no wonder that Canadians are so proud to be Canadian.

They even wrote a song about it for their 150th Anniversary:

Bonus reason: moving to Canada is easy

Every year, thousands of British expats and migrants move to Canada and have done so for generations. Therefore, moving your family and shipping your belongings is quite simple.

There are regular sailing of container ships carrying people’s personal effects with onward transfer to all parts of Canada.

Canadians are also renowned for making new migrants welcome, so you’ll soon be making friends and feeling at home.

Will you be moving to Canada?

container shipping moving to Vancouver

Unsurprisingly, many Brits considering the migration question are looking at Canada as their top option. The benefits of moving to Canada are clear: it’s a fantastic country with beautiful scenery, a forward-thinking culture and many opportunities.

With an array of beautiful places such as Vancouver, Toronto and British Columbia, the question becomes not “Why move to Canada?” but “When shall we move to Canada?”

So, as soon as you’re ready to go, give PSS International a call, and we’ll be able to get all your belongings there, no matter if you’re shipping a few boxes or need a large household removal service to Canada. If you’d like more advice on visas and the practicalities, check out our guide to moving to Canada.

Let’s get packing!

Reasons to move to Canada videos

If all the above was not enough, check out these videos – they will reveal why moving to Canada appeals to many migrants. Canada is great for travelling and an excellent place to live and make your home.

Here’s why everyone wants to move to Canada: