Why live in Malta? There are many great reasons and benefits for moving to this wonderful Mediterranean island. Here is our ultimate list of reasons to move to Malta.

Malta is a country like no other. Like Cyprus and Spain, it has many attractive places to visit, but it also has something extra that attracts many UK expats seeking a warmer climate without losing some of the familiarity that the UK offers.

The Republic of Malta is a relatively small country comprising of the islands of Malta, Gozo and Camino. It takes up just 121 square miles (316km2). With a population of around 500,000 and with official languages being English and Maltese, it is easy for those seeking a life in warmer climates to fit in without taking on the extra pressure of learning a new language.

Malta is a country steeped in history and culture, both in the many smaller towns and in the capital, Valletta. Over 90% of the population are Roman Catholic, and the 365 churches are a delight to view whether you follow a religion or not.

Malta offers the ideal holiday destination and is a great place to emigrate. Maltese organisations arrange events specifically for expats, and it is highly likely on your island travels that you will find an Irish or British-style pub that is a great place for expats to meet. You are sure to make friends among locals quickly, and many families are already making a move to Malta, seeking a better quality of life.

Not yet convinced it is for you? Why not look below at some other great reasons those seeking the perfect place to retire, start a new life or job, end up choosing Malta.

1. A great year-round climate

Reasons to move to Malta Old Fort Saint Michael

Malta has a Mediterranean climate and is sunny all year round, so is perfect for people looking to escape the British winter. The coldest January month only drops to around 13°C and there is just an average of 11 cms of rain in November. Summer months offer around 12 hours of sunshine a day in August, and the hottest month of July shows average temperatures of 27°C.

Warm sea temperatures in August offer fantastic bathing opportunities. You will not find much snow around, which is great for those who suffer in cold weather

2. Beaches offering diving, quiet hideaways and sunbathing aplenty

Malta offers a diverse range of beaches, and the more relaxed and slower pace of life will give you plenty of opportunities to explore. Extended daylight hours with warm sunshine, low rainfall and time on your hands will allow you to explore all the island’s beaches on moving to Malta.

You could visit Malta’s longest beach at Mellieha Bay, a wonderfully long sandy stretch. If you love diving, the Coral Lagoon offers a breathtaking chance to get your diving gear out, and you will always find someone willing to teach you if the diving opportunities on the island are hard to resist. Armier Bay is a quiet coastal hideaway, yet to be discovered by the crowds if you are looking for a peaceful spot for a few hours.

3. No rush to learn a new language

A benefit of moving to Malta is that the Maltese people are friendly and welcoming, and you will undoubtedly impress them if you attempt to learn some of their local language and culture. As mentioned, English is widely spoken in Malta amongst all generations and is classified as a primary language alongside Maltese. So there are opportunities to take some time to learn Maltese if you wish.

4. Excellent education choices for all children

For younger families, the Maltese state school system draws inspiration from the British system. All children from 3-16 have the right to free education in the state school provision. There are options for post-secondary education from 16 years of age, similar to the UK sixth form, college and higher secondary education offerings, depending on the individual’s academic and exam achievements. This can be followed by university or tertiary education around 18 years of age. The standard of education in Malta is high, and free transport is provided if needed, as well as school resources. Parents are expected to buy uniforms, the same as in the UK.

Malta also offers a private school education system, with around 30% of students in Malta attending a private school. They also have Catholic Church schools which do not charge school fees but require fixed donations from parents to cover teacher salaries each year. Transport, books, materials and uniforms also are paid for by parents. Lessons are taught in English, and Maltese language lessons are also offered.

5. A laid-back and slower pace of life awaits

Gozo Malta

Malta offers a Mediterranean way of life that is far more relaxed and laid back. Living in the UK can be frantic, rushed, and often leaves you little time to enjoy the quieter and more restful pace that our Mediterranean friends thrive on.

So a move to Malta offers the chance to take life at a slower pace alongside locals who enjoy more family time and the slower pace of living with longer, warmer days and less importance on urgency.

6. Perfect for UK cars, and they drive on the same side of the road

In Malta, just like in the UK, they drive on the left-hand side of the road, which means you can quickly adapt to driving there.

It is also relatively easy to ship and import your UK right-hand drive vehicle which can be a big money saver. Check out our guide about shipping your car to Malta.

7. English is widely spoken in shops, offices and restaurants

We have mentioned the wide use of English before, but we should highlight it as a great reason to choose Malta. The comfort of knowing that you will be understood anywhere and in all aspects of your new life is one less thing to worry over when making a move to a new life in a new country. Malta has so many delights that it will still be an adventure, just one without the extra hassle of a language barrier.

8. A very safe country with hardly any crime

Malta has a low level of crime, and the police work hard to keep it down. Nowhere can be guaranteed crime-free, but Malta certainly offers a lower level of crime than the UK, and many other destinations popular for Britons seeking a life abroad. From education throughout schools on prevention initiatives to reducing re-offending rates and lowering specific crime incidents, strategies are in place to streamline and tackle crime prevention.

9. Great value properties with plenty of character

A great benefit of moving to Malta is that property prices in Malta are extremely reasonable and you will be able to find suitable accommodation whether you are on a budget, or looking for luxury. Make sure to check out the A Place in the Sun Live exhibition for a range of properties available.

Malta has different types of properties including houses of character. Although older, they are highly spacious as they were built for larger families. These houses use modern architecture and are very popular with expats.  For the best value for money properties, look outside the popular areas, many spacious properties can be found for less than £200,000!

10. Reasonable cost of daily living

Malta Marina great reasons to move to malta

Whilst many indexes quote the cost of living to be similar or slightly more expensive than the UK, there are certainly some opportunities to save money over UK costs, depending on how you shop or eat out, with some restaurants being cheaper for a comparable meal. The fuel cost in Malta is more reasonable than in the UK, so you will find it less expensive to explore and find the best value for shopping and household goods.

11. It is easy to move there!

Malta is such a delightful place with some of the English home comforts and yet the delights of the Mediterranean aplenty; it is no wonder that there are many cost-effective services to help you with a move for work or pleasure to Malta.

Whether you need help with financial advice, property purchasing, or shipping your car and belongings to Malta, it’s easy to find those with knowledge and experience to help you. You can contact the friendly PSS team to get a quote or ask questions about removals to Malta at any time.

12. Low tax rates

For those ordinarily resident but not domiciled in Malta, income is only taxable on that which arises or is remitted to Malta. Capital gains arising outside Malta, irrespective of whether they are remitted within Malta or not, are tax-free.

With a similar income tax-free allowance to the UK before tax becomes payable, Malta offers a starting rate of 15% up to £21,200. Then earnings up to £60,000 at 25%, after which it becomes 35%. So you will have more money from your earnings and income left for your life in Malta. An individual’s tax position and domicile status should be checked to verify actual rates.

13. Free healthcare for UK nationals

Again depending on your residency status, whether you are on a work posting, receive a UK state pension, or meet the Maltese Social Security system requirements, you may qualify for free healthcare. There may be a requirement to pay social security contributions, and you can access health care appointments through a health centre closest to your home without registering with a GP.

Every village has at least one pharmacy that offers GP services and dispensary facilities, with some offering specialist services appointments. As an expat with a work permit, you will receive free healthcare in Malta.

14. Vibrant cities and towns

Malta Marsaxlokk

If you are looking for culture and great experiences, head to Valletta. Whilst it is small in comparison to many capital cities, it certainly has some incredible experiences for visitors. Valletta offers a great mix of history dating back to the 16th century, and glimpses of the past can be found in grand fortifications. Valletta has also moved with the times to offer a host of cultured restaurants, experiences, and landmarks to explore.

If you want to escape cars completely, the ancient ‘Silent City’ of Mdina is high on a hillside. You can experience sweeping views, mazy streets full of historical architecture, and not a car in sight.

There are many towns and cities to choose from, whether you are looking to enjoy ancient history or discover the cosmopolitan delights of the shopping and cuisine offered in spots such as Sliema or waterfront walks and dining in St. Julians.

15. Quality private healthcare

Malta is renowned for offering one of the world’s top healthcare destinations. Medical care in Malta is affordable, so it certainly isn’t a deterrent if you need to pay. As an expat, many inexpensive medical insurance policies provide a range of plans that offer basic hospital cover through to full GP services.

16. Great WiFi and internet

WiFi and internet in Malta are pretty good, with various services depending on your location. Being a small country has advantages with 5g being rolled out and 1,000 Mbps home internet being offered everywhere in Malta and Gozo. You will also find a wide range of free WiFi spots around Malta.

17. A rich history 

Great reasons to move to Malta culture and history

Malta has a rich history and has links to France, Spain, Britain, the Romans, Carthaginians, Arabs and Phoenicians. During world war 2 Malta was known as the Nurse of the Mediterranean as its location allowed the British army to recover from battle. In 1942, Malta was awarded the George Cross for their role in the war and it has been on its national flag since 1943.

You may also notice British architecture when visiting Malta, such as St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral spotted in Valletta and the Royal Naval Hospital in Kalkara.

18. Local markets and produce

From fish markets to farmer’s markets, there are plenty of opportunities to buy fresh produce locally sourced directly from the island’s producers.

There is also the largest market on the island in the capital Valletta on Sundays, offering a wide range of clothing, shoes, traditional Maltese treats and souvenirs, and antiques for your new home. Valletta also has smaller markets throughout the week.

19. An amazing variety of food

If you have visited Malta before, you will know that Maltese cuisine is full of flavours and uses fresh ingredients. Pastizzi is a popular pastry, often filled with mushy peas and ricotta cheese, however, you may spot different variations such as anchovy, corned beef, or apple used as a filling. This delicious snack will have a crispy flaky dough and can be purchased from cafés, bars and from street vendors in Malta.

Hobz Biz Zejt is another popular snack in Malta. The main ingredients are olive oil, salt and capers. This snack is often served as an appetizer before the main meal or something to nibble on in a bar.

If you are looking for a filling meal, Stuffat Tal Fenek (Maltese Stewed Rabbit) is a very popular national dish. Rabbit was introduced to Malta by the Phoenicians, and has been a popular dish since. You will find Stuffat Tal Fenek in many of the popular Maltese restaurants as a main course.

20. Travel from Malta

Once you have got to grips with the beautiful island of Malta, it’s pretty easy to take a trip to neighbouring Gozo, taking only 20 minutes by ferry. There is a daily market in the capital Victoria and a wealth of other delights awaiting you. The small island of Comino is car-free and apart from one hotel, is virtually uninhabited but is perfect for day trips and weekend breaks.

Slightly further afield trips to Tunisia, Sardinia, Sicily and Greece are all within easy reach.

21. Easy to get to the UK and anywhere in the world

Malta’s central location makes it easy not just to hop back to the UK but also to any European city and other popular destinations worldwide.

Malta’s airport offers flights from 24 airlines flying to 100 airports around the world, so if you still have wanderlust, the world is your oyster. Although we reckon once you move there, you’ll feel little desire to leave the island!

22. Perfect for retirement

Malta is an attractive destination for many retirees due to its affordable cost of living, as well as its peaceful lifestyle and climate. On average the cost of living is 36.7% cheaper compared to the UK, contributing to the growing number of British expats who have made the move to Malta. For retirees looking for a quieter lifestyle, Gozo and Mellieha are popular destinations. For a faster paced lifestyle, Mdina and Valletta are great options.

23. So many things to do for fans of culture

If you are a fan of historical sites, there is more than enough to keep you busy for a lifetime in Malta. These include the Ggantija Temples. This temple complex is one of the oldest structures in the world, dating back to 3200BC – 3600BC, with many archaeologists believing this building was previously used as a ritual or a place of worship. St John’s Co-Cathedral is another historic site and was used by the Knights of Malta as a conventual church.

If you are looking to visit the best beaches in Malta, Rambla and Ghardira Bay are great destinations and have nearby entertainment. You can also escape to the peaceful San Anton Gardens or watch a show at the Manoel Theatre.

24. So much too for adrenaline junkies

For the adventurous, there is outdoor swimming in stunning locations such as St Peter’s Pool and the Blue Hole beneath the Azure Window. Other activities include many scuba diving opportunities, paddle boarding, exploring the spooky St. Paul’s Catacombs and horse riding. You can then spend your evenings dangling above the city at Dinner In The Sky or partying in St. Julian’s in Valletta.

25. The choice of Hollywood

The rich diversity of Malta’s landscapes and heritage combined with the relatively low cost of living has led the islands to become a favourite with movie and TV producers. Big productions include Game of Thrones, Assassins Creed, Jurassic World Dominium, Gladiator and The Da Vinci Code to name just a few.

The set of the 80s musical comedy film, the colourful Popeye’s Village has even been turned into a theme park!

In fact, we know of at least eight movies being filmed in Malta in 2023. Why not make Malta your home and experience those breathtaking movie backdrops on a daily basis?

Are you ready or thinking of moving to Malta?

Malta is a truly unique destination for those looking to spend more than holiday time in such a delightful and cultured spot. Families, retirees and working professionals looking for sunnier days and a change of outlook can undoubtedly find a home and life in Malta that will make their friends green with envy.

For more information on making the dream a reality visit our website, or contact us for a quote.  We regularly help people move from the UK to Malta and offer great rates for everything from shipping boxes, and luggage to container shipping services for household removals and cars.