Why not live in Spain? Thousands of Brits have not been put off by Brexit and are currently migrating to enjoy the benefits of living in Spain.

Is now a good time to move to Spain? Many British still think so and it will take a lot more than Brexit to put them off their dream of living in the sun.

Whilst there have been some reports of Brits returning from Spain, most are still remaining and thousands more are joining them every year. Whilst Spain reports around 300,000 British registered to live in Spain, the BBC reports the actual number at 760,000.

At PSS International Removals we have actually seen the number of enquiries about moving to Spain increase in 2023. You may have though people would have been put off by Brexit, the Covid pandemic and now the cost of living crisis, but that certainly is not the case. According to Rightmove UK enquiries to Spanish Estate Agents has increased by one third. Also despite Brexit making it more difficult, the Land Registry in Spain shows that the number of British buyer transactions is now at its highest level since 2018. Brits are still the biggest overseas market for Spain in 2023, accounting for 12 per cent of foreign transactions

So why do so many people want to move to Spain?

There are so many reasons but the benefits are clear and there’s never been a better time to move to Spain. There may be uncertainties surrounding Brexit but what is certain is that Brits will always enjoy the sun, sea and culture of Spain.

This is a country which is offering some of the most important and desirable lifestyle changes that emigrating Brits are searching for. The things which we hold dear, the important things such as healthcare, quality of life and culture are all aspects of living in Spain which is, undeniably, of excellent quality.

1. Spain is topping the UK in many ways

Spain top European country to migrate to_1

Our list is clear and the first in our list is without a doubt among the top reasons to move to Spain! The HSBC Expat Explorer Survey which has been in existence for 12 years and which gathers data from thousands of expats all over the world couldn’t have put things more clearly and has this year listed Spain as far ahead of the UK in many aspects. Spain ranks ahead of the UK in the following;

      • Work/life balance
      • Healthcare
      • Safety
      • Quality of life
      • Social life

Overall Spain ranks 4th in the world and the UK 27th. Check the survey yourself here HSBC Expat Explorer Survey and see for yourself the advantages Spain offers.

It’s no secret why so many British people are weighing up the balance and choosing to move to Spain from the UK.

2. Spain ranks first in the PSS survey of European countries for Brits to migrate to

top 20 european brexit 2 1

That’s right, number one (or should we say numero uno). There’s no doubt about it that Spain remains the most popular choice for people looking for a special home in Europe. Check out the PSS survey for yourself. Want to know why? Then read on…

3. All year round sunshine!

family move to spain beach

It’s an undeniable factor in anyone making a list of all the most valid reasons to move to Spain. The weather is gorgeous. Hot and sunny in the summertime and soft and gentle during the spring and autumn months, it’s a real draw for anyone who wants to experience a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle.

4. Community

local festival in Spain

The Spanish are well-known for their high regard for all things community-based. This stems from their commitment to all things family-related and they understand the importance of strong community bonds. This means that people taking the plunge and choosing to relocate to Spain will find that they are welcomed with open arms.

People make an effort to get to know newcomers and as far as your wellbeing is concerned, there’s not much more life affirming than the knowledge you live in a community that cares about you. Add this to your reasons to retire in Spain list! It’s a well-known fact that living as part of a close community improves the quality of life and health!

5. Great work prospects

Barcelona job and business opportunities

HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey also revealed some telling figures regarding employment among expats living in Spain with 88% of expats living in Spain being in employment compared to only 78% of expats in general. Looking to move to Spain from the UK can seriously improve your job prospects as well as your lifestyle.

Spain is also very popular with British expats setting up their own business. No matter whether you’re a café owner or tradesperson serving other expats and holidaymakers or starting a new online venture, Spain could be the perfect location.

6. Amazing property opportunities

seaside properties in Spain

Spain is a large country and with much of it boasting a year-round warm climate, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing somewhere to live.

The architecture is a mix of older, slightly chocolate-box properties and new-build apartments. Depending on your needs, you will find a lot of choice in terms of both property type and cost. It’s generally understood though that you can get much more for your money in Spain than you can in the UK.

Organising a mortgage in Spain is a very similar process to that in the UK so there are no frighteningly foreign rules and regulations to get around. Of all the reasons to live in Spain, this is a big one because for many people, the knowledge that they will be able to find a home they love and can afford brings real peace of mind.

The wide choice of property in Spain is impressive; from neat and affordable apartments to sprawling, rural retreats and everything in between, you’re sure to find the perfect home for your new life in Spain.

If you would like to find out about what properties are currently available, we recommend checking out Unique Homes Spain. They have a property available for every style and budget from traditional Fincas with land to contemporary new build villas and apartments – you’ll be amazed at how far your budget can go!

7. Quality of life

living in Spain

The effects of living in an environment that is not only warm and sunny but also breathtakingly beautiful, aren’t to be taken lightly. Spain is a truly stunning country from its golden beaches to its heart-stopping mountain vistas, you can walk in the genuine wilderness here and yet still be close to town. The freedom and lack of constraints in terms of space make Spain a great place to live.

8. It’s great for children

children living in Spain

Children in Spain are blessed with the most astounding playground ever in that the beaches, hills, forests and historical towns are theirs to enjoy. The Spanish attitude towards children is warm and accepting.

You won’t find much judgement here when it comes to free-range kids! In terms of education, there are a wide range of schools and a large number of British schools in Spain which follow the British style of teaching and teach in English. For more details about British schools in Spain, look at the website of The National Association of British Schools in Spain

9. Retirement in Spain is magical

retired couple in Spain

According to the many thousands of Brits who’ve made the move, the lifestyle and degree of security in Spain far surpass that to be found in the UK. Healthcare in Spain is among the best in Europe and the low cost of small houses and apartments is a big draw.

You needn’t worry about being too far from your loved ones either. With affordable flights and excellent travel deals available, your friends and relatives can share in your new home!

10. You’ll possibly live longer

live longer in Spain 1

That’s a good reason to seriously consider making a move to Spain! The average lifespan of a resident of Spain is currently 83.over 40 years whilst that of a British resident is 81.60.

And it’s no wonder when you have all the advantages of fresh air, sun, sea, great food and less stress.

11. The Siesta

living in Spain siesta

The siesta is a Spanish tradition that has refused to go away even as the country has grown and become faster paced over the years. Taking a short nap at the hottest point of the day is a sensible move and a very pleasant one!

Most people find that the generally slower pace of life in Spain is very agreeable once they make the adjustment. Shops in Spain will typically close between 2.00pm and 5.00pm, giving everyone a chance to take a break.

12. The Mediterranean diet

The amazing food which you’ll discover in Spain is a big part of why the people of Spain are in general healthier than in many other parts of the world. Rich in good quality fruit and vegetables, oils and fish, most people remark on the fact that food here is eaten seasonally, meaning that it’s far fresher than in other countries.

13. Spain’s incredibly rich history

history and culture in Spain

Spain is culturally one of the most fascinating countries in the world. With a rich and chequered history, culture enthusiasts will find plenty to interest them in Spain including mediaeval buildings and quaint, walled villages.

14. Markets

spanish market

Spanish markets are amazing: there are wonderful markets all over Spain, it’s a real tradition and most towns and even smaller villages have their weekly markets where visitors can purchase produce handmade crafts and gifts. Leather is particularly popular in Spain as there is a long tradition of extremely fine workmanship.

15. World-famous nightlife

night life living in Spain

Nightclubs are a big part of how the Spanish make their living. Not all towns are full of party animals but those that are really know how to do it.

Once Ibiza put Spain on the map in the 1980s as the party capital of the world there was no looking back, and many thousands of visitors flock to certain parts of Spain all year round to enjoy the world-class DJ’s and nightlife.

16. Beaches like you’ve never seen

Mallorca Bay beach

We’re not just talking about those popular holiday destinations here but also those hidden, little-known gems which are often well-kept local secrets.

We’re talking about beaches like Cala Pregonda in Menorca where the beautiful, long and golden beach is protected by pink rocks which stud the area and add an air of mystery to the spot.

Or the turquoise waters of Cala Llombards in Majorca where children can play safely in warm, shallow waters and adults can snorkel or enjoy the relaxing sound of the ocean in one of Europe’s most stunning spots.

17. Small-town Spanish life

British expats in small town Spanish cafe

As one happy expat puts it, “everyone is equal here, the local millionaire drinks coffee in the cafe alongside the town window cleaner and everyone gets along.”

Residents of rural Spain, in particular, enjoy a special kind of old-fashioned and simple lifestyle which in many cases hasn’t really changed for hundreds of years. Because some of these towns are a little remote, they are very supportive and very self-sufficient.

18. Moving to Spain from the UK is easy!

removals van to Spain

As so many Brits make the move to Spain each year, the whole process is very easy. There is a whole industry of experts ready to provide advice in English to make your move as smooth and stress free as possible. These include UK real estate agents in Spain, conveyancing and property solicitors and of course international removals from UK to Spain!

19. Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn

learning Spanish

Spanish is known to be one of the simplest European languages to learn as well as one of the most beautiful sounding!

Whilst the grammar and sentence structure might be different, they both have their roots in Latin and share thousands of ‘cognates’, words that sound the same and have the same meaning. Some examples are ‘academic’ and ‘academico’ and ‘domestic’ and ‘domestico’.

This makes getting by much, much easier and as Spanish people are so forgiving and encouraging, you’ll find it a joy to try out your new language skills – no matter how basic!

20. Cheaper day-to-day living costs

Spanish city living

It’s long been a well-known fact that the cost of living in Spain is cheaper than in the UK. Nothing has changed and current figures state that the general cost of living in Spain is cheaper by as much as 18.2% when compared to the UK and rent costs are 33.19% lower in Spain than in the UK.

That’s a big saving no matter how you look at it. Freeing up almost half of what you’d usually spend on rent is a real opportunity. That’s the sort of money which makes a difference in life…perhaps affording the opportunity to start a business or to take more holidays!

21. Spanish People

friendly and welcoming Spanish family

The Spanish are known for their warmth, their humour, their generosity and their love of a good time. There’s no pretension and a welcome is always on offer if you’re looking for one. In other words, you can expect to be greeted with kindness when you arrive in your new Spanish home and you needn’t worry about making friends either. The Spanish are well-known for their love of socialising and if you’re open and friendly, then your neighbours will also be open and friendly!

22. A Vibrant British Expat Community

British expats in Spain

Over 300,000 British Expats have already moved to Spain and millions of British tourists (18.8 million in 2017) visit Spain every year.

You, therefore, don’t have to go far to find home comforts and English voices. So no matter whether it’s fish and chips, Costa Coffee or your local pub, you’ll find them all in Spain.

And if you are feeling homesick and want to escape the Spanish sun then the UK is only a short, cheap flight away so you can easily pop back and show off your suntan!

Here are five more reasons to move to Spain from Kamrun -a UK migrant who did it and is now living the dream!

23. Brexit – A great reason to move to Spain this year

The British love affair with sunny Spain has lasted hundreds of years and there is no way Brexit is going to change that! In fact, if you’re fed up with all the non-stop Brexit debate and speculation then there has never been a better time to relocate.

Also, Spain welcomes migrants and property buyers from outside the EU, so migrating to Spain even after the UK leaves the EU will still likely be very achievable.

But with all these benefits of living in Spain, why wait?


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