Thinking about moving to Switzerland? Get inspired with 21 reasons why you should make the move

 If you find yourself growing tired of where you live and are contemplating a change of scenery, it’s an excellent opportunity to contemplate relocating. Europe is dotted with an abundance of remarkable countries, each with its unique charm. However, if you’re seeking a destination that promises to fulfil all your desires and expectations, Switzerland should be at the top of your list.

Known for its stunning landscapes, high quality of life, and cultural richness, Switzerland offers a blend of scenic beauty, economic stability, and a multilingual environment that’s hard to find elsewhere. Read below to find out why you should relocate to Switzerland.

1. Beautiful nature

Nature in Switzerland

The nature, landscapes, and scenery in Switzerland are hard to beat. Not only are these natural sights enough on their own, for example, the Swiss Alps and Zermatt, but when combined, it does help to make sure that you fall in love with everything that Switzerland has to offer.

Not only this, but the variety of options for you to enjoy is so varied too, that you will never get bored of simply looking around and taking it all in!

2. Great job opportunities and higher salaries

Job opportunities and high salary

When it comes to working, those who move to Switzerland are going to be able to enjoy not only a wealth of job opportunities but also a chance to earn some high salaries.

Of course, this is truer for some locations and industries compared to others; however, those who work in both Geneva and Zurich who are part of the banking and insurance industry are often those who obtain the highest salaries.

3. Low taxes

Low taxes

Whilst tax (and how much you pay) shouldn’t be the main reason why you move to a particular country, it has to be said that knowing your local taxes are lower than they need to be, can be a real helping hand when it comes to choosing where you would like to live.

It will mean less stress when it comes to money, allowing you to enjoy more of your hobbies and interests.

4. Winter sports

Winter sports

Thanks to the weather, one of the things that is enjoyed in Switzerland, is winter sports. Whether you are an expert or someone who just wants to try out a new sporting activity, there is plenty to choose from. This includes winter sports such as; skiing, ice hockey and snowboarding.

There is something for everyone, all in beautiful surroundings and with plenty of chances to ensure that practice makes perfect.

5. Amazing education

Amazing education

We all want the very best for our children and their futures, which means that when they are growing up, we are going to want to secure them a great school and education.

Switzerland is well known for providing children with a high level of education, this is spread out across a variety of their schools, including; the University of Geneva, Institut Le Rosey and Brillantmont International too.

6. It’s great for families

Great for families

We have already looked at how Switzerland is a great choice if you are looking to provide your child with a high level of education. However, more than that, it is an all-round great place to raise a family.

The country is well known for providing a high quality of life, with a great healthcare system. Not only this, but the environment around you is clean and it is known to be somewhere that you can raise your children safely too.

7. There are so many friendly people there

In order to really feel that you fit in with your new home, you are going to be looking to the people that already live there to see whether or not they give a friendly impression. One thing that is true for Switzerland is that the people who call it their home are known to be friendly.

Whether this is something that comes naturally to them, or that comes about thanks to the great quality of life, all we know is that it is a place full of smiles.

8. English is widely spoken

English widely spoken_3

Moving to a new country can be a rather daunting experience, especially if you are not fluent in the language that is spoken there. Of course, it is always recommended that you do what you can to learn the native language, but for that initial period, it’s good to know that English is widely spoken. This helps you when it comes to finding work, making friends, and also for general everyday life when it comes to being a Swiss resident.

9. It is safe

No matter where you live in the world you are always going to want to feel safe. Switzerland is recognised as being one of the safest places to live in Europe. In the UK the crime rate is reported as being 75.88 per 1000 people, whereas in Switzerland this is much lower at 48.00 per 1000 people. This is considerably less and is something that shows just how safe Switzerland is to live.

10. There is a large expat community

Whilst many people decide to move away from the UK to another country to try out a new culture, there are plenty of benefits to having people around you who have at least some of the same life experiences as you. Many people who move to Switzerland appreciate that there is a large expat community to support you during and after your move.

Not only may you be able to find some new friends, but, you can also use this community to help you to sound off about the issues you face, as well as get ideas of things that you may need to do in the future.

We specialise in assisting UK movers with their removals to Switzerland, so if you wish to join the great expat community in Switzerland, we will be more than happy to help you.

11. Delicious food


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One thing that you will fall in love with when you are living in Switzerland is the delicious national dishes that you can try. Some of the most popular dishes in Switzerland include cheese fondues, raclettes, and Swiss chocolates too. Best of all, you can perfectly combine all of these things into a delicious evening of trying a variety of foods. What better way could there be to spend your time?

12. Enjoy a variety of festivals

Just like many other countries around the world, in Switzerland, there are amazing festivals and celebrations where you can come together to really let your hair down and enjoy some time with friends and family.

There are a variety of festivals, meaning that you are likely to find one that matches the things that you like to do. Some examples of these festivals include the Basel Carnival, the Swiss Yodelling Festival, and Swiss National Day too.

13. Indulge in musicals and performing arts events

When you think about musicals and performing arts you may not always think of Switzerland, however, there are plenty of amazing musical and performing arts events that you can indulge in. This includes Theatre 11 in Zurich and Le Theatre du Leman in Geneva. Both of which are well known for showcasing some incredible performing arts, shows and musicals too.

14. Sample some of the delicious wines

If you are ready to try out the amazing foods that Switzerland has to offer, then one thing is true, you are going to need some equally tasty wine to enjoy at the same time. Thankfully Switzerland is known for some incredible wines produced from the world-famous wine regions of Vakaus and Vaud, both of which have bottles that you are just going to fall in love with as soon as you try them.

15. Amazing public transport network


Not everyone wants to have to rely on their car to get around, however, they may worry that this is not possible in a new country. The good news if you choose to move to Switzerland is that you will be able to enjoy the amazing public transport network.

In fact, many people said that you do not need to worry about having a car to get around if you live in Switzerland, instead, you can rely on the public transport network to get you around quickly and efficiently too.

16. Shop until you drop

Shop until you drop

Whilst you may feel like spending all of your time exploring the amazing natural beauty that Switzerland has to offer; if you do decide that you want to treat yourself, then you will be pleased to know that there is a wealth of shopping opportunities.

Especially if you head to some of the larger towns and cities, where they have a mixture of local stores as well as big-name brands that you may see elsewhere in the world.

17. Head to the outdoor markets

Outdoor market

Take your shopping to the next level by visiting some of the many outdoor markets that are spread out throughout the country. These are held all through the year, so no matter the weather, you will be able to find a place to spend some time.

Some of the highlights include Plainpalais Flea Market in Geneva, Puces de Nyon in Nyon, and the famous Lausanne market. Here you will find a mixture of local traders selling crafts as well as delicious local food, drink and produce too.

18. Incredible chocolate

Switzerland is famed for the incredibly delicious chocolate that it produces. So much so, that the brands that produce Swiss chocolate are known around the world.

Amongst these, the Lindt Chocolate Factory has to be one of the main examples of this, where you can see where the world-famous chocolates are made to then be shipped elsewhere around the world.

19. It is in the heart of Europe

Whilst there is plenty for you to do in Switzerland, there may very well be times when you want to explore Europe a little bit further.

The good news for those people who want to get out there in the world is that Switzerland is in the heart of Europe. This makes it incredibly easy to visit other popular countries including France, Italy, Germany, England and Austria.

20. Sunday is a rest day

Sunday rest

We all wish that we had more time to rest and spend time with those closest to us, but let’s be honest, many of us find it hard to actually manage to do this and spend much of our time working instead of relaxing.

In Switzerland Sunday is a designated rest day, people have to leave their working world behind them and instead focus on doing the things that they want to do, with the people that they want to do it with. A real way to remind yourself of the beauty of family time and achieving the very best work-life balance.

21. Dive into a lake or two

If you love the idea of being able to swim in cold, open water, then the good news for you that if is you move to Switzerland then you will find over 7000 different lakes. These are scattered throughout the country and you will be able to explore not only their natural beauty but also some of the activities that are on offer there too.

Lake Geneva is the biggest and in turn one of the most popular, whilst you can also visit Lake Lucerne, Lake Lugano and so many more.

Are you looking for assistance in moving your personal belongings to Switzerland?

If you are looking for somewhere to relocate to in order to raise your family, work on your career and to spend time doing what you love; then Switzerland is a place to consider moving to. It is not only an incredibly beautiful country that has so much to give you in the way of natural beauty, but it is also a place of fun too.

Moving there can feel like a big ask, especially when you have lots of things in your existing home that are going to need to be moved, but it is possible to do with relative ease. You just need to get in touch with us here at PSS Removals. We are experts in moving people to personal belongings including shipping boxes and furniture.