Why so many people moving to Canada are choosing to live in Toronto, Ottawa and other parts of Ontario

Anyone looking at reasons to move to Ontario, or more specifically to Ottawa or Toronto, will quickly learn that Ontario is considered to be the ‘best province’. There are many reasons for this and we’ll touch on the strongest shortly.

One notable appeal of Ontario is its proximity to major U.S. cities like New York and Los Angeles. This makes it a popular choice for professionals desiring easy access to these cultural centres. However, it’s important to recognise Ontario’s own vibrant cultural landscape and healthy economy.

Ontario’s vastness offers a diverse range of experiences. From scenic countryside boasting historic trails for hiking, to bustling areas rich in culture, industry, and art, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, Ontario is known for its exceptionally friendly populace, aligning with Canada’s reputation for polite and welcoming residents.

For those in the UK contemplating a move to Ontario, we’ve compiled compelling reasons to choose this province, whether your destination is Toronto, Ottawa, or another location.

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1: Canada appreciates and welcomes migrants

Canada Goose Wawa Ontario

Canada, including Toronto and Ontario, not only needs migrants but is also very welcoming too. It is a country that is built on immigration and is very accommodating to different cultures, races and backgrounds.

Canada’s skilled migration programme is open for applicants. To find out how you can apply and to make the application process smoother, we suggest getting advice from Brazolot Migration. If you’re moving to Canada, you will feel welcomed and appreciated.

2: The spectacular Niagara Falls

spectacular Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is possibly one of the most famous landmarks on the planet and for good reason! Closer to Toronto than Ottawa, it’s actually not just one waterfall but three! The falls span the border between Canada and the state of New York and have the highest flow rate of any waterfall in North America. When you live in Ontario it’ll just be a short drive away.

3: High quality housing in outstanding neighbourhoods

modern spacious housing in Canada

If you’re thinking of emigrating to Ontario, you’ll be amazed at the many spacious and beautiful houses available. Whilst, like anywhere, you’ll find the city centres of Toronto and Ottawa quite expensive, when you move further out into the suburbs or some of the many charming nearby towns, you will be spoilt for choice.

Ottawa in particular has a lot of desirable housing spread across a good variety of neighbourhoods; each area retains its own unique ambience and cost-wise you can get great housing for relatively low spend. Most notable are The Glebe and ByWard Market, with picturesque streets, great schools and a lively atmosphere.

4: Toronto’s Entertainment District

Toronto Entertainment District

This is basically Canada’s answer to Broadway but with an added bohemian vibe, and once you see it in person you’ll know why! It’s a self-contained district which is dedicated to theatre, art and performance and even has its own walk of fame!

5: World-Class Universities

Toronto University

The University of Toronto is highly esteemed as one of the top-ranked universities globally and the leading institution in Canada, renowned for its academic excellence, groundbreaking research, and diverse program offerings.

6: Toronto and Ottawa are leading-lights in the tech industry

Oracle office Toronto

The capital has always been known as a political centre, but has become known as a technology centre. Since the 1980s, the Kitchener-Waterloo area has been known as the Silicon Valley of Canada and in recent years Ottawa has forged ahead and is now home to more than 2,000 tech companies, with big employers such as Apple, Nokia and Amazon in the mix.

But not to be out done the rest of Ontario including Toronto is now also a technology hot spot with companies such as Shopify, Oracle, Cisco, Ecobee and Wattpad to name just a few.

Anyone considering moving to Ottawa from the UK will find that there’s plenty of opportunity waiting for them.

7: World class hiking, camping and outdoor adventures!

Outdoor adventure at Bridal Veil Falls

Canada is home to some of the world’s most outstanding natural scenery; with mountains, forests, stunning beaches and beautiful rivers to be enjoyed by the intrepid adventurer right across this large country.

Not only does it boast outstanding natural beauty but Canada also takes care of its natural resources very seriously and the landscape is unspoiled, scrupulously clean and well-cared for. The environment is a big issue in Canada with governments committed to keeping Canada beautiful.

8: Moving house to Ontario is easy!

When you move to Ontario, no matter whether it’s Toronto, Ottawa or any of the other beautiful towns in the province, you’ll find that international removals are easy to organise.

Toronto is a popular container port and handles many arrivals from the UK and elsewhere every year. At PSS we help thousands of families move to Canada so not only do we have unrivalled experience, but we can also offer very economical rates. You can check out more on our removals to Canada page.

9: Canada is one of the top ten safest countries globally

bicycle and Canadian flag

Canada is listed as 11th The Global Peace Index which ranks countries for the safety of resident citizens and, looking at a different study from the Economist Intelligence Unit, Toronto has recently been ranked as one of the the world’s safest cities. It would seem that moving to Toronto or emigrating to Ottawa grows more appealing with each and every study that’s undertaken!

10: Toronto’s Rattlesnake Point


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Awe-inspiring landscapes are often those which change mile-to-mile and Rattlesnake Point Conservation Park certainly has variety! Diverse forest landscapes teeming with wildlife; rock climbing; fishing; hiking trails which take in some of Canada’s most breathtaking scenery…it’s a place of magic and adventure.

11: Become bilingual in Ottawa

Ottawa City Canada

Most locals in Ottawa speak both French and English; this is a feature of many Canadian cities and dates back to the early days of French immigration when a great number of people settled across the country. French heritage is strong in Ottawa and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to speak the language of romance.

12: Ottawa boasts the world’s largest outdoor ice skating rink

Ice skating on Rideau Canal

Stretching for almost 8km, the section of the Rideau Canal that’s turned into a rink during the winter months affords visitors and residents the chance to become an outstanding skater. Delicious food is sold from kiosks along this stretch of canal with speciality donuts called Beaver Tails being one of the most popular snacks!

13: Toronto’s Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres

Elgin Theatre

A historical triumph that was restored in the eighties, this is an unusual theatre of great beauty – the Winter Garden Theatre features a ceiling that’s cloaked in a living mantle of plants which trail downwards and lend the auditorium an air of otherworldly magic.

14: Learn about Canada’s First Nations People

First Nation festival Canada

If you’re considering emigrating to Ontario then you’re sure to be curious about Canada’s First Nations People. The legacy of Canada’s indigenous population is fiercely protected and promoted in an effort to keep the traditions and lifestyle of the First Nations People alive and thriving. There are many experiences which visitors can book which are both enlightening and entertaining. Ontario has some particularly fascinating cultural learning experiences to participate in.

15: Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands are a chain of no less than fifteen small islands in Lake Ontario which is just south of Toronto. Historical, scenic and fascinating the islands afford the opportunity to view Toronto from a different perspective. Ward and Algonquin Islands retain some stunning 1920s summer cottages whilst Centre Island is a hotspot for families thanks to its beach, maze and cycle and skate hire.

16: Ontario cuisine

Some of the best food and cooking in the world is to be found across Ontario so if you’re a foodie looking to move to Ottawa or perhaps you’re considering emigrating to Toronto, you won’t be disappointed in the menu! The landscape here provides a wealth of high quality ingredients and food production is a big part of life. Amazing cheeses, heritage pork, wild blueberries and freshwater fish may all feature and once you eat Canadian, you’ll never forget the experience!

17: Overall quality of life

Canadian lifestyle Ontario

The quality of life in Canada is outstanding as a general rule of thumb. The sheer size of the place means that residents enjoy much larger homes than most people do and, in addition, there are many beautiful open spaces and tonnes of trees which mean that the air is beautifully clean. Another factor in this is that people here are just nicer than they are in other places! Canada is famous for it’s friendliness for good reason!

18: Toronto is a designated UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts

Toronto City Hall

This is no small achievement and means that visitors and residents can immerse themselves in the results of the outstanding creations of contemporary art which are an integral part of the city. Art of all kinds is celebrated and well-funded here, meaning that there are always new films being made, new plays produced and experimental arts happening all over the city at any one time.

19: The Canadian Museum of Nature

Museum of Nature Moon

Famous for its enormous and breathtaking sculpture of the moon, the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa is one of the country’s most impressive museums. Full to the brim with educational and entertaining exhibits, it’s a must-see on any newcomer’s list.

20: The Canadian Tulip Festival

Tulip festival Ontario Canada

Reported to be the world’s largest festival of tulips, this Ottawa institution is celebrated to reinforce and protect the link between The Netherlands and Canada. During WWII, Canadian Forces led the Liberation of the tiny country and the bonds forged during that time have never been forgotten. A thank-you gift of thousands of tulip bulbs from the Dutch Royal family was first made in 1945 and that gift has been repeated yearly from The Netherlands to Canada in remembrance of the actions of Canadian Forces during WWII.

21: Ontario shares its border with five U.S. states

Statue of Liberty New York

That’s right! No fewer than five U.S. states border Ontario and they include, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota. Travel to these amazing American states is super-easy if you’re an Ontario resident! If you’ve considered emigrating to Ontario, this would be a big plus of such a move.

22: Toronto and Ottawa have great transport connections to UK and worldwide

Air Canada Toronto Pearson

Toronto and Ottawa are great transport hubs and open up many travel opportunities. There are many regular flights to the UK which is just 7 hours away. In 5 hours or less you can be almost anywhere in North America including Vancouver, Los Angeles or enjoying some winter sun in Florida.

23: Canada is HUGE

Wilderness in Ontario

If you’re wondering why this is a good thing, it all comes down to land and availability. Large, developed countries like the  USA, Australia and Canada are truly full of opportunity because there’s so much open space and land for sale. It tends to be cheaper to purchase a plot and build your own home than it does in smaller developed countries. Emigrating to Canada from the UK is doubly attractive for any young family looking for a bright future.

24: Low-income university students are heavily subsidised

Canada is one of the few developed countries which supports low-income students to better themselves. Making education a priority for people from all walks of life is the sign of a well-developed and inclusive economy. The Canadian Dream is accessible for all!

25: The population is almost half that of the UK

sunset Lake Ontario Toronto

Consider that the UK is home to 67.33 million people and that Canada’s population is 38.25 million. That’s some serious breathing space! Emigrating to Canada never seemed so attractive as it does right now!

26: Canada is a world leader on climate change

Leading the world in reducing carbon emissions with clean electricity, buildings, transportation, forestry and waste, Canada’s government has pledged its continuing commitment to safeguarding the planet and playing its part in securing a future for all.

27: Free healthcare

Canadian surgeons operating theatre

Canada offers free healthcare to all of its citizens in addition to supported housing for low income residents. This caring attitude plays out well for the whole country as there is less poverty overall and less poverty means less crime.

28: Canada’s economy is strong with long term growth potential

Toronto city skyline

Whilst every country in the world has been hit hard by coronavirus, Canada is in a great position to bounce back and the long term growth prospects of Ontario in particular show great potential.

One of the richest countries in the world, Canada’s residents enjoy the benefits of high wages and low taxation. Housing is generally of extremely high quality and residents report satisfaction with the schools and amenities on offer in most cities.

29: Polar bears, moose and whales

Canadian elk

Oh my! There are some incredible animals to see in Canada and with the country being so large the diversity is incredible. Go whale watching off the coast, hike inland to see moose and impressive birds of prey…it’s an animal-lovers paradise!

Between stunning scenery and some of the best opportunities available for ordinary people, moving to Canada has never before seemed this attractive.

Ontario is a beautiful province that’s full of diverse culture, burgeoning industry and forward-thinking residents…what more could anyone wish for? It’s choosing between amazing cities like Ottawa and Toronto that makes things tricky!

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