Many people moving to New Zealand are choosing to relocate and live in Wellington. Here are some of the many advantages of living in Wellington and why it is one of the most ‘liveable’ cities in the world.

Many people from around the world, and especially from Britain dream of moving to the modern and picturesque country of New Zealand. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a country with everything from beautiful mountain ranges to rolling hills, big cities to small vineyards, and everything in between. But if you haven’t been to the country before, it can be daunting to pick which city to go to. One of the obvious choices is the capital city, Wellington and its surrounding areas.

Wellington is often referred to as the ‘coolest little capital in the world’. An iconic city of about 230,000 (or 430,000 in the wider metropolitan area) and located at the southern tip of the North Island, Wellington boasts a vibrant culture, stunning scenery, and a high quality of life. For those looking for a new adventure, Wellington offers a unique opportunity to live in a diverse and welcoming community while experiencing a completely different way of life. In this article, we explore some of the great reasons why moving to Wellington could be the best decision you ever make.

There are many reasons to move to New Zealand, so why choose Wellington in particular? Well, here are some of the main reasons…

1.  Best city in the world?Great reasons to move to Wellington Carter Observatory and Cable Car

Wellington has been named one of the most livable cities in the world several times by multiple sources. In fact, Deutsche Bank’s list of livable cities had Wellington right at the top twice in a row.

The city got this rank for many reasons like how clean it is, and how easy travelling around is. The quality of life is up there with many of the nicest cities in the world like Sydney, Ottawa, and Luxembourg.

2.  Perfect for families

Part of what makes the city so livable is that Wellington is a great and safe place for families. The crime rates are also very low so you won’t have to worry about safety.

There are plenty of great primary and high schools so your children can be set up for a great future. And if you or your children want to go to university, Wellington has Victoria university as well as campuses for multiple other universities from around the country.

The laid-back vibe of the city and of New Zealand as a whole is also great for raising children. It will make it just that little bit easier and less stressful for everyone.

3. Amazing houses

great reasons to move to wellington-masterton-wellington-city-new-zealand-property-suburbs

Something to consider about whatever city you move to is where you’d live. Here, Wellington has got you covered with many amazing houses. You can find plenty of typical suburban homes for sale around the city that will almost always come with a garden.

But in Wellington, you can also find houses on the hills that you access by going on your personal mini cable car. This is something quite unique about the city, and it’s something that almost everyone who tries will completely fall in love with. Just imagine having your very own romantic wee cable car up to your front door!

4.  Perfect size

Wellington really is a perfect size. Its population is about 230,000 in the main city and about 430,000 in the greater area of the Hutt Valley. This is a great size because it is big enough to have all of the things you could want in your city like many international businesses and lots of work.

It is also a small enough city however that it isn’t painful to navigate the traffic or crowded places like in many other capital cities around the world. This size also allows the city to still have a friendly feel rather than feeling like a drop in the ocean like in some larger cities.

5.  Fascinating National MuseumGreat reasons to move to Wellington Te Papa Museum

Te Papa museum is actually a reason on its own to move to Wellington. Te Papa is New Zealand’s national museum, and it is a truly amazing place to visit. It has all of the typical things that museums have, but it also has some awesome artefacts from the local Māori culture so you can learn the history of this amazing country.

It also has lots of events where you can see large international exhibits that also go to places like New York and Paris or local exhibits with things you can only see there.

6. Beautiful views

Great reasons to move to Wellington harbor and downtown

If you like tall, tree-covered hills and incredible New Zealand forests, then you’ll definitely love Wellington. Head on over to the Mount Victoria Lookout and you’ll be stunned by the views of the city nestled in the lush hills.

Or take a long (but definitely worth it!) drive through the Remutaka Hills and you’ll feel like you’ve teleported to another world with just sunny hills and forest around you. New Zealand’s forests are something that you will never get bored of and will always find incredibly beautiful.

7.  City of Cafes and Great Food

Speaking of which, Wellington is a city of many cafes. The city is completely full of places to eat and drink with some sources saying that it has more cafes per person than New York!

You can seriously find almost any food from any cuisine you want just by walking around downtown Wellington. You’ll also find everything from smaller cheap cafes to high-end cafes with some of the best food in the country.

8.  Living in a capitalGreat reasons to move to Wellington landmarks including Beehive

Living in a capital city comes with all sorts of benefits. These can include things like easy access to embassies and government buildings which is something that many people moving overseas like to consider.

These offices and services make things like renewing your international passport or even applying for New Zealand citizenship a lot easier and cheaper.

There are also many awesome national buildings and landmarks like the Beehive and Te Papa Museum.

9. Plenty of Jobs

If you want to find a new job in Wellington then you’ll have no trouble! Wellington (and the rest of New Zealand) have very low unemployment rates, but also plenty of available jobs. Because of this, you’ll constantly have a stream of jobs to choose from in many different fields and styles.

Because of the high-speed internet that New Zealand has, working from home is actually easier than in many other countries, but many people who move to the city will choose to find a local job anyway.

Wellington especially has plenty of available jobs in many sectors like hospitality, health care, construction, and New Zealand’s very own “Wellywood” film industry.

10.  Māori cultureGreat reasons to move to Wellington Maori culture

The Māori culture of Wellington is a reason to move there on its own. It may take a couple months to get used to the use of the Māori language and culture, but once you do, it’s something truly beautiful to behold.

You’ll often see public performances of Kapa Haka which is like a traditional song and dance. These performances are always a powerful thing to witness as you’ll surely agree if you’ve ever watched a live rugby game against New Zealand. Kapa Haka is even more amazing when it’s up close at a festival or event.

11. Green City

Wellington is a very green city with tonnes of parks and gardens to enjoy. Even in the middle of the city, you’ll find little patches of trees to sit in on your lunch break. Most days in summer, there’ll be people having picnics or reading books in the parks, but with so many to choose from, it’s still quite easy to find a spot all to yourself if you want a nice and quiet afternoon in the sun.

There’s a wide range of parks so you can choose anything from grassy lawns to flower gardens, or even scenic reserves with native trees, and waterfalls.

12.  Sunny (and windy) WellyGreat reasons to move to Wellington houses

You’ll often hear people calling Wellington, “The Windy City,” but it’s also usually also a very sunny city. The summer temperatures go to a very pleasing low 20s celsius which is a lot closer to British weather than in some parts of the country where you might struggle with the tropical conditions.

You’ll definitely want to grab an ice cream on some of the warmer days but make sure to still take a coat for the winter!

13. Reasonable traffic

Something that definitely sets Wellington apart from most capital cities and most big cities, in general, is the traffic. Of course, you’ll sometimes have to sit in traffic, but for the most part, it’s relatively easy to get around. It’s definitely a lot easier than Auckland!

And now with the new Transmission Gully Motorway, it’s even easier to go north towards Paraparaumu.

14.  Great Art and culture


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Wellington is known around New Zealand as a very arty place with plenty of cultures to enjoy. It is known as the cultural capital of New Zealand and as such is filled to the brim with art festivals, movie productions, music and more. These make it a really fun city to live in where every day offers something new and exciting to do or to see.

There are also murals dotted around the town and all sorts of other street art to enjoy on your morning commute or while you have your cup of coffee.

15. Easy to move

Wellington is extremely easy and stress-free to move to if you move with the friendly and helpful team and PSS. So whether you’re wanting to move a few small boxes or everything you own, make sure to contact us today and see how we can help you start the next chapter of your life.

Moving to Wellington is a big decision, however, it’s one that few people regret. We can help you make this decision even easier so you can start living the Wellington lifestyle that many people dream of having and we can do it for much cheaper than some other companies.

Our team is very experienced with shipping and has helped thousands of people move to popular cities around New Zealand. So call us today for a smooth but amazing shift to Wellington!

16. Wellywood studios

Great reasons to move to Wellington Hobbiton Movie Set

Wellington got on the world stage of the movie industry in 2001 when Sir Peter Jackson and Weta Workshops made the first of the Lord of the Rings films in New Zealand. You’ll still find props and models from the series dotted around public places in the city.

Since then, many more films have been made in Wellington though. These include Chronicles of Narnia, Wolverine, The Last Samurai and Mulan. Many more Hollywood films have also used props made in the world-renowned Weta Workshops.

17.. Suburbs GaloreGreat reasons to move to Wellington suburbs

If you’re wanting to live in Wellington, then you’ll want to know about its suburbs. Wellington has many different areas to live so you won’t be disappointed no matter your requirements.

If you want to be in the middle of Wellington’s inner-city hipster scene, then living in Te Aro is the way to go. This suburb is home to the famous Cuba Street, so there’ll be no shortage of tourists and locals going to the many bars, cafes, and restaurants.

If you prefer a quieter place for raising a family, then you may like Mount Cook suburb. Named after New Zealand’s tallest mountain, this area is an idealic suburban place with many families living in well-kept houses.

Many Brits crave beautiful New Zealand beaches, so if this is the case then try the almost village-like Miramar. This is the heart of Wellington’s film scene and is marked as much by the beautiful Roxy Cinema and Sir Peter Jackson’s Stone Street studios as it is by the beautiful beaches.

18. Centre of New Zealand

An appeal of Wellington that isn’t often mentioned is that it is basically in the centre of the country. People often don’t realise just how big New Zealand is, but it actually takes days to get from one side to another. This means that living right in the middle of the country will make it a lot easier to see the whole thing.

You can take one of the famous ferries through the beautiful Cook Strait to go and explore the South Island, or you can go up north and enjoy that half of the country too.

Basically, Wellington is the perfect place to go for a road trip around the country from. Or as the locals say, “go on a Tiki Tour.”

19. Picturesque beachesGreat reasons to move to Wellington Hataitai Beach

If beaches and ocean views are more your thing, then you’ll still absolutely love Wellington. Being halfway up the country, the beaches around the city have a lot warmer water than what you can find in the South Island, and with so many picturesque beaches within an hour’s drive from the city centre, it’ll take you a while to run out of places to visit on warm weekends.

These beaches make for brilliant summer fun and will be perfect for your first mid-summer Christmas experience. Wellington has whole suburbs known for their amazing beaches

20. Beautiful Oriental bayGreat reasons to move to Wellkington Oriental Bay

One of the beautiful seaside suburbs to check out is Oriental Bay. The beach there is a perfect spot for a picnic (and a cuppa tea) while watching the waves or the famous fountain in the middle of the bay. Because it’s so beautiful, it is sometimes quite packed full of swimmers and sunbathers, but you can also sometimes find it quite empty with only a handful of people on the whole beach.

Oriental Bay also has a row of cute and iconic little boat sheds that are the perfect place to have an ice cream or snap some pictures for Instagram.

21. Good public transport

If you don’t want to drive a car yourself though, then Wellington’s efficient public transport system will be very useful to you. In many cities around the world, buses are either expensive or just unreliable, but in Wellington, they run very smoothly for the most part.

New Zealand doesn’t have a too extensive rail system, but Wellington is one of the few cities that does have a commuter rail. (Not quite as extensive as the Tube though)

Or if you prefer getting around on a bike, Wellington is also a very bike-friendly city. Especially now that the council is building more bike lanes around the city. If you get a house up on the hills though, you may want an e-bike.

22. Many Events

Great reasons to move to Wellington festivals and entertainment

Wellington’s Sky Stadium has a capacity of almost 35,000, so naturally, it holds many large events. If you like rugby, cricket or football, then you’ll be able to watch games live there, or if you like music then you can watch many international acts’ concerts.

Outside of the stadium, there are also lots of smaller gigs around the city so if you enjoy seeing local bands at pubs and theatres, then you won’t be disappointed. Living in Wellington is sure to help you unlock a new range of music that you might not have heard outside of New Zealand.

The city also has many other types of events though like many different art festivals for creative minds and food and drink festivals for your inner foodie to enjoy.

23. Plenty of shops

Being a quite large city, Wellington has many stores if you enjoy shopping. As well as many local shops and markets, the city has many global brands, especially around Lambton Quay. And with more and more major brands coming to the country, you will be able to get everything you want to buy.

Wellington also however has many New Zealand brands that make high-quality products that you can’t get in other places. These brands make for great gifts to family or friends back in Britain

24. Bragging rightsGreat reasons to move to Wellington Cable Car

Living in Wellington comes with bragging rights both within New Zealand and outside of it. Overseas, you’ll be able to tell people how you live in the capital of New Zealand and instantly get awe from people.

Even in New Zealand though, Wellington has a bit of a status as being a beautiful modern city full of artists and businesspeople so you can be sure that you’ll get respect living there.

Moving to Wellington from the UK?

In conclusion, Wellington, New Zealand is not just a capital city with a picturesque waterfront but also a hub of amazing opportunities and experiences. From affordable housing to a thriving job market, from rich cultural activities to diverse shopping options, from world-class events to stunning beaches, and from a high-quality lifestyle to a friendly community, Wellington has it all. It’s a perfect place to live for those who love to explore and enjoy life to the fullest. So, if you are planning to relocate or simply looking for a change, Wellington should definitely be on top of your list. Come and experience the best of New Zealand right here in Wellington!

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