Have you met PSS Teddy?

He’s the most adventurous bear we know since Paddington!

He loves to travel the world and visit new places.

He often hitches a ride with children who are moving with PSS International.

You can follow him and see some of the countries he has visited on Instagram – @teddies_travels.

So far he’s been seen in Australia, New Zealand, South Kora, Malaysia and Corfu to name a few.

How PSS Teddy helps children move overseas

Moving overseas can be quite an adventure, especially for children. That is why PSS have recruited Teddy to help out.

He accompanies hundreds of children on their move overseas every year. With PSS for company, a potentially nerve-wracking move becomes the exciting adventure of a lifetime!

Find out how to get your own PSS Teddy down below.

PSS Teddy visits New York

This week he is doing his Christmas shopping in New York!

Here is PSS Teddy arriving on the ship to Manhattan Island like so many migrants before him.

teddy new york 500

Here is PSS Teddy having a rest in some comfy Christmas decorations outside the Rockefeller Centre in New York:

teddy decorations 500

Here is PSS Teddy visiting the Empire State Building – one of world’s first sky scrapers!

teddy empire state 500

Here is PSS Teddy today in Central Park with one of his favourite children’s stories – Alice In Wonderland. Can you spot him hiding on the statue?

teddy alice 500

Here’s Teddy busy shopping at Saks on Fifth Avenue – no doubt buying Mrs Teddy a luxury handbag for Christmas!

fith avenue 500

Today Teddy has spent the rest of his pocket money, Christmas shopping at Macy’s Department Store, New York.

teddy macys 500

PSS Teddy believes in Father Christmas – do you? Like and share this photo if you do and follow him on Instagram!

Teddy believe 500

Get a free PSS Teddy for your travels

Are you travelling overseas in 2018? Would you like PSS Teddy to accompany you?

Simply send an email with your address to with the subject: “Please send me a PSS Teddy”.

Then take a picture of PSS Teddy on your travels. Send us the photos (you don’t have to be in them) and we will post them on Instagram for other children to see!