When Britain voted to leave the EU on June 23rd its effects were felt around the world. From stock markets readjusting and financial institutions reassessing, Brexit has had global ramifications.

The latest Office of National Statistic figures show that in 2014, 323,000 emigrated from the UK to countries such as Australia, America, Spain, China and France. 43,000 went to Australia, 23,000 to America, 16,000 to both Spain and China and 15,000 to France.

Whether Brexit will have an effect on whether these figures rise or fall remains to be seen. The long term effects are hard to predict. However, one country which has already noted a big rise in applications from Brits looking to move there is New Zealand.

Since the ‘Leave’ vote Immigration New Zealand have revealed that its websites received 5,500 visits a day since the referendum vote, compared to the average of 2,000 hits.

“We’ve seen a four times increase in registrations for all occupations which is significant and in some sectors such as health that increase has been about five times higher,” Matt Hoskin from Immigration New Zealand said.

Immigration NZ also revealed that a large proportion of those looking for more information included British health workers. Figures showed that before June 23,  57 health workers registered their interest in working in New Zealand, post Breit it that had almost quadrupled to 225 registrations.

But it’s not just New Zealand. Google data analytics too noted that those searching for the words ‘immigration to Australia’ spiked several times before after the referendum, but reached its peaked at 6.30pm, on Friday June 24th.

It’s unsurprising that Australia comes in for so much interest. It is the Brits number one choice when looking to move abroad. Many of those going are doctors and nurses who can work for shorter hours and earn more money. The General Medical Council noted that a total of 19,522 British doctors were issued with certificates enabling them to work abroad between 2008-2014. In fact, in the past two years 4,700 medical professionals per year have applied for the GMC Certificates of Good Standing.

Canada too had an upsurge in interest which was felt by a job search website, www.indeed.com. They noted that the number of UK queries for jobs in Canada was four times over the average in the 48 hours after the withdraw vote. Indeed also revealed that post vote, there was a 73% increase in those looking for jobs abroad in places such as America and Australia.

With uncertainty surrounding Brexit only time will tell whether this trend continues or indeed increases. For more information about making your move successful see our blog How to Ensure Your Move Abroad Goes Smoothly.

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