So you’re considering a move abroad? It’s certainly a big step and one that requires some careful research, thought and planning to help you decide whether the move is really for you. Leaving friends, family, school and work can be a daunting prospect, but there are many resources out there to make your journey to expat life a little easier.A total of five million Brits live abroad, with an estimated 1.2 million UK-born residents living in EU countries including Spain, Ireland, Germany, the Channel Islands and France. Outside the EU, Australia, Canada, the USA and New Zealand are the most popular places to reside. The British expat community continues to rise around the world: in September 2015, over than 40,000 British nationals left the UK to live abroad, more than the number of expats who came back to the country.

One of the major factors influencing a move abroad is the search for a better quality of life. Around 45% of Brits cite weather and climate when considering a relocation and 80% of expats are generally happy with their life abroad. According to figures released by The Telegraph in 2015, the top 10 destinations for Britons are (in ascending order):

Channel Islands: 73,030

Germany: 96,938

France: 172,806

Ireland: 253,605

South Africa: 305,660

New Zealand: 313,850

Spain: 381,025

Canada: 674,371

USA: 758,919

Australia: 1,277,474

Every potential expat has similar questions that need answering: what are house rentals and values like in the country you’re thinking of moving to, where are the best schools, what’s the social scene like, is the local language easy to learn, will you enjoy a better quality of life in your chosen country, where are the best places to meet like-minded expats, how many expats live in the region? It’s only once you know the answers to some of these questions that you can start to make an informed choice about your future.

To help make the decision a little easier, we’ve researched the best expat blogs out there so you don’t have to. There’s a whole host of information at your fingertips that will help you feel reassured, informed and perhaps, most importantly, confident that you’re making the right decision. Start your expat journey today by taking a look at these:

Telegraph Expats – this comprehensive blog gives you the lowdown on everything from health and property to education and sound financial advice. The ‘Ask the Expert’ section is up to date and informative, offering useful tips and practical advice for those considering a move abroad.

WSJ Expats – from Singapore to Spain, Berlin to Brazil, Finland to France, this international blog is a great resource for finding out more about the ups and downs of expat living. Whether you’re interested in start-ups abroad, want to learn more about recycling rules in Germany, discover the world’s most expensive cities to live in or simply need a checklist for moving abroad, this one’s for you.

Expat Arrivals – With a comprehensive list of country guides in Asia, Australasia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, America and more, Expat Arrivals uses a wide range of local, on-the-ground expats based all over the world to give readers topical and accurate first-hand advice about life in a different country. This easy-to-navigate blog has an international angle and is well worth a look.

Transitions Abroad – whether you’re moving abroad to work, teach, study or volunteer, Transitions Abroad provides readers with county-specific advice on a range of subjects. There is also a jobs board that lists current vacancies worldwide. Perfect if you have a severe case of wanderlust and want to spread your wings and discover what else the world has to offer, away from the familiar four walls of your resident country.

Inter Nations – this blog aims to ‘Connect Global Minds’ in 390 cities and 166 countries worldwide. It also lists events and meet-ups in different countries, giving you the opportunity to get to know people in a similar situation. Plus, there are area guides, tips and information, all aimed at making your transition to a new life stress-free.

Expat Info Desk – Created by a team of expats who have all relocated themselves, this informative blog is a great resource for people considering a move abroad. The international relocation guides contain unbiased, factual information and the ‘Expat’s Manual’ section lists a whole host of questions that every expat will have asked at some point on their journey. With a network of on-the-ground expats in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas and Middle East, this is a good starting point for would-be expats.

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