Waiting for your Visa to come through can be a nerve-wracking business. You may have planned your move to Australia, New Zealand or South Africa with painstaking accuracy, you may have found the job of your dreams, but until your Visa is confirmed there’s nothing much you can do but sit and wait. Most foreign embassies recommend you don’t confirm your travel plans until you have confirmation of a Visa. It can be a very unsettling time but the key to gaining a Visa and making sure you get one on time is to apply early.

As with dealing with any government office the better organised you are; the better they’ll be at getting back to you. Make sure you plan ahead, fill in applications forms correctly and observe all the guidelines and requirements for your chosen Visa. (See http://blog.pssremovals.com/visa-considerations-when-moving-abroad/).

It’s also worth checking the application procedures for the specific country you are planning to emigrate to. For example, some countries such as New Zealand allow online applications whereas South Africa prefers applicants to attend their Embassy or Consular Offices in person to hand in the documentation.

Typical processing will look at the following:

*  the requirements of the immigration instructions you are applying under

*  the completeness of your application

*  how easily they can check the information you provide

*  how well and how quickly you respond to any concerns raised with you.

(source: http://www.immigration.govt.nz)

Immigration New Zealand state, “Most problems and delays happen because an applicant has not provided all of the information required.”

If there are glaring errors in your application it will be returned to you and you will be given the chance to reapply within a certain timeframe. Failure to provide the details within the set number of days will usually involve the loss of the fee paid so it’s worth double-checking everything before applying.

Alternatively, you could use a visa specialist partner as recommended by PSS International Removals who can take the pain out of the process. They’ll know exactly what you need and make sure you hand in everything required for a smooth application.

Either way, once you’ve handed over all the necessary documentation, the length of time it takes to receive the Visa is hugely variable, dependent on which country you are applying to and what type of Visa you are applying for.

Current information from The Emigration Group states that for:

New Zealand waiting times are as follows:

*    Work Visa (1-2 months), Work to Residence Visa (1 month), Residence Visa with job offer (4-6months), Parent Visa (12 months) and Partner Visa (2-3 months).

In Australia they are seeing times of the following:

* Work Visa (1-3 months), Residence Visa (8-12 months),  Parent Visa (24 months) and Partner Visa (12-14months).

Countries such as South Africa and Canada publish waiting times on their websites; see

www.southafricahouseuk.com and www.cic.gc.ca respectively. Current figures suggest South Africa Visas may be gained between 1-6 months. In Canada, Express Entry for Skilled Immigrants can take up to 6 months. Data and figures, however change all the time so keep a check on proceedings through the relevant websites.

The key it seems to a successful migration is to be organised and be prepared to wait. Six months may seem like a lifetime but when you’re tipping your toes into the warm waters on Bondi Beach, it will surely have been worth the wait.

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