Moving overseas and starting a new life means that you will not only need to be proactive, but also willing to integrate into a new culture. But how do you stay happy in the midst of all this chaos? We recommend trying out the following tips.

Should homesickness strike sooner than expected, rest assured that avoiding it will get easier as time goes by. However, while you’re experiencing it, you’re more likely to see things negatively. This is completely natural and will fade after time.

Finding ways to make your new place of residence feel like home can help speed up the transition. This can be done by taking possessions with you that remind you of home such as photos, favourite foods or your most beloved items of clothing. But it’s also about transferring aspects of your former life to your new home, such as your hobbies. Use your sense of humour when it comes to experiencing moments of cultural misunderstandings, things getting lost in translation, and situations where culture shock makes you feel like you want to bang your head up against a brick wall.

Creating a strong network of friends by being open to anyone who crosses your path and surrounding yourself with people whom you might not have anything in common with except for the fact that you both live outside of your home country is recommended. Depending on where you´re living, you may not have the luxury of being able to pick and choose, so learn to look at the positive aspects of everyone you meet. You’ll become a better person in the process.

Develop emotional intelligence. Just because you´re following your dreams of living abroad or traveling the world, that doesn’t mean your life is always going to be plain sailing. You will still experience ups and downs, and by going abroad you´re going to deal with tough emotions that you might be able to avoid at home – such as fear, anxiety, loneliness and homesickness. Don’t forget that life is always full of sad moments, wherever you are in the world, so notice this when it occurs but don’t overreact. By ignoring and avoiding our emotions they will actually get stronger, and by acknowledging and addressing them they can be short lived.

Strive to achieve a balanced life. If you are always living every day like it’s your last, you´ll have lots of good memories, but you may also risk negative effects on your physical and mental health in the long term. Get plenty of restful sleep, eat healthy, drink in moderation, work towards your career goals and stay physically active to maintain your happiness.

Know your comfort zone and leave it once in a while. Moving overseas gives you the chance to get to know yourself really well but leaving your comfort zone can help you to challenge yourself to move, which is where all of the great growing experiences and chances to find yourself will happen. In addition, knowing what things make you feel comfortable can also help you to know how to get back into that comfort zone when needed.

Don’t forget to enjoy your own company. You’ll probably have friends and family at home touching base and checking you’re okay. New friends in your new country will offer support and you may even have a following on social media that´s behind you in your quest to see the world and live life outside of your home country. But you are the most important person to have supporting you, so find ways to continue inspiring and motivating yourself!

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