Migration seminar shows how to start a new life Down Under with better pay and a family-friendly environment

If you or your family are involved in construction, then you will know that Brexit has created a less than certain future and a sustained drop in new work, especially in the commercial and industrial sectors. So, while the UK Industry is going through a downturn, on the other side of the globe there are no such concerns with New Zealand launching a campaign to lure thousands of UK Construction workers away in what is the country’s biggest ever infrastructure and housing program.

Unprecedented levels of demand are expected in the next 5 years as the New Zealand Government push to recruit an estimated 65,000 new construction workers with skilled migrants being targeted from the UK to help fill these roles. £1bn has been pledged by the Government to fund over 100,000 new homes across the country and over £60bn is due to be spent on infrastructure.

New Zealand is aiming to train a new generation of skilled trade workers, but in the meantime, they urgently need experienced and skilled migrants to fill the shortage.

Jenny Salesa, New Zealand’s Minister for Building and Construction recently talked about the skills shortage when she opened a new training facility. She said, “We need many skilled people in the trades. We are short by 71,000 houses in New Zealand and when we’re looking at Auckland we’re short by 45,000 houses. There are so many more things we need to build – hospitals, schools, infrastructure, railway. There are so many well-paid jobs available in the trades.”

With demand expected to peak in 2020, there really is no time to delay in taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. After this time it might not be so easy to migrate.

Recently voted number one as the most desirable country for British migrants in the PSS National UK Emigration Survey, New Zealand has so much to offer.

With beautiful scenery, a pleasant climate, family-friendly environment together with higher salaries and a great work-life balance, it is no wonder so many UK tradespeople are making the trip Down Under.

Trade skills in demand include everything from electricians, plumbers, carpenters, air conditioning, engineering and more. If you have the right skills you will have an easy route to a permanent visa provided you know how to navigate the system.

But how to get started?

new zealand trade construction opportunities

To find out more about how you could make the move to New Zealand and to check your eligibility and job opportunities, we recommend you start by talking to a specialist migration agent such as Paul Arthur at The Emigration Group, who specialise in helping British migrants and tradespeople find work and make the move to New Zealand or indeed Australia.

They will be happy to answer all your questions and give you an initial assessment to see if moving to New Zealand or Australia is right for you. You can call them direct on 01244 321 414 – don’t forget to mention that you were recommended by PSS. We have a good long-term relationship with them and they take special care of our customers!

Attend A Migration Seminar With The Emigration Group

Another very good option to get all the information you need is to attend a migration seminar. These quickly get you up to speed with everything you need to know about migrating overseas including visas, jobs and day to day living (settling in as a new expat).

The other great thing about seminars is that a variety of experts are on hand to directly answer questions. We’ll even be there to answer all your shipping and overseas removals questions.

emigration group birmingham seminar april 2018The next Emigration Group seminar takes place in Birmingham on 28th April and covers both moving to Australia and New Zealand. Visit here for more details and to book your place. You can also book by calling their office on 01244 321 414.

Very soon you could be starting your new life Down Under!