Around 100,000 Brits live in Germany with about 5,500 of those residing in the capital city of Berlin. In recent years Berlin has become somewhat of a haven for expats who are looking for a cheaper, more manageable life away from fellow big cities such as London or Paris.

Berlin itself has relatively high unemployment rates and it is argued that job opportunities within the formal sector is fairly limited. That said, many large international banks such as HSBC and organisations such as Siemens and Amazon have large bases here, so there can be work for those with the right skills. Amazon itself has recently expanded its operation in the city and is currently looking to fill a number of important roles.

If you are an EU citizen you will not need a visa or permit to work in Germany but it may help if you learn some of the language before you arrive. Yes, Germans can certainly speak good English but if you’re doing business in a new country, common courtesy should prevail. If you can’t speak the language, make sure someone on your team can.

There are a number of universities, colleges and research institutes based around the city, so if you can consider teaching, and speak German, this may be an option for you. If you can’t speak German, teaching English to students could be a well-paid alternative to traditional means of employment.

If you decide to move to Berlin without work, you will need to explore the various avenues. It should be noted that many vacancies are filled via word of mouth so if you know someone already within a company that you might be interested in working for, it might be worth talking to them first.

Considered a start-up hub within Europe, Berlin could be the perfect spot for innovative expats to launch their ideas. The World Bank also listed Germany as 17th out of 190 countries for doing business in its annual survey so you’ll no doubt find yourself within a well organised framework. Reason Why Berlin has compiled a list of industries welcomed by the city.

– Healthcare Industries


– Media

– Creative Industries

– Transport / Mobility

– Logistics

– Energy Technologies

– Photonics

If you’re prepared to do a bit of leg work take a look at the 200 Best Employers in Berlin and see if they could offer you the perfect career.

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