With around 794,000 British expats living in the USA it’s one of the most popular destinations for those looking for a different way of life. Relocation hot spots include New York City, Austin, Florida, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver and Los Angeles.

As most people are aware America has a strict immigration policy and moving there will involve a large amount of paper work. What kind of visa you require will be entirely dependent upon the kind of work you are undertaking. Some work visas will entitle you to work temporarily in certain industries, whilst a green card may be applicable if you have been offered permanent employment in a key business. Many expats begin with a sponsoring employer. A green card is unlikely to be applied for in the first instance, and you’ll probably begin with a work visa from the variety of options. The US Embassy will be the first port of call for most applicants.

Moving to America is not going to be cheap especially if you’re from the UK. Recent Brexit negotiations have made the dollar very favourable against the British pound, but not so great if you’re moving in the opposite direction. With most expats beginning their new life in one of America’s key cities, house hunting can be an expensive business. Despite recent housing market crashes the market is now strong and house price hikes have been seen in key areas such as Seattle, Portland, Tampa, Dallas, Miami, Boston, Detroit and Atlanta. The average price of new homes sold in America rose to $390,440 (£295,243.47). That said, if you’ve found yourself in New York you’ll be looking at an average price of $788, 529 (£596, 349.21).

Schooling will be a key issue for anyone relocating their children as well as their jobs. Most children begin their education before the age of six in kindergarten, ending 13 years later at grade 12. Middle school is composed of students in grade 6-8, with high school beginning at grade 9 and ending in 12. Expats are able to apply for public schools in America (similar to the UK state school system) although as in most countries, the quality of education will be determined by the area moved into. The schools offer a great opportunity for kids to meet friends from the local neighbourhood. International and Private schools offer a different option for expats. Fee paying, and in some instances selective, these educational facilities are considered to offer a better level of teaching however, your children may have to travel great distances to get to school.

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