Have you ever considered a move ‘down under’ or as some like to call it, ‘the land of wonder’ or ‘sunburnt country’? Did you know that more than 85% of Australians live within fifty kilometers of the coast and should anyone ever decide to visit one new beach in the country every day, it would take them over twenty seven years to see them all?

Melbourne has been ranked the world’s most livable city for the past three years, while the Great Barrier Reef is the planet’s largest living structure.

Australia’s wondrous countryside is a major pull factor for emigrants with 91% being covered by native vegetation. The Australian Alps even receive more snowfall per year than Switzerland, Tasmania has the cleanest air globally and there are over sixty designated wine regions. Furthermore, Australia is the only country in the world with an original police force consisting of the most well-behaved convicts!

Australia really is a country with so much to offer; which is why an estimated 40,000 Brits are being attracted by its outdoor lifestyle, sunshine and sense of space each year. While the UK has a massive 248.25 persons per square kilometer, Australia only has 2.66 persons per square kilometer. Even 70 tourists per week are currently overstaying their visas!

Despite one Australian man once trying to sell New Zealand on eBay and a healthy rivalry between the two countries, both share many cultural similarities.

Much like New Zealand, if you have a growing family then Australia is generally seen as a great place to bring up children. It’s a country with thriving family values, and the standard mode of entertainment is a barbecue in someone’s back garden, as opposed to the UK where many adults might just visit the pub and leave the children at home to watch TV or play computer games. Perhaps it comes from being a nation of builders and pioneers? For many, Australia could be compared to Britain in the 1970’s, but without the strikes, the power cuts or revolutionary punk music.

Australians are a proud, strong, unfailingly friendly, helpful bunch of people with a laid-back mentality and a ‘work hard, play hard’ ethic.
Also, as you will no doubt find out should you decide move there, they love sport and regularly celebrate their wins against England when it comes to both the cricket and the rugby.

If you are seriously considering a move to Australia then you really should learn about the history of the country.
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When it comes to applying for a visa, you will be pleased to know that currently the whole process is a lot quicker than it used to be a few years ago. Depending on which visa you decide to apply for or which professional skills you might have, you could be granted a visa within a few months. Nevertheless, the online application lets you track your progress and upload all of the relevant supporting documentation easily.

Should you be planning on retiring in Australia, the UK state pension is non-transferable, and some personal pensions have special requirements, which must be met to enable a transfer. Pension funds can also sometimes be liable for tax, so check in advance what you can and can’t transfer easily. If you’re likely to need to apply for credit, whether a credit card, loan or mortgage, you should apply for a full credit report before leaving the UK in order to ascertain whether there might be outstanding issues which can be dealt with prior to arriving in Australia. Also make sure you cancel all your direct debits before leaving.

As a UK citizen, you may be temporarily covered by Medicare, Australia’s national health program, but you should check this with the Australian embassy before your departure, particularly if you have outstanding health issues.
As a visitor to Australia, you’re entitled to drive as a long as you have a valid driver’s licence and passport together with you at all times. If you hold a permanent visa however, you can only use your UK license for a maximum of three months. Once your licence is all arranged, at least you won’t have to remember to drive on the right-hand-side – Australia drives on the left, just like the UK!
With regards to shipping your goods overseas, it is recommended that you first compare the replacement costs of items of furniture and other effects with your removals company as the replacement costs of some items in Australia can be quite expensive.
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