When considering a move abroad a family with children will always want to know what the schooling system is like: Will it be better than the schools they already attend? Can they expect to achieve high grades? Will the qualifications be transferable to another country, should the family move on?

Ranked 21st in the Quality of Life Index in 2016, Denmark is a popular expat destination with much movement based on its work/life balance, despite (or because of) high wages and high taxes.

Because of the tax system, state education is generally thought to be of a high standard across the board – and of course, free of charge. Children start school at the age of six-seven, with five in six going to state school, and the other one attending private establishments. There are more than 24 international schools which tend to be filled with expat children.

Children begin their education in a ‘Folkeskole’ which is the municipal primary and lower secondary school. Children begin in a pre-school class before moving onto nine years of primary and lower, and one year 10th form. If you’re looking for a school for your child, first decide where you are moving to and then contact the municipality.

Within the Folkeskole curriculum children will study the humanities (including English), physical and creative subjects and science. Municipal International Basic Schools have been established in Denmark in order to encourage talent from overseas. They too cover similar subjects and the rules around compulsory education still stand.

Once your child has finished the primary stage of their education they will go onto Upper Secondary Education between the ages of 16-19 years old. Generally teenagers partake in courses that qualify them for higher education or those that prepare them for the labour market. See here for more details on courses studied.

Denmark itself is one of the biggest investors in education in the EU with its general government investment as a proportion of GDP standing at 7.2% in 2014 (compared to an EU average of 4.9%). Budgetary cuts have come into play in recent years but Denmark still ranks highly in terms of the early school leaving age, with this being only 7.8%. This is in comparison to the EU average of 11%.

It’s worth noting however that in the same Quality of Life Index Denmark itself had slipped down the rankings in regard to the Family Life category, which ranked it just 23rd out of the 45 countries surveyed. It came 27th within the Availability of Childcare and Education category, with 33% of those questioned feeling negative about the provision. That said, the affordability of education was considered more positively standing at around 51%.

Moving abroad is always a big step and taking your family to Denmark is certainly going to bring change. With a 99% literacy rate and a recent report ranking them number seven in mathematics and number 15 in both science and reading, you aren’t going to go too far wrong educating your children here.

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