Discover the most cost-effective method to send your parcels, boxes, and personal items to Canada while ensuring top-notch service quality.

Once the significant decision to relocate to Canada is made, it raises another crucial question: what is the most economical method to ship personal belongings to Canada without compromising service quality?

Selecting the right company to assist in shipping your possessions involves obtaining multiple quotes. Opting for the cheapest quote may be tempting, but caution is advised as the initial savings can quickly transform into unexpected expenses.

This post will delve into finding the best value for your money when shipping your belongings from the UK to Canada. We must note that our focus is not solely on finding the cheapest option at face value. We will guide you through the fine print, ensuring you know what is included and not covered in your quote.

Additionally, we will provide you with essential information on false economies that may initially appear advantageous but will ultimately result in higher costs. Remember, seeking affordability alone is misguided; you truly seek value for your money.

For further details and estimated costs, we recommend referring to our companion post, which discusses the shipping costs from the UK to Canada in 2023. Alternatively, click here for a personal quote for your shipping needs.

Low-Cost Shipping Methods to Canada

There exist numerous affordable methods to ship your personal belongings to Canada. The optimal approach for you will depend on the number of items and the desired timeframe for their arrival. After selecting the most suitable method, additional ways exist to minimise expenses. Please refer to our provided tips below for further assistance.

Cheap Parcel Delivery and Package Shipping to Canada

Royal Mail is your go-to option to send a small parcel cheaply. Look around at the different options like these for the best quote. These methods are only suitable for small parcels and packages. For heavier items and larger quantities, using a personal shipping company like PSS International is financially much cheaper.

Excess Baggage / Luggage Shipping to Canada

If your baggage exceeds your airline’s standard luggage allowance, looking for cheaper shipping alternatives is better. Your options are:

  • Airline Excess Baggage fees– adding more bags to your booking can be expensive but a good option when booked in advance.
  • Excess Baggage Service by air – an air courier service such as that by PSS can benefit those wanting to save some money and need their belongings to arrive fast.
  • Ship By Sea – the most wallet-friendly option is sending your items by sea. PSS International offer this service and will deliver items from door to door from the UK to Canada.

So, the bottom line is – to get the cheapest shipping deal from the UK to Canada, you should opt for sending your goods by sea. It can take 8 to 12 weeks for your items to arrive by shared load container, but it will save you a lot of money.

Cheapest Way to Ship Boxes to Canada

Cheapest way to ship to CanadaFor individuals shipping a limited number of items or relocating from a small apartment, opting for a box-shipping service presents an opportunity to reduce shipping costs. With this service, the company provides the necessary boxes or cartons to pack your belongings.

Typically, international removal or shipping companies offer packing services as well. However, assuming the responsibility of packing allows for even more significant cost savings. Such companies often provide discounts for shipments consisting of multiple boxes.

Cheapest Way to Ship Furniture to Canada

By utilising the services of an international removal company, you can secure the most affordable means of shipping furniture from the UK to Canada. The cost of transporting furniture and bulky items over the significant distance between these two countries often pleasantly surprises individuals.

International removals necessitate the assistance of a proficient international shipping company specialising in the packing and handling of large items. Customers can choose between booking a 20 or 40-foot container to facilitate the relocation of numerous possessions or substantial furniture pieces. For those shipping smaller items but still requiring the company’s services, considerable cost savings can be achieved by sharing a container with other individuals migrating from the UK to Canada.

Cheap Car and Vehicle Shipping to Canada

Vehicles can be more expensive in Canada, so many people ship their cars there from the UK. Different options exist for sending your vehicle on a long “road” trip. These methods include:

  • RORO – the Roll On and Roll Off method may appear the cheapest at face value, but you must consider further costs. This option requires extra time and money to drop it off at a UK port and pick it up from a Canadian port. The quotes for this method will usually exclude other fees, such as customs clearance fees. It may be cheaper to use a container service over the long haul.
  • If you are shipping personal effects, shipping your car along with your furniture in a large container is potentially cheaper than a RORO option and is certainly more convenient.

Helpful Advice On Reducing Shipping Costs to Canada

It is essential to thoroughly grasp Canadian customs regulations and procedures to avoid additional shipping expenses. Neglecting to comply or research your obligations may result in additional costs, including customs duties, taxes, and fees, which must be settled before reclaiming your items.

Taking into account the timing of your arrival holds significance. Ensuring you arrive in Canada before your personal belongings allows for prompt delivery. Otherwise, you will incur additional fees to store them in bonded storage until your arrival.

Before entering Canada, reviewing and adhering to the prohibited items list is crucial. For further details on customs and quarantine charges and fees in Canada, please refer to this source:

 Tips for Reducing Custom Charges, Quarantine Fees and Other Costs

Now that you have had a crash course on standard shipping methods to Canada, we would like to give you even more tips on saving money.

  • Shipping by sea to Canada is more cost-effective than using air freight.
  • Although the time your belongings will spend in transit is from 8 to 12 weeks, you should always factor in some extra time just in case your belongings are delayed in customs.
  • Choose a shipping company known for being experts at shipping to Canada from the UK. Companies with experience have connections and can get the best deals for you.
  • Check quotes carefully to understand what is and is not included in the price.
  • Clear out your unwanted possessions before requesting quotes. This will ensure you choose the right service type and get a more accurate quote.
  • On the other hand, remember that Canada can be much more expensive than the UK. Paying more for shipping can save you over the long term as you will not have to pay increased prices to replace furniture and other items. It is always worth keeping hold of white goods when moving to Canada.
  • Book in advance with shipping companies so they can get you the best possible price.
  • Some periods of the year offer cheaper shipping to Canada than other times. For example, shipping in January, February, October and November can be more expensive.
  • Remember that the shipping price per cubic foot reduces with the more items you choose to ship.
  • Do not be shy to ask for expert advice. Consult the shipping company on essential forms and documents to ensure your relocation goes smoothly. The best companies will be happy to help.
  • Packing your personal goods can save you money, but be careful, as this can increase your insurance premiums’ price.
  • It is essential to try and negotiate with your chosen international shipper. Most work with tight margins, but trying to make your pounds go further is no disadvantage or harm. Some may offer a slightly better rate.
  • Investing in marine insurance or shipment protection is crucial, but consider the specific items you insure. E.g. you may not need to insure your older clothes or bedding.

What You Should Avoid Taking To Canada

There are also items that you should avoid shipping to Canada. The Canada Government website provides more details on what things are not permitted and what may be subject to customs duties etc. Some quarantine-inspection fees are impossible to avoid, but there is a lot you can do to prevent other costs to clean, treat or even dispose of your items.

Warning: Is Your Shipping Quote Too Cheap?

If something appears excessively enticing, it is likely far from what it seems. This principle holds when it comes to remarkably inexpensive shipping quotes.

The global shipping industry is highly competitive, resulting in minimal variation among the prices offered by reputable and experienced companies. When you come across a significantly cheaper quote, it is crucial to scrutinise the fine print and consider what is included and what is not. You will likely discover that the lower-priced option offers a different level of service than the higher quotes. Ultimately, it may fail to be the most affordable shipping option and fall short in service quality in the long run.

Some things to remember include:

  • Port-to-port services are cheaper, but door-to-door services are more convenient and likely the only practical option.
  • Are all the quotes you receive for shipping the same volume, and are they covering all the items you want to send?
  • Do your quotes cover packing and materials, customs clearance and delivery?
  • Is your shipping/removals company using cheaper but unaccredited shipping lines, thereby putting your belongings at significant risk?
  • Are they using quality export standard packaging materials?
  • Does your shipping company have BAR Overseas or FIDI FAIM accreditation?

Why PSS International Removals Can Offer Low-Cost Shipping to Canada

Several factors contribute to our ability to offer competitive rates compared to our rivals:

  • We have specialised in UK-to-Canada shipping for over 40 years.
  • We help thousands of UK residents move to Canada each year.
  • Due to the number of people we relocate, we have good partnerships that afford us cheaper rates without compromising service.
  • We have vast experience, which makes us just as efficient as we are affordable.
  • We help you with the obstacles and hurdles of bureaucratic procedures when shipping to Canada.
  • Having many past customers means we get the best price for groupage and shared containers.
  • We can also offer the best rates for air freight for a quicker service on urgent items.
  • We only employ skilled, trained, professional export packers to handle your belongings. All your belongings are kept secure and safe with us.
  • We respond to queries and concerns efficiently because our leaders are knowledgeable and experienced.
  • Our very low claims rate means we can pass further savings on to you.
  • We go the extra mile to give you more tips about packing and shipping specific items.

Shipping to Canada – Get Your Quote Today

If you plan to relocate to Canada, please contact us without hesitation for a complimentary and obligation-free quote. Our team is dedicated to addressing all your inquiries and can explore the available shipping options, ensuring you receive the most competitive price and exceptional value for your money.

We aim to offer the most affordable shipping quote and deliver the finest service possible. We can also assist if you want a household removal to Canada.

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