Finding a job abroad might at first glance feel like a trudge through red tape and bureaucracy and in some instances it is. As a UK citizen looking to emigrate to places such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand you’ll need a job offer before you can apply for a visa to move there. This is also the case in many other places around the world too, and specifically those that are non-EU countries.

However as a UK citizen the good news is that you can work without a permit in any country in the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA includes all countries in the European Union, isuch as Sweden, France, Cyprus, Germany and Malta. The EEA also incorporates Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Within these countries you’ll have the same rights as everyone who lives there.

This will include: working conditions, pay and social security, including benefits.

So how do you go about looking for a job? This is of course different in each country and may be impacted if you are moving from a UK office to a foreign one. However, there are specific websites within the EU countries that can help you find work.

In Sweden head to to discover how you go about looking for a career. There is a whole host of information about preparing yourself for the Swedish job market including writing CVs specifically with their country in mind. They recommend looking at The European Job Mobility Portal . This offers an extensive range of facilities for living and working in each European country. It also helps with skills and careers guidance around these countries too.

In Sweden the jobs on offer include those in education, construction, IT, science and engineering.

Looking for work in France is currently difficult due to the high levels of unemployment (about 10.5% of the population). However with so many Brits choosing France as home it is an easy option.

Work across aerospace, food and drink, tourism and machinery, to name a few, are still available. Major companies such as Michelin, Carrefour, Renault and AXA are all firmly established in France and could offer good employment opportunities.

Moving to Malta too has its benefits thanks to a large English speaking community and cultural ties that go back many years. In Malta you could look for work in accounting, banking and the food industry. More information can be found at the job seekers website. There are also some specific requirements so please look at the official Maltese website here.

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