The opportunity to work and travel the world at the same time, may seem like a pipe dream to many but teaching English as a foreign language is one very real way to achieve that goal. You can add another skill to your career bow whilst ticking off your bucket list at the same time.

The good news is there are plenty of opportunities to teach English abroad and plenty of ways to go about doing it.

The British Council runs a scheme called Study Work Create and offers students the chance to work as Language Assistants. They work with schools across four continents, from Europe through to Asia and Latin America, including countries such as India and Thailand.  Each year around 2,500 posts become available allowing applicants to work in Primary, Secondary or University education.

Applicants will need to have completed two years at higher education and be native English speakers, but unlike some courses there are no formal qualifications or enrollment fees. You will also earn a wage of between €700-1,100. Some countries such as China will pay for your flights and offer you a place to stay. There are specific entry requirements for each country, so please see here for more details.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language or TEFL is another common way to gain a qualification in teaching and travel the world.

TEFL is a professional qualification that equips, “you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach across the world.”

There are a huge number of TEFL courses across the globe, ranging in teaching hours to cost. Make you do your homework, gain the correct course for the country you are hoping to enter, and check the course credentials. To find out all about choosing the right course, see the Love TEFl website.

As well as offering qualifications through online courses, TEFL also can help with internships and job placements. Internships are the ultimate teach and travel package and for a fee of around £1,000 you could find yourself in Colombia, South Africa or Cambodia. Job placements for TEFL jobs are for those with previous teaching experience and if you head to Madrid, one of the most popular destinations, you could earn around £850 a month. Current jobs on offer are also in China and Thailand.

Whatever way you decide to teach and travel, working visas may play a part in what you are able to do. If you are from the EU, then in most instances, you wont need a visa, however this won’t be the case wherever you globe trot. The British Council offer advice on the visa situation around the world, as do the British government. If in doubt, ask for official advice before you set off on your language adventure.

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