EUROMOVERS International sets the gold standard for international removals within Europe and between the EU and the UK


EUROMOVERS International, also recognised as the European Mover Partnership, is a prominent network comprising the finest European removal companies. Their collaboration enables seamless international moves across Europe and encompasses routes from the UK to various global destinations like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, and the UAE.

Membership within EUROMOVERS International is by exclusive invitation only, extended to a select group of around 70 companies who exhibit exceptional knowledge, dedication, and expertise in international removals. PSS is proud to have received such an invitation, positioning us as a key player in international removers across Europe and beyond.

As esteemed members of the EUROMOVERS network, we take pride in delivering top-notch removal services to every corner of Europe at competitive rates. Our partnership also empowers us to be one of the leading EUROMOVERS associates for removals from Europe to the UK.

No Matter Where You Are or Where You’re Going

Returning from or home to the big names of New York, Paris, Rome, or somewhere lesser known throughout France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, or Italy? Or perhaps you’re moving to or from another European or Worldwide destination?

The European Mover Partnership - EUROMOVERSChoosing a EUROMOVERS member guarantees a partnership and expertise to get the job done. One of the significant stresses of international moves is having confidence that your destination country offers the same level of service and standards as the company you choose in your home country.

You want the surety of knowing your goods will be safe and arrive at their destination in the same condition they were sent. Since Brexit, you need to know that customs clearance will be managed smoothly and that you have all the correctly completed paperwork.

Choosing a EUROMOVERS member will afford you the same high service levels, whichever countries are involved. In the UK, PSS are delighted to be the leading member chosen to handle the UK side of moves more than any other provider and, as a result, has carried out a EUROMOVERS award-winning number of moves, both to and from the UK.


Euromover members understand and know how to deal with the stresses as they understand the unique differences of moving abroad. Members work with trusted destination country partners and offer additional services to run the moving process smoothly. From packing to paperwork and advice, experts in every move area are at your service. Country-specific knowledge shared between Euromover members helps customers before encountering a problem.

moving in Europe and worldwideWithout a doubt, moving is stressful; add to that foreign shores, different customs and languages, and you can quickly run into trouble. Paperwork, new regulations, and changing regulations can make what should be an exciting time seem stressful.

However, you can certainly minimise the risks by choosing a EUROMOVERS International member. Why? Because no matter what countries are involved, you will have access to dedicated members invited to join and recognised for their top service to international removals.

As one of the leading UK EUROMOVERS agents, PSS International has extended its reach to quality partners in every European country, so you can be sure trusted agents work with us for every step of your move. This is a benefit to our customers that we are exceptionally proud of.

In short, choosing a EUROMOVERS partner guarantees you the expertise needed to move between countries using a thoroughly vetted network of international removals companies. The benefits are clear. You have country-specific expertise, and each partnership offers the same high-level service. Connections with the EUROMOVERS Group also bring cost reductions for customers. PSS now bring their solid logistical network to the group and shares in the networks of others.

Choosing PSS as your UK provider allows individuals and businesses access to leaders in the international removal field wherever they are heading to. Our membership brings a wealth of specialist services for moving households and individual items to an entire business; whether you are looking to relocate or simply transport products, our EUROMOVERS membership brings many benefits for our customers.

Confidence in Euromover Members

EUROMOVERS International network offers security for those seeking to move around the world. With a network of over 70 experienced and reliable international moving companies on board, they provide surety to those looking to move homes or businesses worldwide. Customers choosing to use a EUROMOVERS partner know they have access to removal businesses offering the highest quality services as part of their move. Reputable, experienced and leading international moving companies work closely together to ensure smooth transitions from start to finish, wherever you leave or arrive in the world.

Benefits of Membership

Here at PSS International, an award-winning EUROMOVERS Partner, we act as agents in the UK and partner with other EUROMOVERS in your destination country. We are also a trusted partner for those seeking to move to the UK. We strive to remove as much stress from your shoulders as you need, whether you are leaving or arriving in the UK.

Euromover - PSS International RemovalsEUROMOVERS partners offer a comprehensive packing service, storage, and shipping options to move households, businesses, vehicles, and pets worldwide. They can also supply materials, packaging, and complete packing services should you need them. You can be sure we will deliver on our promise by air or sea and work with other leading EUROMOVERS members in your destination country to handle every aspect.

Let’s look in more detail at the services you can expect from us at PSS and other leading EUROMOVERS Partners:

European Removals Services Provided By EUROMOVERS Partners

Full Service – Complete door-to-door service, from materials, packing and dismantling, and transport by sea or air from origin to destination.  We can also provide professional craftsmen, such as painters, plumbers and electricians.

Classic Package – A reasonably priced package that allows you to actively participate in your move. Flexible for you to use as many or as few of our services as you require.

Economy Package – You pack and handle all of your moving tasks. We are then available for you to load and transport your goods to your new home.

Co-Load – If you only have a few items to move and don’t want or need to run to a van load, EUROMOVERS offer cost-effective ‘Powerlane Haulers’, who will co-load your shipment in combination with other customers.

PSS International – A Leading EUROMOVERS Partner and Agent for Imports Into The UK

PSS handle the import processes, bonded warehousing, customs clearance and final delivery to customer addresses throughout the UK.

We have depots and removal crews throughout the UK who are all trained in export packing and providing an outstanding customer experience.

Euromover - PSS International Removals Top BookerPSS recently won 1st place in the EUROMOVERS’ Top Booker Awards at the EUROMOVERS Conference for the fourth time in a row. We were delighted for the recognition of our status as the first choice UK partner, having carried out the largest volume of moves between partners to all parts of Europe. As you can see, we continually demonstrate our commitment to quality of service and business integrity.

Here is a quote from Thomas Jochum, General Manager of Euromovers, after PSS received the top booker award:

“In the year 2023 PSS International Removals cooperated with 14 different members of the EUROMOVERS International Service Network. The fourth time in a row, PSS International Removals won the TOP BOOKER AWARD for the contribution of way over 2.6 million lbs net. Regarding the quality of service delivered, PSS has been evaluated 14 times by 9 different companies.  

The company achieved a score of 4.786 (out of a possible 5 points) in the evaluated area of “Administration”, placing it among the “Top 10” of all international EUROMOVERS companies. The EUROMOVERS average of 4.712 was clearly exceeded.
In the area of “Operations” – i.e. the work carried out by the teams on site at the customer’s premises – PSS achieved the same score of 4.786, placing it in the “Top 10” and exceeding the EUROMOVERS average of 4.702.In the area of financial responsibility, the company is on a par with the EUROMOVERS average. It achieved a score of 4.714 (out of a possible 5 points), which was once again an excellent result.

The EUROMOVERS Worldwide Alliance head office recognises the exemplary cooperation within the international service network of its member PSS International Removals. It also certifies that the company is at the highest level in all quality areas. We are proud to have PSS International Removals in our ranks. We are convinced that it exceeds the expectations of its customers by far.”

Our highly trained team has extensive knowledge of the international removals industry. We carry out free home surveys, only handle overseas removals and are proud to be a family-run business that has seen over 40 years of outstanding service.

We help customers move entire homes and family cars when they move. We are also experts in transporting valuable heirlooms and delicate or bulky items. We can even organise small shipments shared with others to reduce costs when you do not need a whole van or container to make a move.

We fully understand the rigours of air, sea and road shipping and offer packaging materials and services if you do not have the time or wish to handle this yourself. We are equally happy to advise you on the best way to prepare yourself and leave us just to do the moving.


Benefits for Customers of International Removal Accreditation

At PSS, we are delighted to be part of such an esteemed European Mover Partnership, where standards, vision and direction are valued highly. We undergo periodic audits and reviews to evidence that we maintain the established compliance standards required to provide the best moving experience so that you can be sure of the best service throughout.

We don’t stop there. Our many accreditations show our commitment to providing exceptional service, an unrivalled knowledge base and partnerships with others who share the same values to offer our customers the best service. Whether we are the lead partner for a move from the UK or a receiving agent for moves to the UK, you can be sure of our best.

Some of our other commitments to quality

British Association of Overseas Removers – we continually prove high standards through annual audits and performance monitoring. We also offer the security of the BAR Advanced Payment Guarantee.

FIDI And FAIM Accredited – Choosing a FIDI-certified company ensures your move is undertaken to the highest standard. Our FAIM certification shows our commitment to periodic independent audited assessments for all inter-continental moving activities. Every three years, we prove we are committed to continual professional excellence.

You can find out more about our accreditations and industry associations on our international removals accreditations page.

Popular European Destinations for EUROMOVERS

Euromovers top booker awardEuropean removals companies are available across the whole continent. You can get a quote for moving and learn about removals to the destinations below.

France: including Paris, Nice, Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Monaco

Germany: including Berlin, Bonn, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Koln

Italy: including Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples, Sicily

Portugal: including Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve

Scandinavia: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden,

Spain: including Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Costa Del Sol, Costa Blanca, Canary Islands, the Balearics

Other countries include: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland.

EUROMOVERS Worldwide Alliance SCE mbH

Contact Details / Address:
51, Mathias-Brueggen-Strasse
D-50827 Cologne (Köln), Germany

Removals between UK and Europe

Despite Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, European and UK removals have never been busier.

As Thomas Jochum, General Manager EUROMOVERS, comments:

“With both the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, it has been a difficult period for international removals. However, despite this EUROMOVERS has never been stronger and the outlook for people moving between the UK and the European Union looks very positive going forward. PSS International Removals will continue to be a key member of our international service network for the foreseeable future.”

Euromovers top booker awardInternational removals and shipping require far more excellent knowledge and expertise than UK domestic moves. Our job is to ensure that the numerous risks are managed, and moves go smoothly. Should something beyond our control happen, our experts know just how to deal with it. As a specialist in international moving, it is all we do. We pride ourselves on having expertly trained staff who will negotiate the best shipping rates, assist with international shipping and import documentation and understand the importance of accuracy and timeliness. We offer exceptional export wrapping and packing standards required for safe long sea journeys.  We then arrange delivery by our fully accredited partners at your destination.

PSS International Removals is already recognised as one of the UK’s leading international removal companies, accredited to the highest standards for regular groupage and full container service to many deep-sea worldwide destinations for over 40 years. We are delighted that EUROMOVERS membership offers us further opportunities to support and work with Euromover members to assist customers in home, business, product, and pet moves throughout Europe and beyond.

If you are planning to move abroad, why not Contact Us and let us talk you through the benefits our European Movers Partnership provides. You can also visit our European removals page and use our European cost calculator to get an estimate for your move.

We’re sure you will be confident your removal is in good hands.

EUROMOVERS International Partnership